Here Is How To Lace Jack Purcells! (Tips & More)

Jack Purcells are trendy and comfortable; although originally designed for tennis players, they’re modern and an excellent fit for any outfit and occasion.

However, you could have a little difficulty lacing your shoes, especially if you’re not familiar with laced shoes. So, how do you lace your Jack Purcells?

Use the crisscross method of lacing shoes. Start at the bottom set of eyelets, and thread carefully and evenly till you bring the laces back up through the top eyelets. Then, you can tie the excess on top or tuck it away under the tongue of the sneakers.

How To Lace Jack Purcells (Step By Step)?

How To Lace Jack Purcells

Having a pair of Jack Purcells in your sneaker collection is prudent. But you’re not alone if you’ve just got a new pair and are unfamiliar with the lacing process, or you keep messing it up.

It’s easy to assume that lacing shoes aren’t an involving activity. However, your shoes could look unpleasant or ill-fitting if you do them carelessly.

Also, your Jack Purcells may be loose-fitting and keep slipping off your feet.

So, what is a simple and efficient method you can use to lace your Jack Purcell canvas or Jack Purcells sneakers to get them to look neat and fit snugly?

Jack Purcells’ classic shoes always come with 100% organic cotton laces, which makes it easier to lace them.

The manufacturers of Jack Purcells are also the company that produces Converse shoes. Converse sneakers and Jack Purcells sneakers are pretty similar.

The significant difference between the two is that Jack Purcells have a stronger balance in the sneakers’ heel.

The following method is the easiest way to lace your shoes, but it is also the method used to lace shoes in Converse’s advertisement for their shoes.

So, let us follow the step-by-step guide on the best and the simplest way to lace your Jack Purcells.

  • First, put one end of your laces through the first eyelet on the bottom of your sneaker, and thread the laces through the first one on the left side of the sneakers. 
  • Then, pull the lace through halfway so that when you get to the last eyelet, one side of the lace will not be longer than the other.
  • Take the other end and insert it into the opposite eyelet; hold both ends and pull until you create a flat bar between them. Again, remember not to make it too tight or too loose.
  • Now, thread the left shoelace through the second eyelet on the right side of the sneakers. Always remember to put the lace through the top.
  • Then, do the same thing with the right lace, cross over the top of the left lace you’ve already threaded and feed the second eyelet on the left side of the shoe.
  • Keep repeating this process until you reach the final set of eyelets.
  • When you’ve reached the final pair of eyelets, you can tuck the ends of the laces into your sneakers. Or tie the laces together on the top of your sneakers. But, in this case, you’ll have to thread the laces under the tongue of the shoes.
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Tips To Lace Jack Purcells

The good thing about Converse Jack Purcells is that they’re very versatile. You can pair them with anything; a suit, a pair of shorts on a warm day and the classic look, jeans and a t-shirt.

When you wear these, you look like a person with a simple and superior sense of style, and you are. So, you most likely very often put on your shoes and tie your laces.

However, if you got a new pair of Jack Purcells, I will give you some tips on how to Lace your Jack Purcells. 

  • Before you tie the laces on your Jack Purcells, straighten the laces a bit. You don’t want them twirling, creasing, or twisting. Also, stretch them out so that they’re more elastic.
  • Take some time to place the tongue of the shoe carefully. Please ensure they are in the middle of the ringlets and your foot. You know the tongue of the sneaker, the loose part in the middle of your sneaker.
  • When lacing your shoes, be careful not to make them too tight or loose. When you lace them too tightly, the laces will appear creasy and untidy. However, do not make them too lose because you risk your shoes coming off in the middle of the road. Just make them as comfortable as possible.
  • First, you must make sure you’re using the right size of laces for your sneakers to make the fit comfortable. For instance, if your sneaker has seven eyelets, you should get 45″ long laces.

Converse Jack Purcells usually come with one pair of laces like all sneakers. And at some point, you may want to purchase a new pair of sneakers due to wear and tear or misplaced laces.

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But,  if you’re not knowledgeable about sneakers and need to replace your laces, you may purchase the wrong place for your sneaker.

Also, there are a lot of people who do not think that there are specific lace lengths for different sneakers. Well, there are.

And usually, the appropriate lace length for your sneakers depends on how many eyelets or ringlets the shoes have.

If the eyelets are few, the shoe laces will be short, but if there are many, the shoelaces will be longer. In addition, the width of the shoe also affects the size of the laces. 

So, the table below will give you an idea about the different lace lengths and the laces available for various sneakers depending on the number of eyelets they have.

Pairs Of EyeletsLace Length Required (Inches& Centimeters)
2-424” (60 centimeters)
3-530” (75 centimeters)
5-636” (90 centimeters)
6-745” (117 centimeters)
8-1055” (140 centimeters)
10+60” (150 centimeters)

How Do You Lace Jack Purcells So They Don’t Have To Be Tied?

So, many people usually have their shoelaces tied up on top of their shoes. However, you can decide to hide your shoelaces so that the tied part does not show or not to tie your shoelaces at all.

Instead, you can hide the laces, not the entire thing, just the excess under your shoes.

Hiding the excess makes your shoes look much cleaner, neater, and stylish. So, how do you hide your Jack Purcells laces, so you don’t need to tie them? 

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First, you must ensure that you feed your laces into the eyelets from the outside, not the inside out.

Once you’ve done that, then there are two methods you can use to hide your laces instead of having to tie them on top of your sneakers.

  • First, you can tuck the laces into your shoes, and that’s it. Next, take the excess and arrange it on the floor of your sneakers. This method is straightforward and effortless, but the flaw is that you may feel some discomfort like there is something in your shoe. There is, of course.
  • Or, you can tie your laces on top of your sneakers as usual and tuck them underneath your shoes’ tongue. This method is also straightforward and makes your sneakers look nice and clean.
  • When you try the second method, ensure that no parts of the laces hang out of the shoe. That will ruin the whole aesthetic.


It could throw you if you’re not very familiar with sneakers or have never had to lace a pair. But, lacing shoes is not very challenging.

Once you thread the first two eyelets, keep going till you reach the top. Then, feed the eyelets with the laces from the outside. And then you can tie the laces or hide them in your shoes.

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