This is How To Clean The Collar Of A Jacket!

Have you wondered what forms a yellow stain around the collar of your jacket? Are you confused about whether that ring is removable or not?

Well, I’ll help clear your confusion and worry with this article because I’ll use it to tell you about collar stains.

When the little sweat from your neck stains the collar of your neatly starched white jacket, don’t think it’s over for the cloth. You can use your normal laundry detergent to remove the collar stain. If that doesn’t work, use baking soda and see how much magic it’ll perform in removing the yellow stain.

How Can I Clean the Collar of My Jacket?

How to Clean Collar of Jacket

If the collar of that sparkly white jacket gets a yellow stain, you might think there wouldn’t be a way to get it off.

However, there are not just one but numerous ways to get the yellow stain off your jacket.

Before I go ahead, please ensure to avoid heat on the collar either by ironing or machine drying; heat can keep the stain permanent, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

#1. Normal Laundry Detergent

Often all you need to get that yellow stain off your jacket is just the laundry detergent you have available. That works mostly if the jacket’s soft texture allows stains to get off easily.

You can use a liquid-based detergent; pour it on the collar stain and allow it to sit for about 30 to 60 minutes before washing off.

#2. Lemon Juice

Combine an equal part of lemon juice with water and use it to scrub the jacket’s collar. When you scrub hard, the stain should go away.

#3. Salt

Salt is another thing that would remove that stain off your jacket’s collar; dilute salt and water and soak it into the stain.

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If you leave it for a couple of minutes before washing, the stain should go away with hard scrubbing.

#4. Vinegar

Applying a mix of two tablespoons of vinegar and water can make it go away with ease. 

However, you’ll have to let the mix sit on the stain for 30 minutes and then wash it thoroughly for cleansing.

#5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is something you’d never imagine cleanses collar stains; however, it does a perfect cleansing when you make the right mix.

Mix baking soda and water in a ratio of 4:1 and apply it to the stain, leaving it for 30 minutes before washing.

#6. Ammonia

Ammonia is a good stain remover, and it’s unique in that you wouldn’t need to let it sit on the stain for a while before washing.

All you need to do is mix equal parts of water and ammonia, pour it on the stain and dip it in your soapy water to wash.

#7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also a good sweat stain remover; mix it with an equal part of water and apply it to the stain. Leave the mixture on the stain for 30 minutes before washing it off.

After testing out the different methods, you’ll be sure to have one, work out the stain from the collar of your jacket.

How to Prevent the Ring Around the Collar of My Jacket?

You’ll be wondering why your jacket’s collar gets a stain each time you wear it; also, if it’s possible to prevent that from happening.

Well, here are several things you can do to prevent a ring around the collar of your jacket.

#1. Reduce the Number of Wears

When you like a particular jacket more than the others in the wardrobe, you’ll find yourself wearing it for multiple days. 

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That increases the frequency with which the collar gets in contact with the nape of your neck.

Therefore preventing multiple wears will reduce the formation of rings around the jacket’s collar.

#2. Up Your Hygiene

I’m not here to tell you that your hygiene level is poor because you wouldn’t be pleased with that.

However, there are things you can do hygienically to prevent ring formation on the collar of your jacket.

  • While bathing, scrub your neck to reduce skin debris formation. 
  • After bathing, apply some powder to your neck to reduce perspiration.
  • If you apply lotion to your neck, clean it with clean clothing.
  • Finally, regularly clean your neck with wipes to prevent staining during the day.

#3. Wash Off Immediately You Sight a Stain

Once you notice a ring on your collar and let it stay too long, it may become longstanding.

That’d give rise to difficulty when you want to get the stain off. Tackle the situation immediately when you find it.

#4. Use PristineCollars

PristineCollars are sprays that you can apply on the collars of your jackets to reduce stain formation.

The pristineCollar is a sure way to prevent ring formation on your jacket’s collar.

Aside from using that spray on your collar, you can equally use it to prevent stains on your cuffs, pockets, and armpit.

How Do I Remove the Ring from My Jacket’s Collar?

It can be quite disturbing when yellow stains begin to accumulate on the collar of your favorite white jacket. 

Now, I’ll use a table to enumerate the materials you need and the steps to removing the ring from your jacket’s collar.

MaterialsSteps to Removing the Ring
Flat surfaceThe first thing is to lay the collar on a flat surface with the ring facing you.
Degreaser SolutionNext, take your degreaser solution and spread it across the ring stain.
ToothbrushUse an old toothbrush to gently rub the degreaser back and forth into the ring.
Laundry detergentFill your washer up with some cold water and laundry detergent. 
WaterDip your jacket into the water-filled washer, ensuring the collar is appropriately immersed.
Washing machineAllow the washer to agitate a little, then stop it and let the jacket sit overnight.

What Causes Yellow Stains on Collars?

In this section, I’ll enumerate the key things that can cause the build-up of yellow stains on your jacket’s collar.

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#1. Sweat

Sweat is a clear fluid that exudes from your body during various activities and won’t cause a yellow stain normally.

However, what causes the yellow stain on your collar is a series of reactions between sweat and other factors. 

#1. Sweat and Skin Microflora

When the bacteria and fungi that are normally present on your skin act on sweat, it breaks down into proteins and fats.

That’s what makes the yellow stain appear on the collar of your jacket.

#2. Sweat and Antiperspirant

Sweat can mix with your antiperspirant to give a yellowish discoloration on the collar of your jacket.

#2. Oils on Skin

Your body lotion is oil-based to keep your body radiant and shiny throughout the day. However, that’s a major culprit in the formation of rings around the collar of your jacket.

#3. Hair

If you keep long hair, there’s no doubt that you’ll be applying hair food on it. That hair food is also oil-based and can mix with sweat to give a yellow discoloration on your jacket’s collar.

#4. Dead Skin

When dead skin accumulates in your neck for too long, you’ll begin to see yellow rings on the jacket’s collar.

That’s the commonest cause of yellow rings forming on your jacket’s collar; ensure to thoroughly wash off dead skin from your neck while having your bath.


Sweat isn’t the cause of collar stain but the series of interactions it makes with skin microflora and antiperspirant.

Using the usual laundry detergent or alternative methods, you can get the stain off your jacket’s collar.

Also, ensure that you remove the ring the first time you sight it; leaving it for too long will make it stay permanently.

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