Can You Press Iron Seersucker? (Must Know This)

Ever wonder if you can press iron Seersucker material? Seersucker’s thin cotton fabric is quite tricky to maintain. 

And the material’s gritty texture makes it prone to wrinkles after washing, which makes ironing a natural follow-up option. 

However, how do you know if ironing your seersucker is a good idea? And if not, what are the best ways to eliminate wrinkles on your seersucker fabric? 

This article answers all these questions and more. 

No, you cannot press iron seersucker. The most you can do to get rid of deep wrinkles is to steam-iron it. If you decide to press iron, you risk erasing the fabric’s textured stripes, one of its strongest appeals. Seersucker doesn’t need ironing because the material naturally shrinks very little, even after washing.

In this article, I will answer whether or not your seersucker needs ironing and if it is safe to press an iron Seersucker. 

Also, I will answer how easily it takes for a seersucker material to wrinkles and how to prevent this from happening too often. 

Lastly, I will explain how to clean and take care of your seersucker fabric properly. 

Does Seersucker Need Ironing?

Can You Press Iron Seersucker

No, seersucker does not need ironing. However, it can form deep wrinkles that steam ironing will effectively get rid of. 

Seersucker fabric is similar to linen. It doesn’t wrinkle easily; even when it does, it straightens out after a short period. 

Especially when it is left to air dry. Opting to iron seersucker will only remove the textured stripes reducing the appeal of the fabric. 

Even though steam ironing is an option, without proper care, you might end up with even more wrinkles on your seersucker fabric than you started with. 

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But steaming does come with its undeniable perks, such as effective but delicate straightening of wrinkles on garments without the use of force or the risk of burning the clothes. 

Steaming ironing also helps to preserve the integrity of the fabric. Below are guidelines and instructions on how to correctly steam iron your seersucker:

#1. Hang Up The Seersucker 

It is best to hang up the cloth before ironing for steam ironing. Unlike press ironing, steam ironing doesn’t require a flat ironing board. 

Once you’ve hung the seersucker, you may begin steaming the clothing slowly from top to bottom. 

Ensure you only oversteam a particular region for a short time to avoid it getting too wet. 

#2. Allow The Steamer Heat Up All The Way

Do not attempt steaming your seersucker as soon as you notice the first puffs of steam drifting out of the nozzle. 

You must wait and allow the steam iron to heat before ironing with it. Modern steam irons take less time to steam thoroughly. 

Usually, they get to full steam within a few minutes. But, for accuracy, allow the steamer to steam for up to 1 minute after you see the first puffs of steam flow out of its nozzle. 

This way, the steamer would have steamed well enough to remove wrinkles from the seersucker fabric. 

#3. Keep The Seersucker Taut While Steaming

As a general rule of thumb, pulling down on the bottom of the clothing while steaming it is best. 

Letting the clothing (seersucker) hang loose while steaming will not eliminate the wrinkles. 

It is important to note that steamers work best by relaxing the fabrics to receive the steam and soften the cloth’s fibers. 

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Keeping the seersucker taut while steaming will ensure the fabric will dry into a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. 

How Easily Does a Seersucker Wrinkle?

Seersucker doesn’t wrinkle. The only case where you might notice creases or wrinkles is immediately after washing. 

However, these wrinkles quickly fade after air drying for a prolonged period. 

Seersucker does have a natural, gritty texture that might be mistaken for wrinkles. However, these are just stripe patterns that come with the fabric. 

Trying to iron them out will only ruin your seersucker. Instead, you must consult the cleaning instructions on your seersucker label to know how to handle the fabric. 

Doing this will help you prevent wrinkles and adequately care for your fabric. 

Properly caring for your seersucker will also tremendously reduce its chances of developing wrinkles. 

Paying attention to the washing methods, especially how you store them, will contribute immensely.   

Seersucker is the material you can keep folded for a prolonged period in your suitcase and will still look unruffled when you fish it out. 

However, this isn’t to say it will be entirely without wrinkles, but most wrinkles will not be very noticeable. 

Below is a table that highlights various quality seersucker suit and their prices:

Seersucker SuitPrice
Todd Snyder Italian wool seersucker (Jacket and Pants?1100 US Dollars
Spier Mackay Tobacco seersucker suit575 US Dollars
Giorgio Armani Slim-fit unstructured seersucker suit (Jacket and Pants)4000 US Dollars
Richard James active unstructured wool blend seersucker suit (Jacket and Pants)1900 US Dollars
Thom Browne seersucker classic suit and tie3050 US Dollars
Polo Ralph Lauren soft seersucker suit (Jacket and Pants)1050 US Dollars
Rag and Bone “Kent” cotton seersucker blazer (Jacket and Pants)900 US Dollars
J.Crew Kenmare suit in stretch seersucker Coolmax (Jacket and Pants) 460 US Dollars
Tommy Hilfiger Trevor seersucker suit400 US Dollars
Solbiati Bottle Green Seersucker suit670 US Dollars

How to Care for Seersucker?

Seersucker is a delicate fabric that needs proper care and maintenance to last long. However, maintaining seersucker fabric isn’t impossible or very difficult. 

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It is pretty easy if you’re diligent enough to follow the correct procedures. Below are a couple of rules you should know before cleaning seersucker fabrics:

  • Since seersucker is made of cotton, you may notice minimal shrinkage after the first wash.
  • Avoid using bleach on seersucker. Bleach can permanently discolor seersucker fabric. 
  • Always read and follow the instructions on the clothing label before washing or ironing seersucker. 

Washing seersucker is tricky and may not give desired results when done poorly. The following instructions below highlight the correct procedure on how to wash seersucker fabrics:

#1. Inspect The Garment

Inspect the garment for stains and pretreat it with a stain remover before proceeding. If it is a white fabric, spotting stains shouldn’t be difficult. 

However, for colored garments, you can proceed with washing. 

#2. Place The Garment In The Washing Machine

Put the seersucker into the washing machine. Avoid applying bleach at this stage if the garment is not white. You can, however, use bleach on white-colored seersucker fabrics. 

#3. Place The Garment In The Dryer

You can choose to use a dryer to dry your seersucker, or you can air dry it. If you do opt for a dryer, however, set the dryer at medium heat. 

Placing the dryer on higher settings might risk shrinking the fabric. On the other hand, air drying leads to minimal to no wrinkles once the clothing is dry. 

Using a washing machine and dryer will leave wrinkles that disappear after a while. 


How Long Can You Wear Seersucker?

Seersucker is a summer fabric that is best to wear during warm or hot weather.

Is Seersucker Cooler Than Cotton?

Seersucker offers better air circulation and keeps you cooler compared to flat cotton. 

Can You Wear Seersucker To Weddings?

Yes, seersucker makes fashionable attire for weddings and other social functions. 

Is Seersucker Comfortable To Wear?

Yes, seersucker is comfortable, relaxed, and light on the body. It is also very durable. 

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