Dark Grey Vs. Charcoal Grey Suit (In-Depth Comparison)

A complete suite is the ultimate formal dress for a man. It exudes class and elegance depending on its use and color.

Fortunately for men, suits come in various colors. Two common suit colors in the gentlemen’s arena are dark grey and charcoal grey suits. 

These two shades of grey are closely related and often used in the same situations.

However, they have subtle differences that make one better than the other, depending on the occasion.

Both dark grey and charcoal grey suit have excellent use in formal settings. They both have their use and suitability. However, charcoal grey is the better choice between the two. The reason for this is evident in the difference in the shade of both suit colors.

Which is the Good Suit Color; Dark Grey vs. Charcoal Grey?

Dark Grey Vs. Charcoal Grey Suit

Color creates great varieties in men’s fashion. They give you a lot of options. In some cases, a single color might have different shades. 

That is the case with grey suits; they come in different shades. However, they serve various purposes and are suited to other occasions. 

When comparing dark grey and charcoal grey suits, I find that charcoal grey suits are a better suit color for various occasions.

Charcoal grey suits have a cool appearance that makes them the best. Another advantage is that this color is suitable for men of different complexions. 

The variety in use is evident in the fact that it pairs well with bright-colored shirts. Its nearness to black makes finding a suitable shirt easy.

If you are in the market for a grey suit, you should have a charcoal grey suit before a dark grey suit. 

In terms of use and variety, the dark grey suit does have its benefits, but the charcoal grey suit is the better suit color.

What are the Differences between Dark Grey and Charcoal Grey Suits?

Dark grey suits and charcoal grey suits are both different shades of grey. However, the charcoal grey suit is darker than the dark grey suit. One of the most versatile colors in men’s suits is grey. 

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Only black suits have more use and formality than grey suits. The primary reason for grey suits’ popularity is the fact that it has several shades, all of which are suitable as suit colors.

There are two other significant shades of grey suits other than dark grey and charcoal grey, and they are: 

#1. Light Grey Suits

This suit is the brightest shade of grey color. Light grey suits have very few suitable occasions; one is celebratory events like weddings.

But, on the other hand, it is a good color for grooms as it lights up the experience with its brightness. 

Besides its widespread use in celebratory events, the light grey suit is mainly casual wear.

Pairing it with a white shirt and sneakers gives off classy casual wear to any slight occasion. 

#2. Medium Gray Suits

This shade is a grade darker than the more conventional shade of grey suits. Medium grey suits are the best when looking to blend into an environment. A typical example is an employee going to work.

Medium grey suits ensure you look just formal enough for work without drawing attention.

It also blends well with both bright and dull colors. This blend makes it easier to combine shirts of different colors and look good every day. 

Which Suit Color is Good for Businessmen; Dark Grey vs. Charcoal Grey? 

Business settings often require simplicity in dressing. It is usually better to go to a business meeting in an excellent colored suit. The safest pick for most people is a black suit. 

However, there is nothing wrong with a bit of variation. The charcoal grey suit is the closest of the two grey shades to black. This closeness in color makes it the ideal option for business people. 

Charcoal grey suits sometimes offer a more classy output in business because they are not as harsh as black suits.

So the suit is cool and dark enough for a business setting. Still, it also gives off a relaxed environment that makes it easy to conduct business transactions in a beautiful atmosphere. 

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If your pick for a business meeting is the charcoal grey suit, there are some additions to give you that classy formal look.

The addition includes the suit design, shirt color, tie design, and the color of the shoes. 

#1. Suit Design

Suits of the same shade and color often come in different designs. Some of these designs might be easy to ignore without a second look. However, they indeed add to the formality of your attire.

The first significant design is the variation between single-breasted and double-breasted suits.

Single-breasted suits have their button and buttonhole meeting in the middle. On the other hand, double-breasted suits have portions that overlap each other.

This significant change also affects the number of buttons. Single-breasted suits can have 1, 2, or 3 buttons, while double-breasted suits always have six buttons ( 3 on both sides). 

A double-breasted suit is more formal and better suited to business settings. So a double-breasted charcoal grey suit is the ultimate choice for formal business occasions.

Also, note that it is best to button only the middle button when wearing double-breasted suits.

#2. Shirt Colors

The shirt color adds to the formality of your charcoal grey suit. Because of the dull color of the suit, bright shirts are the best option, especially for a business setting. The most popular choice is a white shirt. 

White shirts create the light and spark your charcoal grey suits need to appear classy.

Another excellent example of a bright shirt is sky blue. This color is another great choice when selecting shirts for your business setting. 

#3. Tie Design

While the best shirt option is light colors, tie colors are quite the opposite. Solid and standout colors like burgundy, emerald green, and navy are the best option for tie colors.

It is also important to remember that tie comes in various designs other than colors. For a business setting, a plain tie is the best option. 

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#4. Color of Shoes

For a business setting, you can never go wrong with black shoes. However, charcoal grey suits and brown shoes are a good combination. This shoe color further adds to your sophistication and elegance. 

Combining these different variations further adds to the suitability of your suit for a business occasion.

Which is a Cool or Warm Color Suit; Dark Grey or Charcoal Grey?

Dark grey and charcoal grey suits are of the same color. The only difference is in shade and brightness. Hence they are both cool color suits. 

Both are viable options for a cool-themed occasion. However, it is essential to note that charcoal grey suits are more relaxed in color than dark grey.

Therefore, this shade can affect your choice when selecting your suit for different occasions.

Warm color suits are better suited to celebratory events. Examples of warm suits include blue suits, green suits, and some shades of brown suits. 

You often find light grey under warm color suits; however, this is a common mistake because of their lightness. All shades of grey fall under the cool color suits category. 

Which is a Formal Color Suit; Charcoal Grey or Dark Grey?

A black suit is the ultimate formal suit. It is accepted worldwide in different formal settings irrespective of the occasion.

However, it is not enough to wear just black on every proper occasion. But, it continues to serve as the ultimate guide for what is formal.

The closer your suit color is to black, the more formal it becomes. By that guide, a charcoal grey suit is a more formal suit of the two.


Charcoal grey suits give you more formality and sophistication than dark grey suits.

It is a deeper shade; hence it is considered more formal. It is also better suited to business settings. 

The good news is that variations in designs also allow you to choose different designs, shirt and tie colors, and the likes.

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