Canali Vs. Hickey Freeman (In-Depth Comparison)

Suits give men a blend of class and elegance. With the right pick, you can always look good in a suit regardless of the brand, material, or quality. 

However, several brands of men’s suits serve quality depending on your choice and need. Two worthy mentions are Canali and Hickey Freeman. 

What are the significant differences between these two? How do they compare?

Canali gives you a taste of luxury and durability, while Hickey Freeman focuses on simplicity and balanced quality. These men’s suits serve different purposes while still maintaining elegance. Hickey Freeman comes cheaper than Canali, but both serve quality suitable to their price. 

This article analyzes the two suit brands by exploring their design and style. Please continue reading to learn more about the quality they provide and their close competitors. 

How Would Hickey Freeman and Canali Be Compared?

Canali Vs. Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman and Canali are of different origins and classes, but they are popular brands of men’s suits. That is the point of comparison. 

Men’s suit design and trends have evolved slightly over the decades. However, it maintains the elegance and sophistication it offers men of different classes. 

If you are in the market for classy suits with a notch of American style, it is essential to compare them. There is a difference in quality with Canali suits serving you with high-quality suits. 

However, Hickey Freeman gives you a balance of quality and cost. You can still get quality suits irrespective of your budget. 

Here is a table comparing some details about these two brands: 

FeaturesCanali SuitsHickey Freeman’s 
Brand RecognitionLuxury brandQuality brand (less recognition)
Overall Market Rating4.1 of 5.03.8 of 5.0
QualityHigher QualityLower Quality
PriceMore than AverageAverage cost
ShippingFree shipping policiesNo Free shipping policies

Are Hickey Freeman Suits Good Quality?

Hickey Freeman’s suits are of good quality for men with a peculiar taste in fashion. This clothing brand has been making suits since the 20th century. 

Even after passing through changes in ownership, it has maintained its quality. One notable mention about Hickey Freeman’s suit is that it remains a hand-tailoring suit brand.

It is one of the best among American-made brands of suits. Depending on demand, there are two design types of suits. The first designs are quick-delivery ready-made suits. You also have the made-to-measure design. 

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Here is a breakdown of this American brand using different categories:

#1. Brand Status

Hickey Freeman offers customer suits of high quality. However, as a brand, it isn’t considered a luxury clothing brand. 

So, it is quality but not necessarily true luxury. That is fine, though, as it protects you from the demand of overpaying for luxury brands. 

With Hickey Freeman, you get a mix of quality and price. Also, its recent contribution to the fashion scene makes it a trendy addition to your collection. 

#2. Color and Design

Innovation is a crucial part of this brand’s color and design choices. They offer a wide range of colors. One color that became trendy recently was the beach white design. 

There are many more, and its innovative stance in providing colorful options makes it a stylish brand. It maintains simplicity in design. 

Hickey Freeman’s suits are classical with a two-button design. The general design features a flap welt pocket,  a notch collar, and two back vents. 

You also have a chest pocket. By default, the suits have same-color trousers. These trousers maintain a flat front design, two slant pockets at the front, and besom pockets at the back. 

#3. Price

Compared to other quality brands, including Canali, Hickey Freeman’s suits are on the lower side of the price range. It is a good balance of price and quality. You get your money’s worth. 

The ready-made suits come cheaper compared to the measured-to-fit designs. 

Here are some of the famous lines of products in Hickey Freeman’s suit collection: 

  • The Addison is conservative in design
  • The Beacon group appears slimmer in cut and style
  • The Hamilton group hugs the body and reveals more body figures. 
  • The Tasmanian group is lighter in material with breathable qualities. 

Are Canali Suits Worth the Money?

You get your money’s worth with the Canali brand of suit. Canali remains one of the best suit brands with elegance and luxury. 

If you are a fan of hand-stitched Italian suits, you will love to have this brand. Canali has been a family business with over 8 decades of experience giving men the best looks. 

