Ferragamo Loafer Sizing (Chart & More)

Salvatore Ferragamo loafers are very comfortable and fashionable designer shoes. But, to enjoy that comfort, you must ensure that the pair you choose is a good fit for your feet.

Therefore, you need to know the size that will be a perfect fit for you before you go shoe shopping or place an order for loafers.

Ferragamo loafers come in all sizes, so if you already know your size, you should go up a size or at least half a size. Ferragamo loafers and Ferragamo black leather shoes usually run half a size or a full size smaller. In addition, Ferragamo shoes come in both US and EU sizing, depending on where you buy your shoes.

Do Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Fit True to Size?

Ferragamo Loafer Sizing

Shoe size is the most important thing when shopping for shoes. Almost all adults know their shoe size and can even order shoes without trying them on.

However, you need to know about the differences in brands. In addition, while some shoe stretch, other brands’ shoes run large or small.

That can make it difficult to rely on your usual shoe size, especially if you won’t be trying the shoes on before you buy them.

So, it’s essential to know whether the shoes fit true to size or whether they run big or small.

Usually, when a brand’s shoes fit true to size, customers have no reason to worry.

But you’ll need to reduce or increase your shoe size when they run large or small. Otherwise, you’ll have either too big or too small shoes.

Ferragamo shoes do not fit true to size, several people who have bought Ferragamo shoes in the past reviewed that their regular shoe size did not fit.

So, if you are a size 9, a Ferragamo penny loafer or low-top sneakers in size 9 will be too small for your feet. 

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In addition to that, Ferragamo shoes are a tad bit narrow. Some customers feel like the designers make the shoes for people with narrow feet.

Compared with other brands, Ferragamo makes very narrow shoes that can be uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

So, if you go shopping for Ferragamo shoes, if you usually wear a size 7, ask the seller for an 8 or a 7½. Keep in mind that a comfortable fit is better and will last longer.

Also, if you go shopping in person, try on different pairs. The shoes may be the same size, but some will be more comfortable than others.

What does C Mean in Ferragamo Shoe Size?

Like all other shoe brands, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes measure the length and width of shoes.

Although usually, customers prioritize the length over the width. But, the manufacturers add the width in letters after they indicate the length in numbers. 

So, when you pick up a Ferragamo shoe, you will not likely see a number and a letter. Instead, the letters range from A to D and represent the shoe’s width.

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If you want, you can measure the width of the shoes after you purchase them to understand better what works for you.

That said, a C on Salvation Ferragamo shoes stands for wide width. So, if you have wide feet, that’s your size.

For Ferragamo shoes, the width, which is C, is usually about 3 inches. That means you would be better off with the D, which is the widest width if you have wide feet.

And as you’d have already guessed is the widest of the shoes. Also, there are other width measurements as follows.

  • AAAA- Narrowest width
  • AAA- Narrower 
  • AA- narrower
  • B- Regular width
  • C- wide width
  • D- widest width
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Do Salvatore Ferragamo Loafers Run Small?

Quality, comfort, and a good fit are essential things about shoe shopping. And no matter how comfortable a brand is, you can only enjoy that comfort if the shoe you buy fits you well.

So, when shopping for your Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, you must get a good fit.

That is why you must remember that Ferragamo loafers usually run small. In addition, most Ferragamo shoes, especially patent black leather styles, usually run a size or half a size small.

Also, you should consider the materials the designers use to make the shoe in question.

Ferragamo patent shoes usually run half a size smaller than the regular shoes made in America.

So, if you measure your shoe size with the American size system, you should size up a bit when you want to purchase Ferragamo’s.

How do Ferragamo Loafers Fit?

When buying Ferragamo loafers, it’s best to buy one that is a size or half smaller than your usual size.

That’s because Ferragamo loafers run small. The fit will be excellent and snug if you usually wear very tight shoes.

And as you wear them, they will break in nicely even if they were too snug initially.

As long as you buy the perfect size, Ferragamo shoes should fit perfectly, and as with time and wear, the shoe will reshape to the size of your feet.

So although you may need to size down for Ferragamo loafers, don’t size down too much. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a shoe that doesn’t fit.

And if you go shopping in person and find that your usual size works just fine, there is no need to size down.

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But don’t get a pair that is too tight even if it fits. While that pair may expand with use, your feet will hurt for the time being.

Also, other shoes don’t break in at all. So you keep wearing them hoping they will, and you end with sore toes and chaffed Achilles heels.

But, all in all, the fit is excellent. Ferragamo loafers are incredibly comfortable. 

Unlike the belief that designer shoes have to be or usually are uncomfortable, Ferragamo loafers are very comfortable.

But don’t forget that they usually run small, don’t get your exact size of shoes.

Ferragamo Loafers Comfortable Sizes

Like all shoes, the size you would find more comfortable is your size. But with Ferragamos, you will need to go a bit bigger to get a loafer that will fit you comfortably.

Also, the shoe’s width is a little smaller, so you may also need to go big. 

For instance, the C comprehensive is barely 3 inches wide for Ferragamo shoes, while the C is more than 3½ inches for other brands.

Someone joked that Ferragamo designs their shoes for people with tiny feet.

That aside, to get a comfortable size with Ferragamo loafers, add a size and a half to your regular size of shoes, and you’re good to go.

This Ferragamo size table below should help you pick the best, most comfortable size.



When you go shopping for Ferragamo loafers, make sure you know the sizing for your country. If you’re not sure, ask the salesperson.

Since Ferragamo loafers run small, when you know your size buy a smaller size. A size 9 in the US will be better off with a size 8.5 loafer.

The fit is comfortable, and the shoes are with the money.

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