Dress Pants Length By Height: All You Need To Know

Finding your perfect dress pants is always a hassle when you’re unsure of your exact length and don’t know how to measure it. 

The three primary body parts that must be measured to find your perfect dress length and size are the hips, waist, and legs. 

However, only some have expertise in measurements, so if you prefer an alternative when measuring dress pants, you’ll get the right answers here.

You can measure your dress pants’ length by height using the length of the inseams as a guide. For example, if your height is between 5’4 and 5’9, dress pants with a 25-27 inch inseam would be a perfect fit. Once you know your inseam measurements, you can purchase fitted dress pants.

In this article, I’ll explain how to determine your appropriate pant length by the height and how long your dress pant should be.

By the end, you’ll also learn how to determine pant length by inseam and how tall you should be to wear 30-34 inch dress pants.

How Can You Determine the Appropriate Pant Length By Height?

Dress Pants Length By Height

The best way to determine your appropriate pant length based on height is to know your inseam measurement. 

This is because only knowing the right length of your pants from placing it along your legs is not your best bet. 

However, if you know your inseam measurements according to your height, your pants will fit perfectly because the crotch wouldn’t be tight.

If you need more clarification on your inseam measurements, refer to the charts that best suit you.

Below is a table that shows the inseam equivalent of different heights to help you find fitted dress pants;

Height Inseam Equivalent
5’425 inches inseam
5’526 inches inseam
5’626 inches inseam
5’727 inches inseam
5’828 inches inseam
5’929 inches inseam
5’1029 inches inseam
6’030 or 31 inches inseam 
6’131 inches inseam
6’232 inches inseam
6’333 or 34 inches inseam
6’435 inches inseam
6’536 inches inseam
6’637 inches inseam
6’738 inches inseam
6’838 inches inseam
6’938 inches inseam
6’1039 inches inseam
6’11 to 7’040 inches inseam

How to Determine Pant Length by Inseam?

With a measuring tape and a flat surface, you can easily measure your inseam to figure out the perfect pant length. 

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All you’d need to do is lay one of your fitted pants on the flat surface and get the precise measurements for the length. 

If you’re not familiar with taking measurements, below is a step-by-step guide for determining pant length by measuring your inseam based on two methods:

#1. By Measuring Your Inseam on a Flat Surface

Using a flat surface to measure your Inseam is one of the most effective ways of determining pant length. Here is how to do it:

#1. Lay a Pair of Pants against a Flat Surface

The first step for measuring your inseams to determine your pant length is to find a flat surface where you can lay the pants.

After you’ve found a flat surface that works for you, grab a pair of fitted pants that you own, lay it on the fact surface, and spread it out.

When you’ve laid the pants out, ensure the crotch to the bottom hem is straight to get the proper measurements.

#2. Locate the Inseam of your Pants

If you’re unfamiliar with the part of your pants referred to as the inseam, you should locate it before proceeding to the next step.

The inseam of your pants is the stitch that begins from the crotch and extends past your inner thigh till the end of your legs.

Also, knowing where your inseam is located is essential to avoid mistakenly measuring your outer seam.

#3. Get an Accurate Measurement of your Inseam

You’ll need a measuring tape for this step, and it’s best to use a flexible type instead of a stiff retractable type.

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For an accurate measurement, place one end of the measuring tape on the crotch and let it extend to the end of the inseam.

However, you must ensure that your measuring tape is laid directly on the hem of the inseam while you measure.

This ensures that your measurement isn’t loose or tighter than usual when you replicate it when purchasing new pants. 

#2. By Measuring Your Inseam on Your Body

Measuring the Inseam on your body is another way of determining pant length. Here is how you can do this:

#1. Stand Upright and Position the Measuring Tape

You’ll need to wear a pair of fitted dress pants that you’d like to measure and get a measuring tape for this method.

Begin by standing upright and dropping the beginning of the measuring tape at your feet; you can step on it to keep it stable.

When you step on the tape to keep it from moving, ensure you’re stepping on the first inch to avoid getting the wrong measurement.

#2. Pull the Measuring Tape toward Yourself 

After securely placing the measuring tape underneath your feet, you must pull it toward you for the measurement. 

It’s easy to lose sight of the tape since it’s underneath you, but you need to maintain a straight stance while dragging it up.

Ensure you run the tape from the bottom hem to the seam underneath your thighs until it hits your crotch. 

However, since it’s best to keep your straight stance, you can hold onto the place where the tape measurements hit your crotch to mark it.

How Tall Should You Be to Wear a 30, 32, and 34-Length Pant? 

Your height is pivotal in which pant lengths would suit you best when shopping for new ones. 

The most common pant lengths most stores have available for men range from 30 to 38 inches, but not everyone knows which applies to their height.

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Your height should range between 5’6 to 6’4 for a pant that measures 30 to 34 inches long to fit you without a hassle.

It’s easier for men to stick to height as a measurement mark because sizes such as medium or large might not cater to the length.

However, a range might not help you decide which pant length suits you based on your exact height.

To aid your search for the perfect pant length, below is a table that shows the heights that are best suited for different pant lengths; 

HeightEquivalent Pant LengthPant Size
5’6 to 5’730 inchesSmall
5’8 to 5’932 inchesMedium
6’0 to 6’334 inchesLarge
6’4 to 6’536 inches Extra Large
6’6 to 6’738 inchesDouble XL
6’8 to 6’1040 inchesTriple XL

How Long Should Your Dress Pants Be? (On or Beyond the Ankle)

There’s no exact length your pants should be, especially when dictating whether they should rest on or past your ankle.

The length of your dress pants should be based on your preference and the occasion you attend.

In most formal environments, you can wear a quarter break pant which goes beyond your angle but doesn’t rest on your shoes like a pool.

These dress pants are best suited for formal occasions because they fit modern styles of formally acceptable dressing. 

You can also wear traditionally formal dress pants that pool beneath your ankle, but folding them is best to avoid tripping.

However, you can also wear cropped hem pants to formal occasions because they rest immediately after your ankles and flaunt your socks.

For informal occasions, on the other hand, you can choose any dress pant length that you’re most comfortable with, whether it rests on or below the ankle.

Ultimately the decision rests on your preference, but the best options are quarter-break dress pants because they are comfortable and formal.


How High Should Your Dress Pants Be?

Dress pants are formal attire, so placing them immediately above your hips is best because this allows them to flow freely down your legs.

How Do You Know if Dress Pants are Too Short?

Your dress pants are too short if your entire ankle gets exposed when you sit down, making them unsuitable for a formal gathering.

How Do You Tell if Dress Pants Fit Without Trying Them on?

You can tell that a dress fits without trying it on by checking if the waistband goes comfortably around your neck and the length is accurate.

How Do You Match Dress Pants? 

You can match dress pants with casual shirts, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, and patterned shirts as long as it matches the occasion.

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