Does FragranceX Sell Fake Perfumes? (Explained)

If you are a fragrance enthusiast, then there is a high possibility that you have heard of FragranceX.

FrangranceX is very popular for its luxury perfume collection. The online fragrance store also sells designer cologne at attractive discount prices. 

Though there are other perfume stores like FrangranceX, the online store stands out for its discount prices and fast delivery.

However, there’s still the question of the authenticity of their perfumes. 

FragranceX is a certified online perfume store as it does not sell fake perfumes. The online perfume store sells its perfumes at lower prices than luxury stores by buying its products from gray markets and reselling old market stock. Though FragranceX has a high positive customer rating, it also has some negative reviews on its customers’ care and delivery.     

Are the Perfumes on FragranceX Counterfeit or Authentic? 

Does FragranceX Sell Fake Perfumes?

FragranceX online perfume store sells authentic perfumes at low discount prices.

The online fragrance store has been in the business since 2001 and has a very high customer rating on several top review sites.

The perfume store also has easy-to-reach communication and customer service representatives.

Here are some of the reasons FragranceX sells designer perfumes at lower prices:

Gray Market

Though this may seem like an alternative to the black market, it is not. Unlike the black market, the gray market is a legal commodity market to trade products.

Most companies and customers use this means of purchase regularly.

For example, in a fragrance gray market, perfume companies legally buy and sell body sprays and fragrances but not within the official perfume trade channels. 

FragranceX purchases large fragrance orders from the gray market with massive sale price slash and resells them in their store at cheaper rates.

As a result, the perfumes are authentic, increasing their market credibility. Gray market sales are one of the main reasons you can get lower prices for luxury and designer perfumes at the FragranceX online store.

Less Overhead Cost

Since FragranceX is an online store, selling its products at a cheap rate does not disrupt its business.

They do not have an online store; therefore, there are no costs spent on opening offline stores.

As a result, the fragrance store does not have to maintain a large market and spend on expensive storefronts and marketing. 

FragranceX store uses only online websites and a wholesale warehouse, saving money on overhead costs.

Their headquarters is in New York, with the warehouse where they store their goods and respond to customer inquiries.

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Mediocre Packaging

This is another reason FragranceX perfumes might seem counterfeit after purchase.

The popular online store sells perfumes in damaged boxes, especially since it is old stock; in this way, they spend less on the packaging. 

When you buy fragrances from designer retailers, you expect a perfect presentation and new packaging because you paid a lot for them.

However, fragrance boxes from discounter retailers like FragranceX are likely to have some damage on the perfume boxes.

This does not matter if you have no interest in the perfume box, especially if you discard the boxes as soon as you get them.

FragranceX is one of the top-selling discount fragrance retailers in the world, with an estimated annual profit of $5.4 million.

However, the business would not thrive if the perfume retailers sold fake body sprays and perfumes.

They Sell Fragrances from Various Geographical Markets

Geographical regions like Asia and the Middle East have large perfume markets. As a result, fragrance companies in those regions sell their products at low prices.

The perfume companies set their product price according to the average income of their customers.

These price reductions make their fragrance less expensive than North American and European perfumes. 

They Sell Discounted Older Stock

Most designer fragrance retailers do not accept or sell old perfume stocks.

Instead, top fragrances frequently purchase consistent, new packaging and the latest products in their stores.

Moreover, fragrance makers regularly repackage their perfume bottles and redesign the fragrance box to attract new customers and give their perfumes a new look.

However, they rotate the perfumes to keep consistency to get some value for the old perfume stock in their stores.

In addition, these retailers sell their old stock perfumes at a deep discount to discount fragrance retailers like FragranceX.

Can I Trust       

Just like any other online store, you would have to purchase from FragranceX to determine if they deserve your trust or not.

FragranceX has a positive rating of 4.81 stars from satisfied customers, with over 102,492 reviews of their products.

This review means the online store is trusted, certified, and has a good reputation among fragrance buyers and sellers. 

