Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Review

The Hickey Freeman is a famous apparel company manufacturing high-quality clothing and other clothing items.

The company has been an essential tool in producing an excellent men’s wear collection.

Unfortunately, the hickey freeman Milburn 2 is no longer popular but offers the best look and material. 

There have been a lot of reviews on the Milburn 2 since its first release on the market.

The dress, which is 100% wool material, has an exceptional texture on the wearer.

Hickey freeman designed the Milburn 2 to deliver customer satisfaction as well as provide affordable quality to customers.

There have been five-star reviews from customers who bought the Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 suit. Almost all reviews praise the quality, durability, and look. The material remains intact regardless of how long you wear it or where it may have been. Therefore it is an excellent choice of fabric, design, and style.

Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Customer Reviews

Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Review

The customer reviews for the Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 suit have been good. A 5-star rating from people who bought the case from retail stores pushed sales higher.

Although the claim is hard to get these days as it is no longer in stores.

One proof that the clothing has been widely accepted by customers worldwide is the speed with which it quickly left the coat rack.

A London customer gave it a five-star rating saying he was delighted to be able to buy high-quality clothes at a discounted price.

Although, the brand is made in New York and had to go to London stores. The material was still intact and looked like it had just arrived from the manufacturer.

In addition, many other customers have given excellent reviews on the weight and texture of Hickey Freeman’s Milburn 2 garments.

The more petite linen in the pants gives it lightweight, and people find it comfortable to wear in any season. 

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Other customers were pleased with the double internal pockets, which created space for storing valuables while giving a feeling of lightness and comfort. Who does not like the idea of some extra space?

However, customers have had some negative reviews about Hickey freeman Milburn 2.

Some customers complained that they received the wrong description when buying the suit.

It was part of the mahogany collection, but it turned out to be a sterling collection

However, it may be a mistake in the store it was from, but it gave the customer a wrong opinion on the quality of the suit.

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It would be best to know that you may not have the same experience as everyone else. So, approach things like these with optimism and hope for the best.

Another twist from the suit was the kind of canvas it turned out to be. Hickey freeman’s suits are mostly entire canvas, and some customers expected Milburn 2 to be entire canvas.

It disappointed the customers when they found it was half canvas. Customers in this category had to return the fabric to the store.

Although reviews are essential when buying a product, there have been more positive than negative reviews on Milburn 2.

Unfortunately, the confusion caused by retail stores is the most common cause of negative reviews. Therefore, you must understand the product before buying it.

Is Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Good Quality?

The Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 suit is suitable quality clothing. It is an updated version of the classic freeman style, and the dress is of high-quality wool with side vents and antique buttons.

The Hickey Freeman company is known for manufacturing high-quality clothing with excellence and expertise.

In addition, the Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 suit is durable and lasts a long time. The pants are comfortable, and you can wear them in any weather for any occasion.

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The suit material will not fade, tear or wear quickly when washed. You can have it in your wardrobe for as long as you want. The dress is worth having in the closet.

In addition, Milburn 2 is made of wool material, making it resistant to water and dirt. The suit holds its shape easily and is very breathable.

When rubbing the hickey freeman Milburn 2 suit, it turns out that it is wrinkle-resistant and easy to smooth.

The material retains its quality no matter how long or long you may have worn it.

The Milburn 2 trousers are worsted wool blended with corduroy and synthetic winter wool fibers to deliver a good quality suit.

Pleated or flat-front trousers can accompany the jacket, depending on your choice. The flat fronts fit more comfortably, though.

Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Price

The price for a Milburn 2 free pacifier men’s suit ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 2,000. A Milburn 2 dress is a half canvas and is not as expensive as a complete canvass.

While inexpensive, the Milburn 2 is an article of high-quality clothing that beats its money’s worth.

Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Quality

The hickey freeman Milburn 2 suit is 100% quality wool, and its material makes the suit flexible and gives it a refined construction.

You can wear a Milburn 2 suit on any occasion and in any weather. The inner lining is also breathable, and the pants contain little linen, making them very comfortable.

It is an easy-to-wash material that won’t fade or wear out. The Milburn dress is available in different designs such as plain, checkered, and striped.

Any Milburn two-branded design always has that distinctive, high-quality feel and perspective.

Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 is a high-quality piece of clothing that every outfit lover would love to own.

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In addition, the hickey freeman Milburn 2 suits give a well-shaped and sturdy shoulder structure, an essential feature of a well-fitting jacket.

The jacket tapers elegantly towards the waist giving a great look to the suit. Also, from the padded shoulder down to the middle of the jacket’s body is a half-canvas construction.

The dress is inexpensive but still provides structure to whoever wears it. The Milburn 2 is lighter and less structured than any full-canvas suit.

Customers prefer lightweight because it is comfortable in any weather. In addition, the suit material does not break or burst because it is thick, perfectly glued, and stitched together.

Is Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 Worth It?

Yes, the hickey freeman Milburn 2 is worth it. The suit gives you your money’s worth by lasting long and providing comfort.

When you spend money on a good quality suit like the Milburn 2, you don’t have to worry about its material or appearance. It would give you the look you want.

The dress can stay in the closet for as long as you like; it is easy to remove the creases, and washing does not tear it.

However, you should make sure that you always follow the washing instructions for the suit.

Although the dress may be sturdy, the bad laundry habit can ruin the clothes and may not give you the value you want.


At the end of it all, the Hickey Freeman Milburn 2 suit is suitable quality clothing for people who still have it.

Although it is outdated and somewhat rare to get these days, you can check the various stores, and you will indeed find the suit.

If you own one, you should take proper care of it when you wear it and take it to the laundry.

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