Funny Cologne Names (Must Read This)

Colognes have come a long way, and the demand for perfumes is increasing daily.

And just like creation, colognes have been deemed a form of expression and can bring out sensations of certain events and moments, both past and present.

You can feel adorable and alluring depending on the kind of perfume you put on.

Establishing, packaging, and circulating your perfume line could lead to huge profits because perfumes are a necessary accessory most people use before stepping out.

And because of the sensitive triggers perfumes capture, perfume business names come in different forms. But what is the reason behind funny cologne names?

Perfume businesses go for perfume names that are attention-grabbing and will attract customers. And as such give funny cologne names to their products which demand attention and create intrigue. So, names such as “Ugly Bastard,” “I am Trash,” and “Poopo Pidoo” are such of these funny cologne names.

Funny Cologne Names List 

Funny Cologne Names 

The phases involved in commencing a perfume line can be overwhelming, especially when you are not knowledgeable about the perfume industry.

First, you must strategize and plan before going into the perfume business. 

And one of the most important things to look out for is your perfume business name, which must be in line with what your product represents.

While choosing a perfume business name can get tasking, you can use a perfume business generator to create a name for your brand.

Regardless of what it scents like, there are funny cologne names that will get you to wheeze from laughter.

Nevertheless, when setting up your perfume business, you need a name that stands out from the crowd. 

Correctly naming a perfume business is critical, as it is something that will remain with your business forever.

There are parameters you must have before choosing a perfume business name, such as understanding the market and the competition.

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While these names are funny, they depict memorable experiences, and some funny cologne names include the following:

  • Funeral Home.
  • Scent like a MacBook Pro.
  • Vulva Original.
  • Fresh cannabis santal.
  • Beach Hut Man Amouage.
  • Let’s Settle This Argument Like Adults In The Bathroom Naked.
  • I am Trash.
  • Fat Electrician Semi Modern Vetiver.
  • Kiss My Ass Scent and Chemistry.
  • Sexual Sugar Daddy.
  • Ugly Bastard.
  • Girls Can Do Anything. 
  • Lollipop Bling That Chick. 
  • Poopo Pidoo.
  • Fucking Fabulous.
  • Tears Of Men Who Have Wronged Me.
  • Super Gay.

Funny Men’s Cologne Names

There is a variety of cologne for men, and a good cologne offers many benefits to a man; they make you feel more attractive and add to your confidence.

In addition, one of the first things people notice about you, either when you are talking or walking past them, is your scent. 

While there are many perfumes you can choose from, some men have just a single perfume, and others have perfumes for every occasion and season.

When creating a trendy perfume business name, the idea is to pick a powerful keyword, such as words that will elicit a positive response in your target audience.

Subsequently, you can input some of these words in the perfume business name generator to get the perfume business name ideas.

Usually, men’s perfumes are more potent as they are more concentrated and last longer when you wear them.

Some of the men’s colognes rather have funny names. But regardless of the reason behind the funny perfume business names, these perfumes still sell means the trick is working out.

Aside from men wearing perfume to smell great, there are other reasons men wear perfumes;

some of these reasons include:

  • To attract ladies, while perfumes may not be magic bullets, women generally like men who smell nice.
  • To express your personality.
  • Sometimes to gain compliments. 
  • For the love of the art behind perfumery.
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Men sometimes go overboard by excessively spraying a perfume, implying that no matter how funny a man’s Cologne name sounds, a man will be okay if it is serving its purpose.

Some examples of funny men’s cologne names are:

  • Home Wrecker.
  • Friday Night Light.
  • Swagger.
  • Ice Station Zebra.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippies.
  • Death and Decay.
  • The President’s Hat.

Funny Fake Cologne Names 

For most people, perfume is more than just a way to scent nice. So there is often a way to examine the hub of science and art and find their unique character and taste.

But, unfortunately, there are a lot of fake perfumes we can find in the market.

While the fake perfumes can never beat the original perfumes, they tend to have almost everything that qualifies them to be considered original perfumes. 

The packaging, container, and fragrance are almost identical to the actual perfume.

Consequently, the prices of these fake colognes tend to be lower than the original prices, an obvious way to identify some fake perfumes.

Developing your perfume business requires thorough planning and exploration.

While this hard work will eventually pay off, some perfume business companies mutate an original product by changing their product names.

Therefore, only a substantial perfume business strategy will help you survive the perfume business

This includes convincing your customers to purchase your product. In this light, some perfume business companies fly on already existing names and add little twists.

And this makes the names sound funny in many cases.

It is becoming more complicated to distinguish between original and take perfumes.

Fakes are not the best idea, and some of the ways through which you can identify a fake cologne are by thoroughly paying attention to the following:

  • The packaging sometimes bears misspelled names.
  • The fragrance sometimes comes off stronger than the original smell.
  • The Containers 
  • The content 
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Below is a list of some fake funny cologne names:

  • Green Frich Tweed. 
  • Ok For Everyone.
  • Fahnenhomme.
  • Tameless. 
  • Miss Madame.
  • Crazy lady.
  • Tank Battle.
  • Head Over Heels.

Funny Mexican Cologne Names 

Mexicans understand a lovely scent as something beyond a spray. It often translates to outstanding quality, a reliable brand, commitment, and attention to detail.

But on the other hand, Mexicans are concerned about oozing any kind of stinky smell, so they often carry a spray.

And they do this with a charisma that has been transferred to all facets of culture and has been rich in various influences.

While some of these perfumes have bizarre names, you can never underestimate their effect.

There is nothing quite like finding out a symbolic fragrance that feels like it relates only to you. You automatically get to bond over your pleasing taste in fragrance. 

Mexico’s perfume business idea relates to every smell that reminds you of home, and as such, these weird perfume business names are derived from everything they relate to, such as foods and nature as a whole.

There are a variety of funny Mexican cologne names, and while these names may sound funny, their fragrance might just be very pleasing to the nose.

And in a way, perfume business companies choose these funny names because they make them stand out from the traditional fragrance names, something to keep you pondering always. 

Also, these funny perfume business names, in a way, represent the perfume business company’s personality and the kind of customers they seek.

So, for example, some funny Mexican Cologne names are:

  • Mexican dead.
  • Alley of the kiss
  • Lily of the valley

Final thoughts

In choosing a perfume business name, you must brainstorm and be creative.

And this is because you need a catchy name that will attract the attention of your buyers. You can as well use a perfume business name generator.

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