How Long Does Allen Edmonds Last? (Let’s Find Out)

Allen Edmonds is widely renowned as one of the most prestigious shoe brands in the United States of America and the world over. 

Regarding high-quality leather, attention to detail, and durability, not many shoe brands can stand alongside Allen Edmonds. However, a pair of Allen Edmonds is not impregnable. 

The shoes also suffer wear and tear over time. It leads to the question this article answers in detail: How long do Allen Edmonds last?

With proper care and usage, Allen Edmond shoes can last up to 10-25 years. During this time, you are expected to re-sole them at least once every 4-5 years. Also, take time to repair the heel’s lining and replace the original soles and rubber heels. Lastly, alternating between different pairs of Allen Edmonds will help them last longer.

Do Allen Edmonds Last for Long?

How Long Do Allen Edmonds Last

Yes, Allen Edmond shoes can last more than a decade with proper care and usage. Proper care and resoling are key to ensuring your pair of Allen Edmonds last long. 

Wearing your pair of Allen Edmonds shoes too often will make it prone to deteriorating faster. Always clean and store the shoes in their dust bags after wearing them. 

And avoid wearing them in the rain or in weather conditions that can harm the leather over time. There are other shoe alternatives to Allen Edmonds. 

However, you can be sure you are buying an investment with Allen Edmonds. The shoe’s price and value are substantiated by quality. 

Every width of an Allen Edmonds shoe is carved to perfection, from the leather to the most minimal component. A perfection that gives it its durability. 

Several key factors are responsible for Allen Edmonds’s quality and durability. Factors like the construction methods and techniques used in making the shoes. These procedures also sum up to account for the brand’s superiority.

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Below are a few noteworthy points to know about the construction of Allen Edmonds shoes:

  • The leather on Allen Edmonds shoes goes around the shoe, making re-soling them very easy. 
  • The brand uses a 360-degree Goodyear welt for this procedure, allowing the shoes to be resoled without having to deconstruct them. 
  •  The uppers on Allen Edmonds shoes are made from high-quality open-grain leather. 
  • This leather quality has not been excessively treated to correct blemishes or marks on its fabric. 
  • It makes for high-quality, longer-lasting leather that looks more attractive over time. 
  • The brand still takes the time to apply different finishes by hand, giving each shoe model its unique variation. 
  • This simple procedure adds immensely to the durability and quality of Allen Edmonds shoes. 
  • Allen Edmonds also offers a recrafting program where for 125-150, you can send your old pairs of Allen Edmonds back to the company to be completely recrafted. 

The recrafting program covers replacing the soles, replacing the corking, the heels, and the shoelaces, and finally re-welting the leather and applying a new finishing. 

Another great thing about the recrafting program is you can opt for completely different dress soles for your newly recrafted pair of Allen Edmonds. 

An example is if you wanted newer soles that would be more durable under rainy or snowy weather conditions. 

The factory will remove the original soles and replace them with the requested soles for a small fee. 

Below is a table that lists the prices of a few tested and trusted pairs of Allen Edmonds that are of great quality and last long:

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-toe Oxford$395  
Allen Edmonds Sienna Medallion Oxford$395  
Allen Edmonds James Dress Loafer$395  
Allen Edmonds Strand Cap-toe Oxford$395  
Allen Edmonds Mill Hiker Shearling Boot$475  
Allen Edmonds Denali Boot$475  

Is Allen Edmonds High Quality?

Yes, Allen Edmonds shoes are high quality. However, due to frequent company ownership changes, there have been doubts and speculations about the quality of the merchandise. 

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Or, at least, the quality Allen Edmonds shoes were formerly known for. 

Some customers complain that shoes purchased 10 years ago fared better and are of a superior quality to the ones produced in recent years. 

Although, it goes without argument that no matter the shoe model purchased or the year, taking care of your Allen Edmonds and re-soling it often will make them last longer. 

Also, ensure to clean your pair of Allen Edmonds with a clean cloth, then air them before storing them in their dust bags. This little ritual will go a long way in ensuring they last longer. 

Despite rumors of dwindling quality, the company maintains that shoes by Allen Edmonds are still made with Premium quality leather and shoe components that will serve for at least 10 years. 

Where Are Allen Edmonds Shoes Made?

Allen Edmonds shoes are made in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Allen Edmonds is one of the few companies maintaining its primary manufacturing base in the United States of America. 

The company, however, was forced to close its hand-sewn production plant in Lewiston, Maine, and transferred operations to the Dominican Republic. 

The move resulted in shoe uppers for the Allen Edmonds hand-sewn collection being cut and sewn in the Dominican Republic and then shipped to the US. 

The company employs over 130 craftspeople and has an apprentice program that trains newer generations of craftspeople. 

Every Allen Edmonds shoe goes through an intricate development pattern before the final product is finished. 

Each shoe passes through a 212-step process and will come in contact with at least 55 hands before it is finally completed. 

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You can contact the customer support service through this link if you have questions or complaints about the brand or its products.

How Many Times Can You Recraft Allen Edmonds Shoes?

Allen Edmonds recommends recrafting your shoes at least 2 to 3 times before retiring them. 

The brand’s signature 360 degrees Goodyear bench welt makes their shoes more durable and comfortable. 

The recrafting of its shoes was a revolutionary step Allen Edmonds took to ensure the quality and lifespan of its shoes. 

Allowing customers to resend old pairs back to the manufacturing plants where they are re-soled, re-welted, and refinished is a testament to the brand’s high standards for maintaining quality. 

Allen Edmonds’ recrafting program features various packages. However, the standard package ensures a few things, which include:

  • Replacing the old shoe’s heels with newer ones
  • Replacing the old outsoles with either a different type or a newer version of the originals.
  • Re-welting, hand polishing, and refinishing the uppers.

Over the years, Allen Edmonds has recrafted over 450,000 pairs of shoes. All of which have lasted and served their owners remarkably.

Below is a much more detailed scope of what the standard package offers:

  • Replacing the cork in-lays, 
  • Replacing the outsoles
  • Replacing the leather welts
  • Replacing the heels, including the top lifts and heel bases. 
  • Refinishing and hand polishing the uppers
  • Replacing old laces with brand new pairs.


Shoes by Allen Edmonds can last as long as 25 years with proper care and usage. Limiting how often you wear Allen Edmonds shoes can help prolong their lifespan. 

Always clean and air your pair of Allen Edmonds after usage before storing them in the dust bag. Also, do not wear shoes in rainy or wet conditions.

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