Can You Tailor A Trench Coat? (Let’s Find Out)

A trench coat is a specific overcoat designed to resist severe weather conditions. 

After purchasing a trench coat, you may have to deal with various difficulties regarding larger or smaller parts.

Trench coats are quite expensive and skillfully made. So, when your trench coat doesn’t fit to size, you may wonder whether you can tailor it to fit perfectly. 

You can always tailor a trench coat to fit you perfectly. In addition, your choices can be considered when having the fit, length, and other aspects of the coat adjusted by an expert seamstress or designer. Although it is a difficult task requiring dexterity, any experienced tailor can adjust a trench coat.

This piece will discuss tailoring your trench coat by a professional, either by making it shorter or longer. Read on to learn how. 

Can You Tailor an Oversized Trench Coat?

Can You Tailor a Trench Coat

Yes, you can tailor an oversized trench coat, but the process can be tricky depending on the region that has to be fitted. 

Trench coats are designed so that they do not need to be fitted again, but for one reason or another, many individuals find that they need to have theirs adjusted.

Although getting a trench coat the correct size is best to save costs, most people are persuaded to purchase longer trench coats without fittings. Eventually, they are driven to tailor their trench coat for a perfect fit.  

Trench coats are often tailored for various reasons, one of which is because they are either too large or not properly fitting. 

Depending on where and how you want to alter it, reducing the size of a trench coat is a massive and hefty process that may or may not be doable.

The area you wish to modify will decide whether or not the existing size will be decreased. 

Reducing sections such as shoulders, collars, and other areas is relatively easy, but altering the trench coat may be challenging and frustrating.

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To reduce the size of your trench coat, you will need the services of an expert tailor since the coat will need to be detached and resewn from scratch.

It may be dangerous since the buttonholes, pocket location, and other delicate details might be lost, detracting from the trench coat’s aesthetic appeal. 

Can You Tailor a Trench Coat to Make It Shorter?

A trench coat can be shortened by having it tailored to the wearer’s specifications. A trench coat is traditionally challenging to tailor; nevertheless, it is not impossible

Before attempting, consider how a trench coat fits and the areas to adjust.

To make a trench coat more form-fitting, it can also be modified in the shoulders, sleeves, chest sections, pockets, and other locations. 

Nevertheless, a trench coat is unique, characterized by its intricate design, which includes padding, several seams, stiffening, and collars. 

To get a precise result with this kind of coat, you will need the assistance of an experienced professional.

Can I Adjust the Fit of My Trench Coat?

Trench coats can be adjusted, so if yours are too big or tight, you don’t have to throw them away. Start by trying to move the buttons. 

However, you should keep the buttons within a reasonable distance from where they were initially placed since this might reduce the design’s overall balance. 

As a general rule, the distance that buttons are moved is limited to no more than one and one-eighth inches.

When adjusting one, determine whether there is adequate tolerance at the side seams. The seams of the trench coat may also be altered to make it smaller or larger, depending on your needs. 

Altering the size of the darts on trench coats may also be done. Darts can be made smaller or larger.

#1. Adjusting Your Trench Coat Sleeve Length

A coat’s sleeves may be easily shortened if they are too long for the wearer, which is good news for those with this problem. 

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You only need a basic understanding of sewing, a needle, thread, or a sewing machine.

  • The correct sleeve length is best determined by trying on the jacket first. Mark with chalk the desired placement of the cuffs after you’ve decided where they should fall. To achieve a straight line, using a ruler is a good idea.
  • Next, you have to choose where you will make your cut on your sleeves. Remember that you’ll need to account for the seam allowance, so add an extra 2 inches to your measurement as you work your way towards the coat’s cuff. 
  • Use chalk to mark a few different spots around the sleeve, indicating where this location is.
  • Utilizing a seam ripper, remove the stitching that runs along the seam of the sleeves and the hem of the garment. 
  • Now that the sleeve lining has been removed from the fabric slip the lining fabric up inside the sleeve. 
  • This action will ensure that the lining fabric is not cut while the fabric is being trimmed.
  • You can now use your scissors to make a clean cut along your second designated line. 
  • The inner fabric should then be pulled back down and trimmed to the new length of the sleeve. 
  • When making a coat, it’s best to cut the interior and exterior cloth separately to ensure a proper fit.
  • To finish the sleeves, fold the outer fabric over the inner fabric and then fold it again to be 2 inches closer to the inside of the sleeves. 
  • To keep the folded sleeve in place, secure it with several pins.
  • Remove the pins as you sew, starting approximately 1.2 inches from the folded edge and stitching around the edge of the sleeves using thread that matches their color.
  • Once you’re done stitching, your new sleeves will be ready.

#2. Trench Coat Size Chart

ChestSizeSleeve Length

#3. Adjusting the Collar of a Trench Coat

It is possible to alter a trench coat collar, but doing so needs the assistance of a skilled or knowledgeable tailor.

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When the collar of their trench coat is too large for them, individuals are left with no alternative but to get it tailored. 

To adjust a trench coat collar, the collar fabric must first be removed, a bigger seam must be sewn, a dart must be created on the trench coat, and the collar must be reattached to the trench coat.

Can I Hem a Trench Coat?

The process of hemming outerwear such as trench coats and jackets might be a little more complicated. 

It is feasible to hem a trench coat; however, the ease with which this may be accomplished is highly reliant on the kind of clothing, the material, and the overall shape of the garment. 

Most wool coats, including peacoats, overcoats, and overcoats, are good for shortening their hems. If your outerwear has seams along the sides and back, you can trim these, too. 

You can create a form more complementary to the garment by taping the edges of your trench coats, resulting in a better fit for your clothing overall. 

In addition, the price of hemming a coat or jacket might range from $25 to $45, depending on the altered item and the adjustments themselves. 

Also, depending on the length of the coat, the cost of having a piece of outerwear tailored might be anywhere from $25 to $50. 

In general, you will need to make some adjustments to preserve the high standard of your winter outfit. 

Outerwear such as coats, jackets, and the like are designed to be worn throughout various seasons. As a result, these clothing do experience a certain amount of wear and tear. 

Your outerwear will certainly last longer if you are open to altering it and willing to spend on it.

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