Do You Tip A Tailor? (Read This First)

Unlike tailoring, some service industries specify a tipping rule that customers follow when they want to tip their bills. Notwithstanding, you can also tip a tailor for the work done.

Customers tip tailors, especially when they are impressed by their handwork. And the fact that there is no specific amount for tipping puts the tailor at an advantage.

However, Imagine trusting your material in the hands of an alleged good tailor, only for him to make a mess of it. Do you tip the tailor? Or what?

Tipping a tailor depends solely on your satisfaction with the job you paid for or are paying for. It also depends on the work completed on time and your relationship with the tailor. Any other reason outside of these might be controversial.

Should You Tip a Tailor?

Do You Tip a Tailor

Yes, tip if a tailor provides excellent services for you and you have enough to tip on the bill. Although tipping is not standard in tailoring, a few reasons could prompt you to tip.

Like restaurants, tailoring is also a service industry, so tailors also require a tip. Because when you take clothes to tailors for alteration or have custom orders, they do it very well.

The tailor delivers good service and adjusts or creates what you need. So It will only be fair if you quit seeing tailoring as different from other services, where you tip those who serve you.

Nevertheless, remember to clear it with the shop owner or manager first, unless your tailor is the owner. Some shop owners do not permit the tipping practice in their shops.

Your kind gesture might get your tailor into trouble if you don’t consult the manager. But if you clear it with the shop manager, he could reconsider his resolve.

Some good custom tailors may not want or even approve of a tip. But showing how appreciative you are of the service they render to you is the right way to go. 

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But if they insist on their norms and politely decline, maintain your peace and respectfully move on.

#1. When Should I Tip a Tailor?

You can tip a tailor anytime. Not denying that paying the fair price is fair enough, but topping an extra fair price will be remarkable. 

Sometimes, you should think about tipping your tailor for their services. Tipping shows how grateful you are to your tailor for the service rendered. 

Some of the moments you should tip your tailor are;

#1. A Huge Order

If you make a larger order, you should consider tipping the tailor while unloading the items. Orders from ten materials and above are larger ones.

Of course, many tailors offer services at discounted prices when it comes to larger orders.

Therefore, you should consider offering an extra on top of the fair pay to show gratitude. You can do it, especially when the tailor completes the work satisfactorily.

#2. An Urgent Order

Good tailors are always busy with work; that explains why some often delay delivery. Some of the reasons that cause the delay are their priority for service. 

While other orders might be pending, a tailor may decide to work on a new rush order, especially when there are higher chances of him being paid shortly.

Suppose you brought in a task with a pressing demand that the task is completed within a very limited time. Then, after the tailor must have finished, you should consider offering a tip.

Imagine bringing in a wedding gown for alteration or an impromptu custom tailoring order for an event. You seek standard service; therefore, a tip could correspond to the stress.

#3. Exceptional Service

While some tailors offer the desired services, others are exceptional in their delivery. They go beyond providing what you want to what others admire, making you a star of the moment.

Interestingly, exceptional service covers the incredible work completed and the time factor. So the tailor who offers such a service deserves nothing less than a tip.

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Tipping the tailor shows your appreciation for the service rendered, further encouraging them.

#2. Why Should I Tip a Tailor?

Many people consider tipping an unnecessary task. However, they forget that there are many reasons why you should tip your tailor. 

In every service industry, tipping affects the service slightly. So paying a fair price for the service provided might not always be good enough.

Below are a few reasons that support your tipping a tailor. 

#1. Builds a Relationship

Finding a reliable one is difficult, so some don’t do custom tailoring. When you finally find one that offers you the needed service, you don’t want to lose them.

The only way to keep a tailor is to establish a good relationship. And apart from paying a fair price, tipping is one of the easiest ways of doing it.

You must not necessarily tip on every order or your first order. You can skip some orders, including the first order.

The idea is to build a good relationship with your tailor so that you can use whatever legal means. You can bring them gifts as well.

#2. Encourages Talent

When you tip a tailor, you encourage him to do more for you. It makes him feel important and responsible, so he works toward maintaining that responsibility.

Everyone who offers service wants to be appreciated, and tailors are no exception. When you tip a tailor, he will always try to do his best for you to like it.

#3. How Much Should I Tip My Tailor?

There is no standard payment of the amount to tip in the tailoring industry. You can tip any amount depending on your financial status, quality of work done, and delivery time.

For instance, if your tailor charges $50/hr, and he uses up 10 hrs on your dress, you should tip her $75-$100. You can tip about 15% – 20%.

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Remember that your tailor uses his skills and time to make you look good. You can also learn how to make the calculations here.

This table should help you to know how much you should tip a tailor.

Single alteration$10 – $15
Several orders$50
Urgent order10-15%

Can You Tip a Tailor For a Simple Hemming?

If a tailor did simple hemming for you, you could tip him for $2-$5. Even when properly done, little things influence your love, and you don’t know when you do something unusual.

Even if it’s as simple as hemming pants, provided you like it, you can tip $2-$5 on the bill. As mentioned earlier, tipping depends on the quality of work, speed, and relationship with the tailor.

Should You Tip a Tailor After an Alteration?

Of course, you should tip your tailor after an alteration. Most alteration orders come as a rush order, so it would be nice if you tip your tailor after one.

If some tip a sewist for simple hemming, you can also tip your tailor for an alteration. Besides, the alteration would be considered a major surgery if it were medical treatment.

Can You Tip Departmental Store Tailors?

Yes, you can tip departmental store tailors, although departmental store tailors have higher net worth than other tailors.

Tailors at departmental stores have fixed non-negotiable prices for their services. However, the purpose or main idea of tipping remains the same.

You can tip a departmental store tailor as long as he gives you his best.


Tipping your tailor is nice because it encourages him to do better jobs. If a tailor offers you his best, which impresses you, then apart from paying the price, you tip on the bill.

There’s no standard percentage for tipping, so it depends on how inclined you are to do so. Besides, it has to do with your capacity too.

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