Does FragranceNet Sell Expired Perfumes? (Explained)

If you prefer buying luxury designer perfumes at discount prices, you might have heard of FragranceNet.

FragranceNet is an online perfume retail store that sells different fragrances, scented candles, and body care items at discounted rates. 

Like every other perfume retailer, FragranceNet purchases its fragrances from old stock resellers.

And this brings us to the question, does FragranceNet sell expired perfumes?

FragranceNet buys fragrances from the gray market, so they do not sell expired perfumes and cologne. Depending on the chemical composition and the alcohol volume in the perfume, fragrances can last for about five to ten years. However, this also depends on how and where you store it.

Does FragranceNet Sell Fake Perfume?

Does FragranceNet Sell Expired Perfumes? 

FragranceNet does not sell fake perfumes because their fragrance products are bought from overstock or leftover packages from different companies worldwide but mostly from Asian countries.

According to their website sale policy, they do not sell knock-offs or imitations. 

FragranceNet has delivered about 30 million orders worldwide, and it has over 17,000 available fragrance brands in its inventory.

The online store is among the most prominent online fragrance retailers on the web, with its headquarters and warehouse in Deer Park, New York. 

However, the low discounts that the online store offers often discourage clients.

In addition, you can only test the authenticity of their products if you purchase from the store.

Once you get your order, carefully inspect your package. Do not open the perfume until you have examined the packaging for defaults or signs of professional and counterfeit design. 

If you have an older bottle of the same eau de toilette that you purchased from the official brand store, you can use it for comparison.

Check the text on the perfume box for grammar, spelling, font errors, and unusual spacings between texts. 

Your perfume box should not have tape or excess glue inside or outside the perfume container.

Also, inspect the batch code and the serial number of your fragrance. All authentic perfumes have both codes on their packaging. 

So if your package container does not have any of the registration and identification codes, return your package to the store and request a refund.

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If your package has serial and batch numbers, contact the manufacturer to verify your purchase.

Compare your perfume bottle with the old one and feel the new bottle for defects.

Your perfume bottle should be smooth to touch,  not rough and plastic-like.

Also, ensure the bottleneck cover fits it perfectly; it should not be loose. If your order has a loose-fitting cap, it will cause leakage from the product.

The bottleneck is also part of the perfume and should be treated as such; otherwise, the eau de toilette is fake.

If with what you have seen so far but are still skeptical about it, here are some tips for identifying if your package is fake:

  • You might have to compare the scent of your new perfume with that of the old one. Authentic fragrances have different scent layers that change in tune with your body oil from when you use it till your skin absorbs it completely. 
  • Fake perfumes do not have complicated mixtures like this and will become ‘off-putting’ after a short time of wearing them.
  • Test the longevity of the perfume. An imitation of perfume does not last as long as the original. Authentic fragrances, after use, keep their scents for six to 18 months, while fake perfume smells strange after a few weeks.
  • Take note of the notes of the perfume. You must identify what the fragrance you purchased smells like before buying it. If your eau de toilette has a single note, it may only contain top notes, so the absence of the middle and base notes does not mean your perfume is counterfeit.

Is FragranceNet Legit?       

FragranceNet is a legit online store that has been in business since 1997. The online perfume business sold over one billion dollars worth of beauty products.

You can purchase different bottles of authentic designer fragrances from their website online. You can also check reviews of past customers on their products.

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If you are a fan of shopping for discount perfumes, want to resell fragrance products, are a fragrance blogger, or need a designer perfume for a lower price, then you should check out the FragranceNet inventory.

However, you must know that their products are not brand new, as the perfumes have constantly passed through different vendors, and most of the products are old stock.

Are the Perfumes on FragranceNet Real? 

The perfumes on FragranceNet are authentic. FragranceNet is a trusted brand in the US with a physical office and warehouse in New York.

According to top review websites and researchers, FragranceNet is a trustworthy brand that sells authentic vintage fragrances.

However, if you are still unsure, you can contact customer care and inquire about their services.

Moreover, you cannot judge if FragranceNet products are original or not by just reading about their products or reviews.

You can also test their authenticity by purchasing their products to check if it is legitimate, or you could pay a visit to their office to have a better experience of their products.

Is FragranceNet Trustworthy?       

If you are looking for discounts on designer and vintage fragrances, then FragranceNet is a reliable store for your purchases.

It is one of the top trustworthy fragrance discount brands online. There are also different communication channels you can use to access the company.

You can also reach their customer service during working hours via the chat box on the FragranceNet website. 

FragranceNet also replies to emails and has customer service support for complaints, and provides assistance to customer issues.

The online fragrance company is also reliable in its service operation, like handling orders, accepting returns, and making deliveries around the globe.

They also have a 30 days return policy if their product does not satisfy you with the product.

The company also protects the financial and personal data you use or store on their website.

They also keep the purchase process safe for their clients with SSL encryption certificates.  

How Will You Know if the Perfume Is Original?            

Examine the package you ordered and pay attention to details like the notes of the fragrance, the cellophane on the package, the box label, and the bottle label.

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You can also ask the manufacturer about the batch information with the batch code on the perfume.

The following are the different ways to check if your fragrance is original:

#1. Perfume Composition

Original eau de toilette takes almost a year to formulate and check all their chemical compositions to the last detail.

For instance, the alcoholic components in an original perfume are always of high quality and healthy alcohol products.

On the other hand, the alcoholic units in a counterfeit fragrance are toxic and a health risk. You can also shake the perfume bottle to test its authenticity.

Shake your perfume bottle thoroughly, and if there are light bubbles in the liquid that quickly disappear, then your perfume is original.

Top brands also use pale colors in their fragrance, so if you purchased a luxury brand perfume, note the coloring of your eau de toilette.

#2. Perfume Bottle

Makers of original perfumes make use of high-quality glass to make their perfumes. It is usually transparent and smooth so that you can see the color of the fragrance.

Unfortunately, the glass bottle is usually a single glass mold, so if your perfume bottle has two glass molds, your perfume is counterfeit.  

#3. Perfume Packaging

The perfume packaging is also a telling property if you want to verify your perfume originality.

Authentic fragrances have top quality and creative packaging. The box design shows that the manufacturers took a lot of time to create the perfume box.

If your fragrance package looks flimsy and has no paperboard to protect the perfume, your perfume is counterfeit.


FragranceNet orders perfumes at generous discounts from top brands that want to sell out overstock and old stock perfumes, so they do not sell expired perfumes.

They also sell their goods at good discounts in bulk and retail prices. However, you can only be sure of their authenticity if you purchase their products.

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