Fitzgerald Vs. Regent (In-Depth Comparison)

Looking good relates to the kind of clothing design and construction. For fashion-conscious men, choosing the perfect outfit is vital to their appearance.

The Fitzgerald and Regent Fits are two popular options for most men. They are both elegant garments that outline the features of whoever wears them.

These clothes have similar features that make it hard to determine the best. Which of these designs will be best for you?

Fitzgerald fit is an exceptional style that gives a narrow slim-fitted but not too tight outline. On the other hand, Regents have a more regular and broader fit. Simultaneously, the Fitzgerald trousers have a flat front and trim legs, while the Regent trousers have a plain front and straight legs. Each fit has other unique features that distinguish them.

This article makes a detailed comparison of these clothing designs to help you make an informed choice. I will cover their features, differences, and prices and help you decide.

What Are the Differences Between Fitzgerald’s and Regent’s Fits?

Fitzgerald Vs. Regent

When it comes to the fit of a garment, it is essential to consider several aspects, especially on shirts and suits.

The Fitzgerald and Regent are exceptional fits with unique features. Every clothing is suitable for different body types.

However, it could be easier to determine their fits with adequate understanding. That said, I’ll carefully analyze the fits of each of these garments.

It would help you to choose the best fit between Fitzgerald and Regent.

#1. Fitzgerald Fit

The Fitzgerald fit is tapered and gives a slimming outline. The fit has elevated armholes and a slim lapel width.

The lapel has a 3-inch width that balances into the optimal range of most body types. The lapel contributes to the reason the jacket gives a tailored outline.

The Fitzgerald jacket gives the wearer a slim fitting but doesn’t make the garment look skin-tight. 

Whoever wears Fitzgerald’s fit will notice how trim it makes him look, it may look slim on the outside, but it doesn’t feel tight and chopped like some other style.

This fit makes garments within this style perfect for men with an athletic, slender, or average build who prefer traditional fitted outlines.

A Fitzgerald jacket with a combination of classic matching trousers with a flat front gives a fitted appearance.

Fitzgerald garments, including suits, blazers, and sportcoats, mostly have a standard fit across the jackets.

In addition, the jackets may be half canvas or fully canvassed, depending on the manufacturer’s style ranking.

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The common feature of this fit is the contour on the sides which defines the wearer’s shape but doesn’t squeeze a broad torso.

Although some people might want to have, the sides shaped out to suit their body shape, the side curve is the beauty of this fit.

Unfortunately, the jackets only have a center vent which most people least prefer because they don’t offer flexibility like double side vents.

Some people may find the fit restricting. But a Fitzgerald garment might be a good idea if the side vents aren’t your determinant for buying clothing.

#2. Regent Fit

The Regent has a regular fit for a standard outline. The jacket has a rounder top sleeve, a smaller back, a narrower cuff, and an elbow.

The Regent has narrower lapels and a slightly slim fit but falls into the range of a contemporary design.

The fit features a semi-close-cut chest and sleeves that cut close to the body. It also has a semi-close cut seat and seat.

In addition, it features a half waist that contributes to its classic look. The jacket combines matching trousers with a plain front and straight legs.

Regent garments fit nicely around the sleeves, chest, and body without looking skinny on the wearer’s body.

Unfortunately, a Regent fit may look a little boxy through the torso for slender men but look appealing on athletic men with V-shaped torsos. 

Although the Fitzgerald fit is famous for its slim outline, the Regent fit may have a more obvious waist suppression that makes it appear slimmer.

At the same time, the latter has a broader shoulder than the former. So, while the Fitzgerald may restrict movement, the Regent allows more mobility.

Furthermore, some Regent jackets have double-sided vents, which gives them an advantage over the Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald Vs. Regent; Which is Better for Formal Occasions?

The suitability of a style for formal occasions is one of the reasons for choosing their clothing. Most people would want an outfit that can fit into every type of occasion.

Determining which of these styles is best for several occasions can be confusing because of their great fits.

Despite their uniqueness, let’s find out which is best for formal occasions below.

#1. The Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald garments have superior features that make them suitable for formal occasions. Their design blends into conferences, executive dinner parties, weddings, etc.

