Fake Allen Edmonds! (Read This First)

With more resources spread out these days, people can create fake shoes and slap on a reputable name like Allen Edmonds. 

If you don’t know better, you’ll buy an imitation product and realize it too late. This article will help you discern original Allen Edmonds from poor imitations.

Fake Allen Edmonds shoes typically have low-grade leather with amateurish finishes. However, it’s rare to see fake Allen Edmond shoes. You can easily mistake a factory-second shoe for a fake-looking Allen Edmond shoe. Also, discontinued Allen Edmonds shoes might look fake and sell at low prices because they’re old.

This article will provide detailed descriptions of Allen Edmonds’s shoes. You’ll learn to differentiate original Allen Edmonds shoes from factory-second Allen Edmonds shoes.

In the end, you’ll understand why Allen Edmonds shoes are reputable.

How to Identify Fake Allen Edmonds Shoes?

Fake Allen Edmonds

Fake Edmonds shoes are a rarity because they are not 1,000-dollar shoes. Making fakes isn’t a viable business. However, there can still be fakes out there in smaller markets.

The table below shows the difference between fake and original Allen Edmonds shoes.

Original Allen EdmondsFake Allen Edmonds
360° Goodyear welt for uppers.Different upper construction. 
Uses full-grain leather on the upper. Uses low-quality leather for the upper.
Have six eyelets on dress shoes. Features more or less than six eyelets.

It’s essential to know the exact way Allen Edmonds produces their shoes. The company uses 360° Goodyear welt, meaning the welt goes all around the shoe. 

They make shoes this way to ease the replacement of a damaged sole without taking apart the shoe. 

So, if you spot any shoe claiming to be Allen Edmonds with a differently made welt, you’ll know it’s fake.

Additionally, Allen Edmonds shoe uppers are quality full-grain leather products. Upper is the entire area sitting on the sole.

Allen Edmonds uses full-grain leather because synthetic materials don’t treat it to remove blemishes and other details.

Therefore, you’ll notice the quality in the upper when looking at an original Allen Edmonds shoe. Fake ones will have poor-quality uppers made from different materials.

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Also, the six eyelets found in Allen Edmonds dress shoes are another highlight feature. Eyelets are the holes for shoelaces, and Allen Edmonds makes six of them in their shoes.

Hence, any shoe posing as an Allen Edmonds shoe with more than six eyelets and other questionable features is fake.

Is Factory-Second Allen Edmonds Fake?

Factory-second Allen Edmonds shoes aren’t fake. Factory-second shoes are shoes produced with a slight manufacturing defect. 

These defects include; 

  • Scratches
  • Faulty stitching
  • Creases in the leather
  • Welt flaws

Therefore, factory-second Allen Edmonds shoes are original shoes with aesthetic issues. The company still sells these shoes even with their defects. 

Since these flaws are sometimes minuscule, the company might not notice them, so they won’t necessarily separate them from the perfect ones. 

You can never know if your shoe will have a flaw when you buy from Allen Edmonds. You often have to scrutinize both shoes extensively before you see any flaw. 

The company, though, places a restocking fee for any factory-second shoe. You’ll get $25 if you return a flawed Allen Edmonds shoe.

Accordingly, when these factory-second shoes return to the company, they can sell them at a lower price. 

Allen Edmonds takes off about 20% from the original price of factory-second shoes.

The table below shows the price range of some Allen Edmonds factory-second shoes.

Timeless Boots$280
Timeless Oxfords$230
Trendy models$180 or below

The prices aren’t always constant, but you’ll surely get factory-second Allen Edmonds shoes at significantly lower prices than the originals.

That said, there is a common misconception about markings found on Allen Edmonds’s shoes. You can find these markings on the shoes but won’t know their meanings.

Allen Edmonds or Nordstrom (shoe retailer) marks these shoes to designate different meanings. However, these markings are often mistaken for denoting factory-second shoes.

The only way Allen Edmonds designates their factory-second shoes is with a shoe-shaped dent. 

When you see a shoe with a shoe-shaped dent close to the heel, it labels a factory-second shoe. Any mark or stamp other than that means something entirely different.

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The following are some markings you can find on Allen Edmonds’s shoes.

