History Of F. R. Tripler & Co. Of New York! (Explained)

It’s a crime in fashion to omit New York from any list of top fashion locations worldwide. It’s worth noting that New York is, in fact, one of the centers of fashion.

Events like the New York Fashion Week didn’t just spring up. The Empire State has had classic fashion designers from the 19th century.

One such high-class designer during that period was F. R. Tripler and Co. People often wonder about their history.

F. R. Tripler and Co. represented the pinnacle of New York in its heydays. As it is now, New York elites all wanted to associate with the crème de la crème of fashion. So F. R. Tripler and Co. made waves and dominated the fashion industry before sadly closing up in the late 90s.

The exit of F. R. Tripler and Co. from the fashion scene seemed like a rude shock to many people. But the brand’s impact remains until this day; that’s how good it fared.

This article will detail the brand that made Brooks Brothers look racy. Ultimately, you’ll learn its rich history and run in the fashion industry.

What Are F. R. Tripler & Co. Known For?

History of F. R. Tripler & Co. of New York

Before foreclosing in 1995, the classic people of New York knew F. R. Tripler & Co. to produce quality clothes for men and women. 

The brand is so exquisite that it was honored in Whit Stillman’s movie “Metropolitan.”

The movie referenced the brand as a place where any New Yorker with iconic taste would buy their overcoat. 

In the company’s prime, its clothing could easily rival top-tier retail companies like the Brooks Brothers. 

Although the company had several owners, they maintained one ideology over the years. 

F. R. Tripler & Co believed that items of good quality would sell to people of good quality and taste. 

How Did  Tripler & Co Become a Popular Brand?

F. R. Tripler was a traditional retail store that caught the eyes of lovers of luxury clothes back in the day. 

It is still the catch of several vintage lovers who would kill to get their hands on an F. R. Tripler piece. 

The company was founded in 1886 and quickly became one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the United States. 

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The company made its fortune by selling high-quality items to people with a knack for high-quality products. 

The corner of 46th Street was like a war for clothing brands. Although, at the time, F. R. Tripler & Co. was the most prominent of them all; these brands posed quite a threat to Tripler’s market. 

The company’s neighbors included its tight rivals Brooks Brothers, J. Press, and Paul Stuart. 

As time passed, the company changed ownership but maintained its initial goal. By the turn of the century, the retail store was doing good for itself. 

Eventually, the company came under the ownership of Hart Shaffner and Marx in 1963. 

Hart Shaffner and Marx went on a buying spree of classic American companies, and F. R. Tripler caught their attention. 

F. R. Tripler became even more popular under the management of Hart Shaffner and Marx, but the company’s strong sense of self-proved to be its undoing. 

The company started to go under in the 1980s. 

Although F. R. Tripler had financial troubles, it remained the go-to place for people who felt Brooks Brothers were too racy in changing clothing lines. 

Brooks Brothers were known to be one of the companies that changed its ideology to fit and adapt to the generation. 

Hence, F. R. Tripler & Co offered some sense of home to those who valued classic American looks with a dash of quality. 

However, this lasted only a short time. 

For years, the company ran on the momentum it gathered in the early 1960s, making it flourish for almost two decades. 

But by the early 1980s, it was starting to face some challenges. It became a dinosaur of a clothing brand from Manhattan. 

The company’s focus on maintaining originality in vintage wear proved to be its undoing. 

Its focus was on old money, and it ignored the changes in fashion. 

Eventually, their customers walked through the doors of Brooks Brothers, leaving their finances in trouble. 

Hart, Shaffner, and Marx were forced to sell the company to J. Press Inc in 1991. 

Richard Press was the President and CEO of J. Press at the time but left his role when the parent company was sold to Onward Kashiyama of Japan. 

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Richard Press remained as the Vice President of J. Press and the new CEO of F. R. Tripler, which was already over a century old. 

Richard Press purchased the company because he felt the company stood for something. 

Furthermore, he was against the new line of clothes the Brooks Brothers paraded in their stores and was intent on returning the luxury and taste of vintage garments. 

Hence the purchase of F. R. Tripler & Co. F. R. Tripler started to recover from the slump it experienced over the years under the expert direction of Richard Press. 

Richard Press had a long history with retail businesses, and since F. R. Tripler & Co. was also a retail company, he knew his way around the books. 

His knowledge of retail and how to implement it on the market was phenomenal. Within a few years of taking over, F. R. Tripler & Co. started making headlines again. 

However, his success couldn’t have been more-lived. 

F. R. Tripler’s parent company went under in 1995. Unfortunately, Tripler went down the hole with them. 

You can no longer enter a retail store and get your favorite overcoat or hat from Tripler’s. 

Some of its products are auctioned on the black market at higher price tags because you will hardly see its products anywhere. 

F. R. Tripler & Co. was once a formidable clothing empire in New York. Now, it’s only a relic few people remember. 

Who Owns F. R. Tripler & Co.?

F. R. Tripler & Co., a men’s wear retailer in New York City, was filed as a Domestic Business Corporation, but it is no longer active. 

The last known owner of the retail corporation was HSM, and the CEO was Richard Press, a successful businessman. 

During F. R. Tripler’s fruitful years, Brooks Brothers were the only retail company ever to put the luxury brand on its heels. 

This American retail company was established in 1818. The company is one of the earliest apparel brands still operating in the US. 

Brooks Brothers and F.R Tripler & Co. were the Gucci and Louis Vuitton of the 20th century. These two brands were neck in neck with each other. 

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However, many high-end luxury lovers preferred F. R. Tripler’s wear to that of Brooks Brothers. 

Brooks Brothers enjoyed more financial success because the family sold the company to thriving businesses that didn’t close up during the economic crisis of the 20th century. 

F. R. Tripler’s parent company liquidated in the mid-90s because they couldn’t recover from the world’s economic shock. Unfortunately, F. R. Tripler & Co. sank with it. 

However, its competitor, Brooks Brothers, thrived and is one of the world’s most successful retail clothing brands. 

As of 2015, Brooks Brothers had stores all over the United States and 70 other countries worldwide. 

While F. R. Tripler closed in 1995, Brooks Brothers launched the brand’s official website in 1998. Brooks Brothers took over the market and scaled immeasurably. 

However, the covid-19 pandemic forced the owners to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In September 2020, Brooks Brothers were sold to Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC, a joint venture for $325 million. 

The joint venture agreed to operate 125 Brooks Brothers retail shops in the U.S. The company had over 424 global locations before Covid hit. 

It doesn’t seem like the Brooks Brothers have had much competition since F. R. Tripler went out of business, but the rivalry was breathtaking.

Below is a table highlighting these two brands’ differences:

Brooks BrothersIt was a high-end luxury brand
A retail clothing companyWas a retail clothing company
Still operationalOut of business
A luxury brandWas a high-end luxury brand

Is F. R. Tripler & Co. a Luxury Brand?

To this day, F. R. Tripler & Co. remains one of the top luxury brands ever to grace the streets of New York. 

Men and women nationwide would enter the retail shop to get their coats, hats, and accessories. 

Clothes from F. R. Tripler & Co. were more than a luxury brand. Wearing one of these back in the day brought respect. 

Lovers of vintage luxury clothes hunt for clothes from this brand. 

Are F. R. Tripler & Co. Wears Worth it?

Yes, they are, if you can find them. Those who cherish the long history F. R. Tripler & Co. shared with American society have these coats as a reminder of old times. 

Unfortunately, very few of their products are accessible to the public. Nonetheless, you can still run into these products from time to time.

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