Difference Between 42S And 42R (Must Know This)

While looking at the suits you intend to purchase, you will observe that a number accompanies a letter on the suit’s label.

For example, 42 refers to your chest size in inches, while the letter tells you the coat length, usually S, R, and L representing small, regular, and long respectively.

Looking closely at your 42S and 42R, you will notice that the challenge lies much in which one you will choose as the best. That brings us back to finding the difference between the two.

The main difference lies in selecting the suit that best fits your chest size and height. Both suits will have the same chest size, “42”; however, there is still a difference when you look at the length of the sleeves. The sleeve length of 42S is 33 inches, while 42R is 34 inches.

Stay alert because as we move further in this article, we will not only see their differences, but you will also see how to choose between the two. Then we will see if 42R is medium or large.

What Is the Difference Between 42S and 42R?

Difference Between 42S and 42R

First, you must notice that there will always be slight differences among suits that should be of sizes because most brands tend to have their sizing system.

You find the letters S or R accompanying the number on the suit’s label mean something. For example, the “S” denotes a small size, whereas the “R” indicates a regular length.

It is this way to help people find the perfect fitting for them since only some people with a waist size of 42 inches will also be of height. 

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Remember that short people will have shorter arms while tall people will have longer arms. So based on this principle, you can make a sound judgment when picking a suit.

42S and 42R are suits of the same size, with the coat being the same length. The number 42 is the chest size for both, with the difference coming from the length of the sleeves.

Although people with 40 to 42 inches chest sizes can wear the 42-inches jacket, it does not mean others cannot. For instance, those having a height of 5’7 inches can also wear the 42-inch jacket.

Another difference between the jackets 42S and 42R is in their waist measurement. The 42S has a waist measurement of 32 to 36 inches with a sleeve length of 33 inches.

The 42R jacket, on the other hand, carries a sleeve length of 34 inches. 

And individuals with 5’8 inches to 6 feet in height can also wear it. But the waist and chest measurement is the same as 42S.

The table below shows the differences in chest size, waist size, sleeve length, and height of 42S and 42R.

Chest (inches)40 to 4240 to 42
Waist (inches)32 to 3632 to 36
Sleeve length (inches)3334
Height Less than 5’7 inches5’8 inches to 6 feet

How Do I Choose Between the 42S and 42R?

There are many factors to consider when deciding between the 42S and 42R. For instance, one main reason usually has to do with your height.

Another reason could be your preference for the suit-cut style. However, for this article, let us focus on the standard suit size.

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Therefore, if you are 5’7 inches, you should go for the 42S because it has a sleeve length that suits you better than any other person.

If you make the mistake of going for a 42R, you will save money buying what you do not use or may take to the tailor to make adjustments.

But you will end up with a poor-fitting jacket since your shirt will also entirely cover your jacket sleeve. It is perfect with a little bit of the shirt sleeve showing.

Moreover, if you are taller like me, the 42R will be the best choice for a suit as its longer sleeves will fit your long arms.

Although most people complain that it seems a bit loose, if that is your issue, you can always take it to your tailor to make a slight adjustment.

Usually, making a suit smaller is no big deal, but attempting to increase a suit is where the challenge lies. 

You can increase a suit’s size but only by a little, making almost no difference from what it used to be.

However, it is not wise to increase your suit size because, in the end, you may end up destroying the suit’s fitting. 

Every suit fabric has its skimming limit that you should stay within. The standard for many tailors is to reduce to a size of two, as any more can be devastating.

Is 42R a Medium or Large? 

You can look at your 42R as medium and not large. And this is because it is only the 42L you can refer to as a large since it has the letter L accompanying it.

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Most people will see and take the 42R as significant, but this idea needs to be corrected. But I cannot say that I blame those with this school of thought but rather the brands causing it.

The way some brands decide to fit their suit is why what you see and know as R (medium) appears somewhat bigger in another brand and comparable to the Large of your brand.

However, the unchangeable truth is that 42R is and will stay a medium size suit.

I wonder if this issue will ever receive a resolution with the other brands, but it is worth waiting and hoping to see what the future holds.

I can only tell you that 42R is the standard and internationally accepted medium size for suits. And without a doubt, you can call it so anywhere you find yourself.


What Happens After Wearing the Wrong Suit Size?

You need to wear the right suit size to make you look good; for example, a tall person wearing a 42S will be wearing a too-tight suit. And will seem very uncomfortable with it.

How Do I Get the Waist Measurement of My Jacket?

Put a measuring tape around your waist; it should be lower than halfway to the blazer, then measure from one side of the jacket to the other.

What Does a Regular Fit Suit Mean?

A suit with a regular fit is tight enough and loose enough. It is broader in the waist and hips and easily fits around the shoulders and chest.

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