The brand offers classical suits for workers and fashionable men. While it is classical, it is not traditional. The brand infuses its old original design with a new taste. 

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Their exceptional service in delivering quality has made them one of the top suit brands from Italy. 

Here are reasons why the Canali suits are worth the money: 

#1. Style

Canali suits favor the traditional style, which differs from the British or American style. However, it combines traditional or classical details with innovative additions. 

Canali suits are famous for their slimmer fits, higher button stances, and gorges. It maintains the more common two-button design. 

While other traditional Italian suits do not offer pocket flaps or vents, Canali incorporates these designs.

For an American looking for a fashionable suit, Canali gives you a foreign look but not too foreign to look out of place. 

#2. Design

The Canali suits’ slimmer fit means they have a different type of design. The suits do not have silk linings, and it is a choice for comfort, especially in summer. 

It also prioritizes using lightweight materials for its suits. The design continues to seek ways of improvement through high-tech fabrics. 

The design of the fabrics is to provide suits with proper ventilation, reflect body heat, and keep you fresh with long hours of wear. 

#3. Durability

It is essential to mention Canali’s durability and ageless style as part of why it is worth the money. The blend of classic and modern details gives you a suit for all seasons. 

Its ventilation properties allow the suits to be on for long hours. What’s more? The Canali suits can last for a lifetime. Yes, that is the durability of these high-quality suits. 

Who are Hickey Freeman’s Competitors?

As one of the American-made hand-tailoring suit brands, Hickey Freeman has its fair share of competitors. The best of this menswear industry is that the competition keeps innovation alive. 

Each brand has its unique design and statement. But you see the similarities in the way they compete and the quality they deliver. 

Here are the top competitors of Hickey Freeman:

#1. Men’s Wearhouse

This brand remains one of the best American clothing lines in sales. They dominate men’s tailored wear through easy access and quality production. 

They also have a significant contribution to Canada’s men’s clothing industry. The company started the fashion line in 1972, but rapid growth did not come until 1990. 

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Since then, it has continued to expand its horizon. One notable point about Men’s Wearhouse is that its product targets average-income earners. It gives a systemic blend of quality, marketing strategies, and average price. 

#2. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers are worth mentioning when looking for one of the oldest suit brands in the American market. They have been serving Americans quality suits since the era of Abe Lincoln. 

They continue to produce quality with a blend of wool, silk, and cashmere. One notable point about Brooks Brothers is the wide range of suit sizes. 

They have a size for all types of bodies. They have a wide range of clothing that includes chinos and sweaters. However, their most popular product is their fashionable suits. 

#3. Hart Schaffner Marx

You cannot go wrong with Hart Schaffner Marx’s one-button suits. Another worthy competitor in the men’s clothing market is America. 

While they also have teeth in many types of men’s wear, their most popular suit remains the suit. Their suits are unique with silk lining. They are also popular options for ready-to-wear suit options. 

What Brands are like Canali?

The Canali brand is one of the best in Italy. It is only proper to look towards this side of the world for brands like Canali. 

Italy remains a country with excellent craftsmanship, and this is evident in its suits. If you want to seek out other brands, here are some options. You know, with Italian suits, you have the luxury. 

#1. Brioni

This brand is famous for its hand-crafted suits that portray elegance and Italian class. It is a famous brand in the fashion world. They deliver quality with attention to detail. 

Over the years, Brioni has become popular as they have dressed famous fashion figures like James Bond character Robert Langdon.

#2. Kiton

Kiton is a good choice if you want to add to your special collections of luxury and expensive suits. The brand gives you quality with over 60 years of experience. 

Originating from Naples, Kiton is a luxury brand with high-quality products. It is another Italian suit brand that is successful in the American men’s clothing industry. 

#3. Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is another suit that is like Canali. It is another Italian suit that blends traditional design and American taste. It is no wonder that this suit is also famous among Hollywood celebrities. 

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