How To Tell If a Shirt Is See Through? (Explained)

One of the best collections of shirts you can have in your wardrobe during the summer season is light shirts.

However, you wouldn’t want to buy a shirt that allows the excessive entrance of light to visualize your whole body.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can tell if a shirt is see-through plus other details about see-through shirts.

Knowing if a shirt is see-through can be challenging, especially if you’re inside a clothing store with little light. However, one way to test a shirt’s transparency is if you find a thicker cloth for comparison. If that’s not possible, you can just put your finger underneath the shirt and see if it’s visible or not.

How Can You Check For a See-through Shirt?

How To Tell If a Shirt Is See Through

In this section, I’ll show you how you can check if that shirt you’re about to buy is see-through or not.

There are a few ways to check if a shirt is see-through.

#1. Face It To a Light Source

The most probable way of checking if a shirt is see-through is to face the shirt to a light source; when you do that, notice how light passes through it unrestricted.

It is undoubtedly see-through if it allows a considerable amount of light to pass. However, you’re good to go if it doesn’t permit light.

#2. Put a Finger Underneath

Another simple way of testing a see-through shirt from a non-see-through shirt is to place a finger under the shirt.

When you do that, try to see if you can see your finger clearly from beneath the shirt. If your finger is visible, it is a see-through shirt, but if it’s not, then the shirt isn’t see-through.

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What Shirt Fabrics Are See-through?

The production of see-through shirts comes from Sheer fabrics; these fabrics are transparent.

When you wear a Sheer fabric, you’ll be sure you’re wearing a see-through shirt, and all your body curves will be visible.

The truth is that although we sometimes look for ways to mask see-through shirts, they come in handy in hotter climates. 

A sheer shirt in your wardrobe adds to your fashion variety, so you don’t fix yourself on a particular cloth fabric.

However, one issue with seeing-through wear is that you find it difficult to wear them during winter periods.

That’s because they are so light that they offer no form of protection to you against cold.

Although see-through shirts come from thin fibers, they have different qualities and weights depending on their costs.

Thin fibers come in two main forms; natural and synthetic forms. The natural ones are silk and cotton, while the synthetics are rayon and nylon.

I’ll use this table to give you some options for sheer fabrics according to fabrics, weights, fibers, and properties.

Fabrics WeightFibersProperties
Organza<40g/m2The fibers in organza are silk, polyester, and nylon.Organza is airy, smooth, and prone to wrinkling easily.
Chiffon<40g/m2Chiffon has silk and polyester as its fibers.It’s very soft and has a flowy nature.
Gauze<80g/m2Gauze comprises cotton, silk, polyester, and wool.It’s woven loosely; however, it’s thin, stiff, and durable.
Georgette<60g/m2This fiber comes in silk and polyester.It’s dull, grainy, and billowing drape.
Organdie<100g/m2Cotton and nylon are the fibers here.Organdie is firm to feel and prone to wrinkling.
Voile<70g/m2Rayon, cotton, polyester, nylon, and silk make up the voile fiber.It’s very soft, delicate, and free-flowing.
Muslin<200g/m2Muslin fibers are hemp, polyester, and cotton.Muslin is soft and thin to the touch.
Lace<200g/m2Lace has these fibers; varicose, rayon, polyester, silk, and cotton. The lace is smooth.
Tulle and Net<100g/m2These fiber types are the same as lace fibers plus nylon.Tulles and nets are soft, silky, and flowy.

Are All White Shirts See-through?

All white shirts are not see-through shirts; most of them come opaque. However, you may find it hard to get a hold of a white shirt that isn’t see-through. 

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In most cases, you’d expect many white shirts to come in opaque rather than see-through forms.

However, getting a hold of these opaque shirts can be hard, leaving you with other options.

You’ll have to do a good search if you’re tired of your see-through shirts and want something non-see-through but white.

The major reason why most white shirts come see-through is that white reflects the most light. 

So when you see a white shirt, you may think it’s not see-through until you take it out into the light and see for yourself.

However, despite that fact, it’s possible to find a white shirt that isn’t see-through with, of course, a greater search. 

What Can You Wear Under a See-through Shirt?

That shirt is see-through doesn’t mean you have to throw it away or give it out. Also, you don’t have to give up that shirt you love so much in the boutique just because it’s see-through. 

There are a lot of modifications you can make to a see-through shirt to make it less transparent.

This section will show simple and apt ways to modify your see-through shirts to become wearable.

You can adapt two styles to mask a shirt’s see-through effect.

  • Clothing underneath
  • Layering pieces

#1. Clothing Underneath

You can wear clothing beneath your see-through shirt to keep it from revealing too much. 

#1. Tank Tops, Bras, or Camisoles

It’s possible to wear different clothes underneath your see-through shirt to make it less transparent.

Wearing a bra, a camisole, or a tank top beneath the see-through shirt can make it less see-through. 

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However, if you’re particular about reducing the transparency of the shirt as much as possible, wear something closer to your skin tone. You’ll have to select tank tops, bras, and camisoles close to your skin.

#2. Short-sleeved Undershirt

Another thing that’d go well with a see-through shirt masking its transparency is a short-sleeved shirt underneath.

You can do that, especially if the see-through shirt has buttons down with a collar neck; that’d keep the short-sleeve shirt beneath it appropriately.

#3. Thin Slip

Thin slips are my favorites when I want to wear something underneath my see-through shirt.

The fact that most thin slips come with smooth fabrics makes them not cling to your skin when you wear them.

#4. Strapless Bodysuit

If your see-through is a crochet halter top, you can use a strapless, plunging bodysuit underneath; that’d mask the see-through shirt. 

#2. Layering Pieces

You can wear layering clothing after wearing your see-through shirts, so they aren’t revealing. 

#1. Jacket

After wearing your transparent shirt, you can wear a jacket on top; that way, the see-through shirt isn’t exposed.

However, the thickness of the jacket would depend on the weather condition and your preference.

#2. Second Top

Another way of hiding your see-through shirt from revealing too much is to wear a second shirt on it. 

However, ensure that the second layer of the shirt isn’t thick enough to hide the see-through shirt.

#3. Shawl or a Wrap

You can also use a shawl or a wrap over your neck after wearing your see-through shirt. That’d keep the see-through shirt from showing off more than you want.


The summer comes with such heat that all you’ll think about is filling your wardrobe with see-through shirts.

However, when you think about getting a see-through shirt, you’ll fear it becoming too see-through to wear. 

The article shows you various means by which you can wear your see-through without exposing an inch of your body.

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