Do Express Shirts Shrink? (Explained)

Nothing other than quality is the fitting description of Express clothing and designers.

However, as different material belongings need care and maintenance, so does our clothing, especially Express designs. 

But as much as you prefer your designer clothing to last a little longer without issues, it is not always the case.

The glaring question goes thus, does an express shirt shrink if you wash them? Let’s dive into knowing better!

Express shirts, unlike other clothes, shrink to a great degree. All cotton-cut clothing tends to shrink even by regular hand-washing, not to mention using machines to wash them. The extra-large size shrinks to nearly half its original size, specifically when you use a dryer. 

Do Express Shirts Run Small After Wash?

Do Express Shirts Shrink

Like other shirts, Express shirts will also shrink after wash, most noticeable after the first wash before use.

However, there is no cause for alarm as the shrinkage isn’t an immediate phenomenon but only happens over time.

It should generally continue to run small through the shirt’s lifespan since it is cotton-cut.

As mentioned above, the first shirt wash experience is usually when the shirt shrinks a great deal.

However, over a long time of washing and using, you may discover that the Express shirt is way smaller.

It will only shrink significantly under harsh laundry conditions like the use of high-heated dryers.

Statistically, all cotton-made fabrics have an average shrinkage of about two percent or more.

Cotton is the primary material for most Express clothing designs. Hence the downside of cotton materials also affects Express shirts.

As negligible as the shrink percent is, its impact is surprisingly significant, especially for sleeves and collar-sized shirts. 

However, Express shirts won’t run small on regular hand-washing and hang drying.

It means that how you wash and the method of drying the shirt make a lot of difference to the shrinking tendency.

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Usually, if you rarely use the shirt and only wash it occasionally, the shirt will remain as good as new. 

Regular machine wash doesn’t do much of the shrinking, but the use of a dryer can produce unpredictable shrinkage.

A simple remedy for this shrinking issue is to wash with warm water and hang dry rather than using a dryer.

However, the above trick doesn’t suffice for all designs; for others, you must wash in cold water and hang dry.

Do Express Polo Shirts Shrink?

Most polo shirts are a mix of material brands, so the answer is more or less a complicated yes for polo shirts.

For example, cotton-cut material in Express polo shirts is the reason behind the shrinkage over time.

Also, express polo shirts shrink under hot conditions; hot water or a high-heat setting isn’t a good laundry technique for polo shirts.

Usually, shrinkage in a shirt dress is often noticeable in length, and little happens to the width of the cloth.

The presence of a synthetic material like polyester lessens the tendency of width shrinking.

So, in the case of Express polo shirts, length shrinking doesn’t occur hence the difficulty in noticing.

For the above reason, it is usually challenging to tell if the Express polo shirt shrinks.

You may only notice a shrink in the length of the polo shirt as much of the shrinking doesn’t affect the width.

So, you will only see a short in the length of the polo shirt hence the reason to buy bigger sizes. 

To prevent polo shrinking problems, I recommend you often use cold or moderately warm water to wash.

A machine dryer is a big no for polo shirts, including Express Instead and other polo brands.

Instead, I would rather you air-dry or hang the polo shirts on a clothesline for natural drying.

However, the shrinking level of Express polo shirts is because of the primary type of material used for cloth.

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The table below shows how polo shirt materials shrink over time.

Type of polo shirt materialShrinkage over time (in %)
Cotton 10-15%
Pique 5-10%
Polyester 0%

Do Express Shirts Shrink In The Washer?

It all depends on the type of material the Express designer shirt is made of. There is a tendency that Express shirts will shrink on using a washing machine for the laundry process.

Theoretically, a washing machine or any washer shouldn’t cause a shirt to shrink, but in reality, the case is different. 

Clothes are for wearing, which will undoubtedly get dirty, demanding a wash; eventually, they get old and worn out.

The more the cloth washing, the more the propensity for the shirt to shrink over time.

You wouldn’t expect the size and even quality of the shirt to remain the same after washing more than 30 times.

However, the degree of proper care and maintenance of these high-quality shirts goes a long way.

There are techniques and tricks to wash shirts generally that will lessen the tendency to shrink them. An excellent trick with dry-cleaners is washing with cold water and air-drying them

In conclusion, hand-washing is the most effective technique for maintaining any shirt size regardless of the material type.

Although for other shirt brands, there are specifics to use warm water for the first washing. A washing machine can cause your cloth to shrink doesn’t mean it will distort the quality.

Do Express Shirts Shrink In Dryer?

Dryer machines are one of the causes of shirt shrink, especially in a high heat setting. Virtually all natural material-type shirts shrink on applying heat, intense heat at that point.

So yes, Express shirts will indeed shrink in dryer machines, and constant use also causes a reduction in quality.

Although the modern-day advancement in tech with the invention of instant cloth dryers is a welcome idea, it is not truly ideal.

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Dryers make clothes shrink significantly to a great degree, nearly half the size of the original on constant use.

In addition, clothes cut from natural fabrics such as cotton and wool suffer when it comes to high-heating drying with dryers.

However, for some reason or the other, some people intentionally decide to shrink oversized clothes to fit better.

One quick way of doing so is by using hot water for washing, and that washing with a great degree of agitation.

In addition, boiling water and drying using a dryer at a high heat setting will shrink your clothing. 

Did Express Shirts Change Sizes?

Fortunately, the big step in changing shirt sizes has made head-ways in sales ratio. So, to tackle shrinking problems, Express is introducing a new shirt size expansion.

The size change will range from size 00-18 thereabout, meaning that all size ranges will receive the change.

The recent change in shirt sizes accounts for every design’s shrink in length and width.

Nowadays, on-demand clothes usually come with added allowance to proffer for any change that occurs. So, be it a change in body size or a shrink in shirt size, the cloth still fits.

Aside from trying to solve the problem with shrinking shirts, changing shirts affords better options in Express shirt stores.

It means that customers will have a wide variety of options to pick from rather than choosing what doesn’t fit.

The change in the sizes of Express shirts cut across male and female sections worldwide.

Usually, getting a shirt of any sort is wise to pick one with a little more allowance. A very wise and well-welcomed technique for tackling issues arising from shrinking.


Express clothing is one of the legends in the fashion industry when it comes to quality clothes.

You will find a shirt that fits your body and your personality. However, since their shirts are from natural materials, they tend to suffer from shrinking.

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