FragranceX Vs. FragranceNet (In-Depth Comparison)

How do you buy cologne online? To answer this question, I researched two of the most popular websites that sell designer fragrances online: FragranceX and FragranceNet.

FragranceX has grown to be one of the largest online fragrance stores in the world, with tons of satisfied customers and hundreds of thousands of orders shipped every year. 

How does it compare to Fragrancenet? Which one is better?

This article will review the two and even consider cost and convenience to know which is suitable for you to buy when buying your next cologne.

So whether you’re looking to start your first collection or need an upgrade, you won’t want to miss this comparison between Fragrancex vs. Fragrancenet!

These two companies provide very similar services and products, but some subtle differences might make one better than the other for you. When comparing FragranceX with FragranceNet, there are factors to consider, such as discount, shipping, price, and return policy, among others, to know which is ideal for buying cologne online.

Are FragranceX and FragranceNet the Same?

FragranceX Vs. FragranceNet

No, when comparing FragranceNet with FragranceX, they are not the same.

However, FragranceX and FragranceNet are perfume men’s cologne brands offering many types of new, vintage, and hard-to-find perfumes.

The difference between FragranceX and FragranceNet is that FragranceX is an online store that offers a wide range of designer brands.

In contrast, Fragrancenet is a branded e-commerce site that focuses on body, hair, and skincare products; you can find them in Deer Park, New York, United States.

FragranceX is one of those retailers that has grown so fast in a short time, providing a wide range of brands at affordable prices.

It includes brands like Aeropostale, Hollister Co., and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Another difference between FragranceX and Fragrancenet is that FragranceX specializes in higher-end and designer brands, while Fragrancenet concentrates more on lower-priced colognes.

However, you can still find discounts on designer cologne at FragranceX if you shop carefully.

If you’re looking for men’s cologne at a discount, FragranceNet is probably your best option.

However, if you have more refined tastes and want to find designer fragrances at discounted prices, FragranceX may be a better option.

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If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can find excellent deals on designer fragrances at FragranceX.

Many discount deals are still available even if you’re looking for discounted men’s cologne.

So, depending on your needs and preferences, FragranceX or FragranceNet may be a better fit for your perfume needs.

Is FragranceNet Better Than FragranceX? 

When you compare FragranceNet with FragranceX when buying cologne online, you’ll find out that generally, FragranceX is better than FragranceNet.

However, they both have their positives and negatives.

Although your opinion might differ based on your experience, here’s why I recommend FragranceX over FragranceNet based on shipping time, shipping price, return policy, and their wide variety of products.

I’ll discuss this more in my review of what happens with both online stores when buying cologne online.

However, FragranceNet has certain benefits, such as discounts, but the advantages that FragranceX offers far outweigh those of FragranceNet. Therefore, making FragranceX is the better option.

FragranceX Vs FragranceNet Reviews

Although both sites are for buying cologne online, they have differences that make one stand out from the other for you.

Here are factors I considered in my review when comparing FragranceNet with FragranceX for you to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Price
  • Coupon Deal
  • Shipping Time
  • Shipping Cost
  • Return Policy
  • Products
  • Customer Service

#1. Price

When buying cologne online, FragranceX is generally a bit more expensive than FragranceNet, but you have more choices regarding brands and products.

For example, on FragranceX, you can find niche luxury brands that aren’t available on FragranceNet.

On FragranceNet, however, you have some cheaper products than on FragranceX.

#2. Coupon Deal

If you’re comparing FragranceX and FragranceNet to know which is better for you, you need to know that both sites provide discounts.

There is always a bargain or countdown to encourage you to shop. Don’t buy on impulse.

If you subscribe to the FragranceX newsletter, you will get 15% off all orders, but with FragranceNet, you get a 30% discount, and that’s a considerable discount and a win for you.

Email lists are beneficial even without the signup discount, as they will alert you to flash bargains and seasonal discount codes.

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#3. Shipping Time

Both FragranceNet and FragranceX’s headquarters are in New York, so both companies ship from there.

In addition to this, both of them utilize ground-based postal services, which indicates that their delivery times are comparable.

FragranceX shipping orders arrive in 2-5 business days, while FragranceNet orders take 4–7 days.

So while the FragranceX shipping order could arrive at the same time as FragranceNet, FragranceX is likely to come first.

FragranceX shipping orders internationally are in 4-12 days, while FragranceNet is vaguer.

Their international delivery depends on the quantity and products you order.

#4. Shipping Cost

FragranceX provides free shipping on orders over $35, which is one of the company’s most notable advantages, while FragranceNet offers free shipping on orders over $59.

FragranceNet’s shipping rates vary from one area to the next, based on the customer’s location.

Their prices range widely from nation to nation. They declare they “have no control over these charges.”

FragranceX is an excellent alternative for you if you do not live in the United States or are shipping outside the country because they offer free shipping worldwide.

#5. Return Policy

When comparing FragranceNet with FragranceX return policies, it is clear that FragranceX’s return policy beats FragranceNet’s.

FragranceX permits return after use, although the return window is shorter than FragranceNet’s. All orders must be returned 30 days after shipping.

They understand that buying cologne online might be uneven, so they accept tested returns that aren’t “excessively used,” while FragranceNet permits 30 days after delivery and refunds only unopened items.

Both firms impose a nominal fee for shipping unless the refund is due to a technical defect with the product.

#6. Products

When comparing FragranceX and FragranceNet, they generally provide excellent and extensive collections of colognes and perfumes.

You can find most of your preferred items on both websites, except that some fragrances are available only at FragranceX and not at FragranceNet.

#7. Customer Service

I’ll review both stores’ customer service when buying cologne online on FragranceNet and FragranceX. 

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According to Trustpilot, a verified company that reviews online stores, FragranceNet customer service is great.

With people rating it at 4.1 out of 5, although some disgruntled customers aren’t satisfied with FrangranceNet customer service, overall, their service is great.

In comparison, FragranceX customer service is excellent. With people rating it 4.4 out of 5, although there are also dissatisfied customers, the customer review for FragranceX is excellent. 

Although both companies value customers, FragranceNet responds to 99% of negative evaluations, whereas FragranceX responds to 94%.

FragranceX Or FragranceNet: Which Do You Prefer?

FragranceNet and FragranceX are both perfume men cologne brands of designer fragrances.

Both websites have a wide selection of brands, products, and promotional offers.

Since they offer similar things at comparable prices, it can be challenging to determine which one will be best for you. 

To clear up any confusion, I compared FragranceX and FragranceNet to decide which one was superior, and I prefer FragranceX.

Here’s what I found that made my decision:

  • FragranceX’s website is a little more user-friendly than FragranceNet’s.
  • The shipping options for FragranceX are better than those of FragranceNet.
  • FragranceX customer service is better than FragranceNet customer service, with their customer service team answering questions about returns quickly and attending to people’s needs.
  • Plus, they frequently offer sales to help us all save some cash.

Has Anyone Received Fake Fragrances From FragranceX or Fragrancenet? 

FragranceNet and FragranceX are both legit brands for buying cologne online. Although some say otherwise, they are reputed to sell original brands at a low price.

FragranceX’s homepage states that they sell designer brands online and not fake.

According to online reviews of disgruntled customers, when comparing FragranceNet with FragranceX, they sent fake fragrances or got their orders mixed up.

Generally, I believe most people get authentic fragrances from these brands from their online reviews.


When buying cologne online, FragranceX and FragranceNet are two famous stores where you can get men’s cologne brands.

Generally, FragranceX offers better shipping and return policy deals, but FragranceNet is not without its pros, as it provides a better discount percentage than FragranceNet.

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