#1. Drilled Holes in the Soles

Some shoes have holes bored into the shoe’s sole using two digit pen. This mark designates a returned shoe. 

Nordstrom put this mark so people won’t buy the shoe and return it when the buyer finds a defect. This mark doesn’t mean the shoe is factory-second quality.

A returned shoe can be there for various reasons. Only Allen Edmonds can designate their shoes as factory-second quality despite an apparent defect.

#2. “W” Stamp

Nordstrom also marks shoes with a tiny encircled “W” close to the heel inside the shoe. This mark designates a worn shoe. 

The mark informs you that someone wore the shoe before returning it. Again this mark doesn’t mean the shoe is factory-second quality. 

Allen Edmonds only uses the “W” mark on shoes that are quality-inspected rated but then returned by buyers. You can buy these shoes through tent sales from Allen Edmonds.

#3. “FR” Stamp

You can find the “FR” stamp close to the heels of some Allen Edmonds shoes. This stamp means the shoe is a factory reject.

With the above explanation, you should be able to identify any stamp you see on shoes. 

Furthermore, when you hear about factory-second Allen Edmonds, you shouldn’t mistake them for fake ones. 

If the defects aren’t too noticeable, you can buy them and use them without fear. Flaws aside, factory-second Allen Edmonds shoes offer the same quality as the well-made ones.

How Much Do Original Allen Edmonds Cost?

Original Allen Edmonds cost anywhere between $100 and $450. Note that there are varieties of Allen Edmonds shoes sold at different prices.

Allen Edmonds offers a range of foot wears, and if you search well enough, you will get a shoe that fits your budget.

The following are varieties of Allen Edmonds shoes and their prices.

Shoes Price
Brogue shoe$395
Loafer $295 – $395
Oxford shoe$295 – $425
Dress shoe$295 – $495
Suede $275
Randolph $295 – $425
Boot $475 – $495

Is Original Allen Edmonds Worth It?

Allen Edmonds shoes have been around for over a century (since 1922) and are still in use today. That longevity is a testament to their quality through the years.

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They have painstakingly crafted shoes over the last hundred years to carter for people in all walks of life. 

Boots, dress shoes, and loafers are some of the variety of shoes they offer. You’re assured quality and sustainability when you get an original Allen Edmonds shoe. 

These shoes are products of quality materials. Good maintenance can help you use a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes for over ten years. 

The welt used in making Allen Edmonds uppers is a delicate material. They design their shoes so you can replace the sole without destroying the entire shoe. 

The full-grain leather used promises high quality and endurance. Even as time passes, the shoe will maintain its aesthetic appeal. 

Allen Edmonds hand finishes create a pleasing natural variation in style, showing that they offer uniqueness.

Allen Edmonds has five typical finishes for their shoes, they are;

  • Black
  • Walnut
  • Dark Chili
  • Oxblood
  • Brown

You can find all Allen Edmonds shoe models in the colors above. They also offer shoes in various sizes and breadths; sizes from 61/2 to 15 are available.

Also, Allen Edmonds designs shoes with various sole options. There is a traditional leather sole and the B tread sole. The B tread is a sole that has rubber in the anterior half.

B tread soles are for those walking across muddy or wet environments. This sole will give the shoe extra protection.

The day-night is another sole option that offers high durability. The sole is entirely rubber, preventing water from getting into the shoe when treading on wet surfaces. 

Even when these soles wear out, Allen Edmonds makes provisions for recrafting. If you own an old Allen Edmonds shoe, you can get it restored with a reasonable fee.

For simple refurbishing ($50), you can;

  • Replace aged heels with recent ones.
  • Refinish the uppers and give them a new look. 

For the standard package ($125), you can get the following;

  • Fresh outsoles
  • New welting
  • New heels
  • New laces
  • Refurbished and hand-crafted uppers

You can see how investing in a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is worthwhile. 

Despite the shoe’s endurance, you can still prolong its life whenever it deteriorates by paying a reasonable amount.

Allen Edmonds allows you to refurbish your shoe instead of discarding it after years of attachment.

Buy an Allen Edmonds shoe today, and you will reap its benefits for years.

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