Customers trust FragranceX because of their great discount prices, free delivery, and frequent free shipping.

From the positive reviews on FragranceX online store and review websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Osmoz, they satisfy the customers with their purchases from the store.

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However, if you purchased from their store and you want to verify if your product is original:

  • After receiving your order from FragranceX, get a close-up picture of the same perfume from an official store.
  • Then, compare the wrapping of the brand store perfume to the one you purchased. 
  • The cellophane should not be poorly wrapped or loose against the package box.
  • If the wrapping is just dented or came without a wrapper, then it is original, unless otherwise from the box contents.
  • However, if the package has signs of unprofessional wrapping, it is counterfeit.
  • Also, check the box for grammatical errors, poorly written information, or misspellings.
  • Inspect the back of the perfume for any grammatical errors and compare it to the picture you have. Spelling errors also mean your package might be counterfeit. 
  • Also, check the package paper quality. It should not be too flimsy and should have a high-quality paperboard inside the package to protect the perfume. 
  • Compare the barcode, batch, and serial numbers with the original packaging. It should not be messy, with glue or tape holding the numbers in place. You can also contact the manufacturer for more information.
  • If you can, compare the layers of the perfume with another from the official brand store. If this is impossible, try to get a hold of a tester from the brand store. Fake perfumes will have a different and off smell and do not last long once you wear them.

FragranceX Complaints       

Like any other store, FragranceX also has complaints and critical reviews. These reviews are frequently from delivery issues to poor customer care service.

Some complaints from dissatisfied customers include:

  • Late arrival of customers’ orders. 
  • A client claimed that the perfume bottle was leaky. 
  • Bad experience with customer service representatives.
  • Inability to access the company through available communication routes 
  • Getting no response from inquiry emails.
  • Incomplete delivery.
  • Lost packages with no compensation.
  • Spamming advert mails.

These complaints are from customers’ negative reviews on their site and also from review sites like Trustpilot.

Can You Tell if This Is Fake or Real? (            

It is almost impossible to tell if the perfumes on the site are fake or real until you purchase them.

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When purchasing a fragrance, especially an expensive one, you want to ensure you are not losing your money to a fake.

Most counterfeit perfumes do not have the same quality scent as the original. Buying a fake fragrance is not just a waste of money but also a potential health risk.

Here are some tips to verify the authenticity of your purchase:

  • Confirm the authenticity of the perfume vendor. If the service and product reviews do not satisfy you, buy your fragrance from a certified store or the official brand store. Buying from an official brand store might be expensive, but you will get what you ordered.
  • Feel free to ask for pictures of the fragrance serial and batch number to confirm with the manufacturer.
  • Check the reviews from the online store and on review sites to see other customer experiences with orders from the online perfume store.
  • Check if PayPal has verified the online store. The verification means that they shared their contact information with the payment platform. 
  • Inspect the online fragrance store’s return policy and request one if you do not notice any on the site before making a purchase.

Has Anyone Received Fake Fragrances from FragranceX?

According to the reviews on the site, very few customers received counterfeit fragrances from FragranceX.

From responses to these complaints on the online store, the fault frequently occurs during delivery, and they repay affected clients.

Though this might seem to portray FragranceX as an unacceptable online fragrance store, the site has certifications to counter the dent in its image.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy tracking feature on the online store for tracking your purchase.
  • Different shipping options, including free delivery on orders above $59.
  • PayPal verified and has a BillMeLater payment option.
  • It has a gift wrapping option if you are purchasing a perfume gift. You can also send the amount, email address, and name of the individual receiving the present with a gift message. 
  • There are varieties of perfume and cologne options to choose from, including vintage fragrances.


FragranceX does not sell fake perfumes because this will damage their authenticity.

The discount retailers. Since they do not spend on expensive packaging and offline retail stores, they can give great discount deals on their fragrance collection.

If the product review on the site does not satisfy you, you can purchase your perfume from a brand store.

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