Does Shell Cordovan Stretch? (Must Know This)

Leather products are the rave because of their premium quality and the touch of class they offer. Thus, there’s a small brawl to determine the best leathers available.

Everyone prefers the best products when shopping for accessories. We all look for products offering the best value over a broad span.

There’s little to desire in products that’ll lose shape within a few months of purchase. Now, where does Shell Cordovan leather rank in the fray?

Shell Cordovan stretches very little compared to most leather materials on the market. It’s very high quality, so much so that many call it the best leather in the world. Shell Cordovan leather retains its shape for a long time. So you’ll find that your accessories have the best look even after years of service.

You’ll learn about the lifespan of Shell Cordovan leather, how it reacts to use over time, and much more. So, let’s get right to it.

Will Your Shell Cordovan Stretch in Length?

Does Shell Cordovan Stretch

Shell Cordovan leather stretches very little, even after facing the natural elements. But remember, good maintenance lies in every equation regarding how products turn out.

Thus, it’s helpful to understand that how well you take care of your accessories determines how long they last.

Shell Cordovan stretches little because it comes from the thickest part of a horse’s skin; the hindquarters. But we know horsehide is already more rigid than others.

So the sourcing for Shell Cordovan is as firm as it gets when discussing leather. The thickness of the hide allows it to stay without stretching for a long time.

Shell Cordovan leather material is sturdy and durable. So you can count on any leather products made with Shell Cordovan to give you good value for money.

Finding leather products that quickly become loose or slack over time is easy. But that’s not the case with Shell Cordovan leather products.

The most popular use of Shell Cordovan leather is in shoes. But you can also find belts, wallets, and watch straps. In shoes, Shell Cordovan is a favorite among shoemakers.

It makes shoes that are a great fit and retain their shape for many years. Thus, maintenance is less frequent when you buy Shell Cordovan shoes.

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But visiting the cobbler’s will surely pop up if you get your shoes in an accident. There’s no running away at that point.

There you have it; Shell Cordovan leather products stretch little because they are tough. They retain their shape after years of service and are also very durable.

Does Shell Cordovan Crack?

No, Shell Cordovan leather doesn’t crack. The fact that it stretches little makes it resistant to wrinkles. Consequently, that means it won’t break after years of use.

It’s important to note that the pores on the horse’s hindquarters are very dense. That means that you’ll experience slight creasing with Shell Cordovan leather.

Instead, the firm structure produces a smooth surface that can withstand wear and tear for ages.

Besides the source of Shell Cordovan leather, its production process is another factor that makes it sturdy. It undergoes a delicate tanning process for at least six months.

Several stages comprise the tanning process, and there’s a personal inspection at the end of each step. The essence is to ensure the quality of the resulting material.

There’s little room for error as every square foot of horsehide counts. Tanneries have limited hide supply, so they can afford to waste none of it.

Unlike other leather materials that crease, Shell Cordovan leather ripples. That’s a defining factor in the product’s resistance to cracks.

Cracks on leather materials are usually the result of them creasing. But you’ll find that Shell Cordovan is less likely to crack since it ripples instead.

Ripples show no sign of aging. Thus, you’ll find zero stretch marks on your Shell Cordovan leather products. Also, ripples on Shell Cordovan don’t distort its beauty.

Interestingly, the ripples make the leather’s rich patina even more beautiful.

Thus your Shell Cordovan products will look new after years of use when you properly care for them.

How Long Does Shell Cordovan Last?

Shell Cordovan leather products are highly durable. So they’ll easily last for decades. But as always, we’ll emphasize that the lifespan involves proper accessory care.

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This product gives you the best of toughness, sturdiness, durability, and reliability. Thus Shell Cordovan earns titles like the king of leathers and the holy grail of shoe leathers.

But that’s only to mention a few titles. However, Shell Cordovan is very much worth the hype. Very few leather materials can compare to its performance.

The toughness of this Cordovan leather is a result of its sourcing and tanning process. It’s very sturdy because it comes from a horse’s hindquarters.

Then the lengthy tanning process ensures high-quality treatment to ensure extreme toughness. That means it maintains an optimal look for a long time.

Evidence of the durability of Shell Cordovan leather is finding shoes from the 60s on the current second-hand market.

Regarding the leather’s structure, it has very dense pores, which makes it resistant to moisture. So Shell Cordovan resists water better than most leather materials.

The moisture resistance makes it unsuitable for mold growth. So your Shell Cordovan accessory will be safe from damage due to the action of water or sweat.

Moisture resistance keeps mold growth at bay. But it’s crucial to distinguish moisture resistance from it being waterproof. These terms have varying implications.

Next, Shell Cordovan leather lasts longer because it ripples instead of creasing. Thus it’ll last longer than regular leather products because it doesn’t crack.

With all these in mind, you can get generations of service from Shell Cordovan Leather with proper care.

Is Shell Cordovan Leather the Best?

Only some people will contest if Shell Cordovan leather is the best on the market. But the material’s quality, unique tanning process, and performance make a case for it.

The hallmark of Shell Cordovan’s standout features has to be its durability. It comes second to none, and its lush outlook stays optimal for many years.

Only some leather materials can compare to Shell Cordovan. That’s usually down to the fact that other producers depend on cowhide and other leather sources.

So, Shell Cordovan belongs to an exclusive group and quickly becomes a luxury material. You can also pin that on the limited supply of horsehide these days.

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It’s more common to have people breeding horses for recreational activities rather than for meat. Also, there are many laws in the modern day concerning animal cruelty.

The craft of producing Shell Cordovan guarantees its high-quality performance for many years. Remember, they’ll look new and retain their shape for a long time.

That takes us to the aesthetic value of using Shell Cordovan leather. You can have your accessory beaming in beauty every time you step out—no need to worry about wrinkles.

In shoes, Shell Cordovan leather makes for shoes that are comfortable and fit correctly. Although they have a long break-in time, Cordovan shoes last ages without slacking.

Moisture resistance with Shell Cordovan leather means it’s less likely to suffer the same damage as other leather products: less mold growth and shrinkage or slacking.

At this point, there’s little bad one can point out from what Shell Cordovan leather offers. But as they say, nothing is perfect. In this case, exclusivity comes at a price.

Sadly, the price has to do with monetary value. So Shell Cordovan leather products are usually unaffordable when you’re on a budget.

The cost of the leather (about $100 per square foot) and the delicate tanning process make Shell Cordovan leather a luxury. But it’s worth every penny if you can afford it.

The table below shows some pros and cons of using Shell Cordovan leather.

Durability.High cost.
High aesthetic value.Delicate maintenance.
Comfort and fit in shoes.Tough break-in period in shoes.
Moisture resistance.Water stains are easily visible.

How to Reshape Shell Cordovan?

Shell Cordovan leather requires little maintenance, but it’s still tricky because you have to do it right. In this case, it’s paramount to use the right products.

Using the correct type of polish can save your accessory. So it’s always best to use products specific to Shell Cordovan leather. It also helps to regularly clean and polish.

The little maintenance on Shell Cordovan is down to reduced creasing. So the leather will stay in optimal physical condition.

For Shell Cordovan shoes, using a deer bone does the trick if you neglect your shoes. Regularly take care of your Shell Cordovan leather, and you’ll be fine.

If you need help polishing Shell Cordovan shoes, here’s a helpful video.

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