Charleston Khakis Vs. Bills Khakis (In-Depth Comparison)

Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis are popular clothing brands known for their high-quality khaki pants. 

While both brands offer similar styles and materials, some key differences set them apart. 

Whether you’re a fashion-conscious individual looking for the perfect pair of khakis or just curious about the differences between these two brands.  

This article will provide valuable insights into khaki fashion. Hence, Charleston khakis vs. Bills khakis.

Charleston and Bills Khakis might be better if you prefer a classic, traditional look. Bills Khakis may be the best choice if you’re looking for a classic khaki pants traditional look. Regardless of which brand you choose, Charleston and Bills Khakis offer high-quality and durable khakis.

This article will explore the similarities and differences between Charleston and Bills Khakis.

I will further explain the features of both Charleston and Bill’s khakis, and by the end, you will be able to decide on the right brand that suits your preference.

Charleston Khakis Vs. Bills Khakis; Features and Differences

Charleston Khakis Vs. Bills Khakis

Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis are two popular brands of khaki pants that offer high-quality, durable, and comfortable clothing

While both brands produce khaki pants, some notable features, and differences may influence your decision on which brand to choose.

Charleston Khakis is a brand that creates classic, timeless khaki pants. Their pants are made with high-quality materials, including heavyweight cotton twill and duck canvas. 

Charleston khakis offer a variety of fits, including slim, straight, and relaxed, as well as different inseam lengths. 

Their pants are often characterized by their sturdy construction, reinforced seams, and attention to detail.

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On the other hand, Bills Khakis is a brand that prides itself on creating classic American khaki pants with a modern twist. 

Their pants are made from high-quality cotton twill and come in various styles, including traditional, tailored, and relaxed fits

Bills khakis pants also feature unique design elements, such as coin pockets, flap back pockets, and a split-back waistband, that set them apart from other brands.

Below are some features and differences between Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis:

#1. Fabric:

Both brands use high-quality cotton twill fabric. But Bills Khakis uses a heavier-weight material (8.5 oz) compared to Charleston Khakis (7.5 oz), which makes Bills Khakis more durable.

#2. Style:

Charleston Khakis offers a more traditional, timeless style, while Bills Khakis offers a broader range of styles, including pleated and flat-front options.

#3. Fit:

Both brands offer a variety of fits, but Bills Khakis has a broader range of fits available, including relaxed, classic, trim, and athletic fits.  Charleston Khakis typically offers a classic fit and a slim fit option.

#4. Price:

Bills Khakis are more expensive than Charleston Khakis, likely due to the heavier-weight fabric and a wider range of fits and styles available.

The table below summarizes the notable differences between Charleston’s and Bill’s khakis.

Charleston KhakisBills Khakis
The brand offers slimmer-fit khakis.Bills Khakis typically offer relaxed fit khakis.
Most Charleston khakis wear black pleats.Most Bills khakis wear front pleats.
Charleston khakis wear are always available in various colors.Bills khakis offer limited color options.
Charleston khakis are mostly made from Supima cotton.Bills khakis are made from twill cotton.
Charleston khakis are more affordable.Bills khakis are expensive but worth the prices.
Unfortunately, Charleston khakis are less durable than Bill’s khakis.Bills khakis are highly durable.

Please note that these differences are not exhaustive and may vary depending on the specific style or model of the khakis.

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In general, both Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis are high-quality khaki brands that offer a variety of styles and fits to meet different needs. 

Bills Khakis is known for its durability and wide range of options, while Charleston Khakis offers a more traditional, timeless style at a slightly lower price point.

Which Should I Pick; Charleston Khakis or Bills Khakis?

The choice between Charleston and Bill’s khakis depends on your preferences and needs.

Charleston khakis are known for their classic style and durability. 

Their heavyweight and highly rugged cotton khakis make them a good choice for outdoor activities and workwear.

On the other hand, Bill’s khakis are known for their high-quality materials and attention to detail. 

Bills khakis offer a variety of styles and cuts, including dressier options, and are often favored for their comfort and versatility.

Hence, to choose the best khaki brand for yourself between Charleston and Bill’s khakis, you must consider some essential factors.

When deciding, you must consider your style preferences, the occasion you will be wearing the khakis, and the level of durability and comfort you require. 

You may also want to check out reviews or try on both brands to see which one fits and feels better for you.

Is Bills Khakis Still Making Clothes?

Bills Khakis is still in operation and producing clothing items. Bills Khakis is a clothing brand specializing in high-quality khaki pants and other casual wear for men. 

The brand has existed since 1990 and has developed a reputation for producing durable and American-made clothing.

However, it’s worth noting that Bills khakis have been acquired by a different brand since 2015. 

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Mascolo, founder and president of NEJ Inc., announced and confirmed in January 2016 that NEJ will now be the sole owner of Bills khakis.

Mascolo further announced that NEJ would maintain the iconic reputation built by Khakis.


Can You Wear Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis in Both Casual and Formal Settings?

While they can be worn in casual and formal settings, the appropriateness of each style will depend on the occasion, the dress code, and the other items you pair them with.

Do Charleston Khakis and Bills Khakis Require Special Care When Washing and Drying?

Charleston and Bill’s khakis are high-quality, durable garments typically made of 100% cotton. 

Hence, proper care is essential for any clothing item to maintain its appearance and prolong its lifespan.

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