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The tailored garments make the wearer look bright and trimmed. They are perfect for every body shape.

Although they may seem uncomfortable moving freely at the event, you must learn to get used to them.

Wearing a Fitzgerald to a formal occasion depends on how much you enjoy the clothing. The slim fit may seem improper and less formal for some people.

#2. The Regent

Regent fits can blend into a formal occasion, depending on your body shape. The shirt may seem too big around the torso for a slender person.

You want to get it fitted before wearing it to a formal occasion. However, you may find this style more elegant if you have an athletic body.

The Regent gives a relaxed appearance, making you feel more in control of your body movements.

So, if you find Regent clothing more comfortable, it might be your best choice for formal occasions.

But you must be considerate about its fit, so you don’t appear too bulky occasionally.

Who Makes the Best Fitzgerald Suits?

Brooks Brothers make the best Fitzgerald suits. It is their best-selling suit because of its excellent construction.

The brand prioritizes using superior quality materials for these suits to keep them at the top of the chart.

Brook Brothers is a top brand known for manufacturing Fitzgerald suits with exceptional fit, quality, and design.

They are experts in constructing suits that emphasize outlining masculine features. They are the oldest operating clothing brand in the US.

Furthermore, the Fitzgerald suit is an ageless classic of this brand. Their Fitzgerald main line contains an entire production of half-canvassed jackets.

At the same time, they have fully canvassed jackets in their Golden Fleece which is more expensive.

Although the Brooks Brothers suit is a masterpiece, it has some drawbacks that you should consider.

The table below contains the pros and cons of the brand’s Fitzgerald suit.

There are a variety of sizes.They are expensive.
It has an excellent flattering fit.Buying online makes it difficult to know the right fit.
The available fabrics are extraordinary.They may be limited.
The brand gives a 60-day return policy.

Is Regent More Durable than Fitzgerald?

The Regent may seem more durable than Fitzgerald, but it depends on the fabric and maintenance level. 

There are varieties of fabrics suitable for constructing either of them.

The Regent and Fitzgerald can share similar fabrics but may be low-quality. Some materials are more durable than others.

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So, your Fitzgerald may last longer if it is of better material and construction than a Regent.

However, the Fitzgerald may rip at the seam if the fit is too tight. The slim fit tends to make the clothing tear if the wearer doesn’t learn to coordinate his movement accordingly.

The broader features of the Regent make it easier to manage the outfit and less likely to tear.

Furthermore, the treatment you give your clothes may make a less durable material last longer. It is essential to follow the laundry instructions and store them properly.

Maintaining your clothes would determine which of them will last longer.

Fitzgerald Vs. Regent; Price Comparison

The prices of the Fitzgerald and Regent differ due to their different features. Furthermore, the price depends on the fabric and demand for that design.

However, let’s check a summary of the prices of these exceptional clothing styles.

#1. Fitzgerald Price

Fitzgerald fit doesn’t have a fixed price because of several factors. Although, the clothes under this fit are more expensive.

One major factor that may make a Fitzgerald more expensive is its availability in the market. They are primarily inaccessible because of the high demand for them.

When you finally get one, you must pay a high price to beat the competition. However, you can order on Brooks Brothers’ official website to purchase a good quality, Fitzgerald.

It would help you to get the perfect fit and access available discounts and offers.

#2. Regent Price

The price of this fit varies and solely depends on the model and style you want to purchase. 

They are also expensive, but the price ranges may be lower than some Fitzgerald clothing. It depends on the fabric and construction of both fits.

Regent clothing with high-quality fabric may cost more than other high-quality clothing under the Fitzgerald fit.

Fortunately, Regent garments are more accessible, so you won’t have issues buying one. You can get them from clothing stores around you or through online stores.

Should You Get a Regent or a Fitzgerald?

Regarding which fit you should buy, I’d highly recommend the Fitzgerald. This fit is modern, classic, and elegant.

Although it may be pretty expensive, there isn’t much difference between their prices. Furthermore, it is suitable for different body types.

It is ideal for various occasions without compromising your silhouette. Notwithstanding, the Regent is also an excellent fit.

Consider trying it out if you feel a Fitzgerald is less flattering for your shape or less proper for your occasion.

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