Do Dry Cleaners Hem Pants? (All You Need To Know)

If you still believe dry cleaners only deal with cleaning clothing and textiles using solvents. It’s high time you changed your view about them.

Nowadays, dry cleaning companies offer various services. Apart from washing and pressing, some dry cleaners have adopted mending clothes.

Many dry cleaners make clothing alterations the same way your tailor would, even though they have a few exceptions. Well, do dry cleaners hem pants?

Yes, dry cleaners are okay with hemming pants since they don’t do it for free. Aside from hemming pants, they can also adjust the waist of the pants too. While this may be true, not all dry cleaners can accept hem pants. Most dry cleaning companies that hem pants have a specific sector for them.

This article clears doubt on the possibility of dry cleaners hemming pants. It goes far to list out the various services dry cleaning companies can offer.

The article seeks to bring to light the misconceptions about dry cleaners’ services. It also provides hands-on information on whether dry cleaners mend clothes. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hem Pants at a Dry Cleaner?

Do Dry Cleaners Hem Pants

Hemming your pants at a dry cleaner should cost you an amount between $15 to $30

Considering the cost of things in the market stores, it’s a fair price, though. Instead of replacing your oversize pants with new ones at a higher cost, hem them with your regular dry cleaner. 

Except the dry cleaner is not into the practice of hemming pants. Well, many renowned dry cleaners have long been into hemming pants. 

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So there’s no point looking down on the dry cleaners that follow suit. Some dry cleaners may simply charge $15 for hemming pants

At the same time, many will insist on an amount ranging from $20–$30. You wouldn’t want to do away with the nice pants your relative offered because they do not fit you. 

Dry cleaners are your best bet if you do not want to bother with your tailor. Although sharing personal belongings with people is not hygienic, many people have long adopted it. 

Besides, some people hem pants when they get older and do not fit them anymore. Dry Cleaners are helpful, especially to those who do not want to put away their oversize pants. 

However, the cost of hemming pants at the dry cleaner depends on some factors. Some factors include the following;

#1. Type of Hemming

There are different ways of hemming; you can think of five to six ways. Therefore, the cost of hemming pants solely depends on the variety of hemming.

If your pants require a complicated hemming pattern, you should be sure to pay extra fees. But the earlier price still stands if it demands nothing more than the regular hemming.

#2. Hemming Means

How the sewer hems your pants also contributes to the cost of hemming. It’s done either by hand or with a machine.

The means of hemming, therefore, affects the overall cost of hemming. But it all depends on the choice of the owner of the pants.

In addition, hemming by hand is more time-consuming, whereas using the machine is time efficient.

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However, it will cost you more money if you go with hemming by hand. While this may be true, I strongly advise you to stick to hem-sewing your pants using the sewing machine.

It is a better option since it makes your work look neater and tight.

#3. Nature of the Dry Cleaning Shop

The nature of the dry cleaning shop can also contribute significantly to the cost of hemming your pants. While local dry cleaning shops may charge a fair price, it may not be so with others.

Most dry cleaners in posh communities seem to charge higher as if they were sewing a new fabric for you. 

If you can’t pay the price in an expensive shop, always try another; there’s no universal cost for hemming pants.

Can a Dry Cleaner Make Your Pants Shorter?

Of course, dry cleaners are into hem modifications with their full chest. And making your pants shorter or longer is one of the things they can do.

Hemming is another section in a dry cleaning shop, which suggests they can do it very well. 

However, the question is how you want your pant; shorter or longer? Although dry cleaners can adjust your pants, it depends on your decision. 

If the owner wants the pants shorter, the dry cleaner will make them shorter, and vice versa.

However, the cleaner may be able to do his will when the owner says nothing, which is very rare.

Can Dry Cleaners Mend Clothes?

Apart from washing your clothes and ironing them, dry cleaners can also mend clothes. Most newer and more fashionable dry cleaners are now into cloth alterations of all kinds.

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Some dry cleaners don’t even mind hemming pants. Besides, they don’t do it for free, so hemming is not an issue as long as the cash keeps coming. 

Most people now prefer to make alterations with their regular dry cleaners than go to a tailor. It’s the same service they will both offer in the end.

Alterations at a dry cleaner may not differ in any significant way from a typical tailor. They both have factors that influence the cost.

The table below highlights the advantages and disadvantages of mending clothes at a dry cleaner.

Can offer good services.It may not offer a satisfactory service.
It was not expensive.It can be risky sometimes.
It’s easily accessible.It’s likely to offer late delivery.


Should I Make Alterations at a Dry Cleaner?

Of course, you can always make clothes alterations at a dry cleaner. There are also experienced tailors who do it for you there.

Dry cleaners hem jeans and pants and mend other fabric forms, all at an affordable price.

How Much Does It Cost to Hem Jeans at a Dry Cleaner?

There’s no universally accepted cost for hemming jeans. However, hemming jeans at a dry cleaner will range from $20 to $50. 

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