Gold Or Silver Belt Buckle: All You Need To Know

Wearing the right color and type of belt buckle has a way of complimenting your appearance. Luckily, various kinds of belts match your outfit.

Gold and silver belt buckles are the most used among the various types. The reason is that they are classy, seamless, and stylish.

Apart from color preference, you might wonder if using a gold or silver belt buckle is best. It would be best to accessorize correctly to look your best.

You can wear a gold or silver belt buckle with a formal outfit like a suit and blazers. However, gold belt buckles go better with tan or darker shades of belt leather or suits. Meanwhile, silver belt buckles are ideal for gray or lighter-colored belts or outfits.

In this article, I will give you a detailed comparison between gold and silver belt buckles.

Consequently, you can match your buckles with your outfits and know which complements the other more.

Should You Wear Gold or Silver Belt Buckles?

Gold or Silver Belt Buckle

Of course, you can wear gold or silver belt buckles. However, it depends on your choice of outfit.

Also, your preferences regarding gold and silver accessories matter too. For example, a gold belt buckle is ideal if you prefer gold cufflinks and shoe bits.

Knowing how to dress for every occasion is also an essential factor.

For instance, you cannot wear a suit and tie to a picnic. Instead, go for something more casual like shorts and a t-shirt.

However, wearing shorts doesn’t mean you cannot wear a belt. Remember that the first purpose of a belt is to hold the trousers to your waist.

Another thing to note is that their belts differ in size, fabric, and texture. Each of those differences is for different occasions and styles.

Wearing a woven fabric belt with a tuxedo would be wrong, and you would certainly look ridiculous.

It doesn’t mean that the belt isn’t serving its original purpose. It just isn’t matching the style.

And if you plan on being a style expert, that look will dent your portfolio.

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Imagine going for an interview for a position of designer wearing a gold suit, red tie, multicolored cufflinks, and brown woven fabric belt with gold buckle.

That would be a fashion disaster! Undoubtedly, you would hardly get the position unless they’re a circus.

On the other hand, you might be lucky if your position is not so severe and the interviewers decide to ignore your little charade.

But the chances of that happening are very slim.

Nonetheless, before you think about the color or type of belt buckle, realize that it is very crucial to have one in the first place.

What Should Your Belt Buckle Match?

Your belt buckle should match your cufflinks and shoe bits. Also, any metal hint on your fabric should match your belt buckle.

Surprisingly, pairing a belt buckle with a shoe with a buckle design makes for elegant attire.

This pairing creates a decent, classy look that makes you appear like a perfect gentleman. 

Note that a gold belt buckle should go with gold accessories, and a silver belt buckle goes with silver accessories.

Ensure to take note of this small but very important information. The reason is that ignoring such a step is responsible for a bad pairing.

As expected, your dress says a lot about your personality and how people perceive you.

I know many people claim not to care about their appearance enough to note these things, but there is no harm.

By pairing correctly, you consciously decide to save your reputation and facilitate a grand entrance.

To speak more subtly, it just appeals a whole lot when you match your belt buckle with the appropriate accessories.

Also, you can take these extra tips when matching belt buckles;

  • Ensure to use the same material for accessories. For example, wearing a leather belt with leather shoes is best.
  • Do not wear too many accessories; the fewer, the better.
  • Avoid colors that do not complement each other; for example, do not pair yellow and green.
  • Even if you cannot find the same material, ensure they are the same color or at least two shades closer.
  • Be conscious of the weather and the occasion when considering pulling off a look. Of course, it would be highly disappointing if you had to ditch your shoes because you dressed inappropriately.
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These tips are to help you.

Should You Wear a Shiny Belt Buckle?

Wearing a shiny belt buckle is not entirely dreadful; gold and silver are somewhat polished metals.

The shades of gold and silver allow for a range of options. For instance, you can wear a deeper shade of gold with charcoal black trousers.

The top can be white or black too. Whatever the case, ensure that they match and are giving class and excellence.

Even though they are of varying shades and materials, they could be acceptable.

In some cases, you can pull off informal attire with a shiny belt buckle. But do not wear a glitz belt buckle to a formal event.

Trust me, 90% of the people there would reference your shiny belt buckle for the most part.

Well, wearing a shiny belt buckle to work is improper. 

For formal attire, it might be wiser to polish your belt buckle lightly rather than wear a shiny one on your chosen outfit.

For further information, I’ll classify some shades of clothes and the most suitable belt buckles.

Here is a table that shows this classification of belt buckles and the appropriate clothes color they wear.

ShadesBelt Buckle Match
WhiteSilver belt buckle
RedGold or silver belt buckle depending on the occasion
BlackGolf belt buckle
Sky blue or cyanSilver belt buckle
Navy blueSilver belt buckle

It is also important to note that it’s best to match colors at least two shades, lighter or darker. Any other shade will not cut the bar.

Is a Gold Belt Buckle Better For Formal Dressing?

A gold belt buckle is not necessarily better for formal dressing. However, what matters is the size of the belt.

Thin belts are regarded as more formal than wider belts. So, the narrower the width of the belt, the more formal it is regarded to be. 

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As long as the belt buckle matches the shades of clothing and accessories you wear, then you don’t have a problem.

A worthy piece of advice would be investing in a few black belt buckles. These could help on some informal occasions.

You could invest in belts with detachable buckles to make everything even better. This way, you can wear your favorite belt with whatever clip you choose.

However, it would be best if every man owned at least three belts: one black leather belt, one brown leather belt, and a braided belt.

This allows you to dress for any occasion as you have at least the primary colors a man should have.

To make things better, if you can purchase a detachable belt buckle, then you should. This way, you can alternate the brown and gold or silver buckle.

There are lots of benefits that come with the fluidity of choice.

In the end, ensure that you appear neat and smart. As it is popularly believed, how you dress is how you are addressed.

Also, make sure you buy the correct belt size. Purchasing a very long belt is unnecessary if you have a tiny waist.

The basic size would fit perfectly. After all, less is best, and it also applies to accessorizing. 


Can Belt Buckles Be Polished?

Yes, you can polish your belt buckles. But first, you must wipe the metal buckle down with a dry cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe away any tarnish. 

Can You Wear a Silver Belt Buckle With Gold Jewelry?

This pairing isn’t the best. Gold belt buckles should go with gold accessories, while silver belt buckles should go with silver accessories. 

Should Your Belt Match Your Shoes Or Watch?

It is crucial first to match your belt with your shoe and then match your watch with your belt and shoe. 

What Belt Color is Best For Formal Wear?

Black is the undisputable long of neutrality. It blends perfectly with formal and informal wear. Of course, brown belts look great on formal wear as well. 

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