Can You Wear Striped Shirts With Striped Pants? (Explained)

Even though striped pants are stunning and fashionable, some people find matching them with the perfect shirt challenging.

However, the reality is that striped pants are quite versatile, especially if they are vertically striped; they look great on the body and are a smart addition to any outfit.

Yes, you can wear a striped shirt with striped pants. However, they do not have to be fully identical, like matching outfits. Whether you want to dress casually or plan to be formal for a meeting, they can have varying sizes, shapes, colors, and outlooks.

This article will broadly explain everything you need to know about how your outfit should look while wearing a striped shirt or pants. Let’s get right into it!

Can You Wear Striped Shirts on Striped Pants?

Can You Wear Striped Shirts With Striped Pants

Yes, wearing striped shirts on striped pants is okay and fashionable. However, choose different strip textures if you want to wear a striped shirt with striped pants.

The trick to successfully blending striped clothing is to wear outfits where the stripes have a different width and are preferably in opposite directions.

This will prevent the outfit from seeming boring, so if you’re wearing a textured sweater, a pair of striped pants would look fantastic.

However, if the stripes aren’t spread out, vertical stripes might provide the illusion that the body is longer than it is. 

Remember that narrow stripes look good on practically everyone since horizontal stripes make the eye move back and forth. If in doubt, choose narrow-stripe pants.

What Other Shirts Go with Striped Pants?

Listed below are a wide variety of shirts that can be fashionably used with striped pants:

#1. Simple T-Shirts (Plain Tees)

Striped pants look great when worn with a simple white shirt, particularly when planning to look casual.

A white T-shirt allows attention to remain on the pants and prevents you from seeming cluttered. Also, you can wear other colors if they match your pants.

For your broad stripes to truly stand out, wearing a plain colored tee like yellow, blue, red, or gray is an extremely fashionable way to look more attractive.

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You can tuck your plain tees in and wear nice jewelry if you’re concerned about seeming too casual. With that, you’ll have a more sleek and stylish appearance.

#2. Leather Jacket

Putting on a leather jacket over a pair of striped pants is one of the most modern ways to lighten up an otherwise vintage look.

Wearing a leather jacket like black is the best approach to give your clothing a sharper look, especially when the weather is extremely cold.

It makes the stripes less noticeable and adds an impression of refined modernity to your look.

You can complete your outfit with white trainers, leather boots, or loafers for an expensive, sophisticated style.

#3. Jean (Denim) Jacket

Denim jackets are versatile and look great paired with outfits like striped pants. If your denim jacket is mostly blue, pair it with blue-striped trousers to maintain a consistent color palette.

If, on the other hand, it is black or white, you have a wider variety of possibilities available since these colors go well with various stripes.

This is a unique option when you project an image of simple elegance, like when going out for the day.

#4. Sweaters

Wearing a sweater is a terrific way to stay warm while looking stylish. It makes the stripes less noticeable and adds a casual vibe.

A large black sweater will look great with your slim jeans with vertical stripes. However, if you want to avoid wearing a sweater, any other long-sleeved shirt will suffice.

Whether you’re going for a casual or dressy appearance, sneakers or classic pumps are the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

#5. Graphic T-Shirt

A graphic shirt, which is simple yet entertaining, gives your outfit even more visual appeal while keeping it casual.

This style will be grungy and comfortable regardless of whether you’re trying to match your pants’ colors or represent your favorite band.

Choosing a shirt with a clear design is highly recommended, as this will allow the stripes on your shirt to be the focal point.

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But to get people’s attention, you can wear your solid-colored shirt alongside anything with a unique design to add a splash of color.

You can choose a pair of black Chelsea boots to add an edge to the outfit. If not, put on some white shoes to brighten things up.

#6. Buttoned Shirt

A buttoned shirt can portray a laid-back, stylish, polished, and professional look when paired with the right pair of striped pants.

You can stroll in the park with a button shirt while wearing a large pair of striped pants that look flawless and fashionable.

When you roll the bottoms of your jeans and tuck in your shirt, you are instantly prepared for a day working in an office.

#7. Tank Tops

For ladies, a stylish tank top is perfect for a casual outfit alongside your striped pants. It is an excellent choice for anybody who wants to display their muscular arms. 

It’s also great for more relaxed occasions, like coffee or shopping.

#8. Crop Tops

Also, ladies wearing striped pants with a crop top is great for displaying your abdomen. This combination is called the “cropped and striped” look.

If you want your multicolored stripes to shine out, it’s best to wear a form-fitting shirt. It’s the right combination of adorable simplicity and a breath of fresh air for a day out.

There are a variety of crop tops to opt for when choosing one, either with short sleeves or spaghetti straps. 

With the form-fitting nature of the crop top, wide-legged, striped palazzo trousers are also an ideal pairing.

What Other Shirts Go with Striped Shirts?

Below are other varieties of shirts that can be worn on or with your striped shirts:

#1. Tailored Suit

It is quite fashionable to pair a fitted suit with a striped shirt. However, the stripes’ width must be considered to achieve this.

When the stripes are narrow, it creates an impression of formality. Also, when they’re thicker, they are always great for completing a casual outfit.

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If you want to seem professional without being sloppy or too fancy, a striped shirt is a good option for the workplace. However, always ensure not to wear a striped suit with a striped shirt.

Although some may frown, many fashion experts agree that varying the stripe thickness between suits and shirts is acceptable.

In addition, striped shirts can be worn with suits without a tie, but they can also be modified to a more classic and smart style.

You should wear a simple tie with a plain suit if you need to dress formally for whatever reason, including but not limited to attending a meeting where the etiquette is formal.

#2. Stylish Color Top

By choosing a stylish color top for your striped shirt, you’ll appear like you spent considerably more time and effort on your outfit than you did.

Finding your go-to bright shirt and matching it with striped pants are the simplest combinations, and they look entirely fashionable.

#3. Blazer

If you’re wearing striped shirts, a blazer will look great with them, particularly if they’re the same color. Even if they aren’t, the outfit will still seem polished and appropriate for the workplace.

Make your outfit flow better by picking an undershirt and blazer that correspond with the colors of the stripes on your trousers.

What Should I Wear With Blue and White Striped Pants?

If you are wearing blue and white striped trousers, a shirt that is either solid blue or white will blend very well with your style.

You don’t want to give off an intimidating vibe when wearing your pants. Hence, you can also achieve a more classic style by wearing them in a cool color like gray.

Your color palette is almost limitless when considering what to pair with striped trousers. Striped pants can be worn with almost everything.

Just keep in mind that choosing colors from your outfit’s primary item is always a smart move!

Adding stylish sandals and other complementary accessories will round off this outfit nicely.

Types of Texture Stripes and Their Patterns

A vertical stripe pattern, usually blue, black, or white resembles a mattress ticking.A vertical stripe pattern, usually blue, black, or white that resembles a mattress ticking
Broken stripesA pattern on suit fabric, usually in aligned dashes
Beaded stripesA subset of broken stripes which resembles dots rather than dashes
Ticking stripesA vertical stripe pattern, usually blue, black, or white that resembles a mattress ticking.
Satin stripesAn alternating matte stripes created by fabric weave

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