Can You Iron A Tweed Suit? (Let’s Find Out)

Tweed suits are not the most popular fabric for suits, but they are also stylish and very comfortable; on the skin, they are much warmer than other suits. 

But like all suits, you must take good care of your tweed suit to ensure it remains clean, presentable, stylish, and serves you longer.

You can iron your tweed suit without causing any damage to the fabric. Although tweed is naturally resistant to wrinkles, if you want to iron it to make it look better, you can. However, you should always check the care label; if it says otherwise, you shouldn’t iron it to avoid damage.

Tweed can easily maintain its shape and texture, so you don’t have to iron it often. However, you should maintain it; this article will guide you on how to do so. 

Do Tweed Suits Need Ironing?

Can You Iron a Tweed Suit

Tweed fabric is sturdy and durable; it is moisture-resistant and easy to sew. Although you can iron your tweed suit anytime, you don’t have to.

One advantage of tweed suits is that they don’t need to be ironed very often, and if you can’t access an iron, steaming your tweed suits can remove any wrinkles they may have. 

The fabric has a natural resistance to wrinkles, and it does not take much work for the suits to retain their natural texture and shape.

But, if you decide to iron your tweed suit, you should know you can iron it without worrying about damage. However, always check the care label to be on the safe side. 

How Do I Iron a Tweed Suit?

Iron a tweed suit on low heat, or use your iron to apply steam to the wrinkles to get them out. It is better to use a steam iron on your tweed jacket.

Please don’t use a hot iron on your tweed jacket to avoid damaging it; always keep the iron on low heat and put enough water in it. Steam will remove wrinkles better than a hot iron. 

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Also, make sure your iron is clean. If there is any dirt or cloth residue on the iron, the suit fabric might get caught on it, damaging it.

Additionally, place the iron on the coolest setting so the material doesn’t get caught on the iron and end up getting burned.

Finally, you don’t need to iron tweed suits very often. Because the fabric is heavy, you can hang it, and the wrinkles will come out with time. 

How to Remove Wrinkles From Tweed Suits?

Tweed hardly gets wrinkled, but in the rare case that your tweed suit gets wrinkled, there are several ways for you to remove the wrinkles from your tweed suit. 

Some of the tips for removing wrinkles from your suit include:

  • When you go in for a hot shower, hang the suit in the bathroom during the shower so that the steam from the shower will relax the fibers and remove the wrinkles.
  • Secondly, you can get a small handheld steamer for the tweed jackets instead of steaming them in the shower.
  • Alternatively, you can use an iron to remove the wrinkles, but always place the iron on the lowest settings. If the iron is too hot, the fabric will catch and become damaged. 

6 Tips For Caring For Your Tweed Suit 

If you’ve not owned a tweed suit before, you should know that the fabric differs significantly from more popular suit fabrics like cotton wool. So,  caring for tweed is different as well. 

Here are some tips on caring for your tweed jacket. 

#1. Washing

Just like wool or any other fabric, tweed is highly washable. You can wash with water just like cotton suits. 

However, you should know that while the fabric is washable, tweed jackets often have reinforced structures such as shoulder pads and lapels stitched with pads and interfacing. 

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When these structures come in contact with water, they become distorted, making the outer fabric pucker. If there are structures in your tweed jacket, you can clean it in other ways.

You can steam the jacket instead; steaming removes wrinkles, kills germs and bacteria, and removes that tweed smell from the jacket. 

When cleaning your suit, do not rub the fabric or use harsh chemicals or ammonia on the fabric, as that can make the color come out.

Also, do not use harsh chemicals like carbon tetrachloride; do not soak your tweed suit in water if it has reinforced structures like shoulder pads. 

#2. Storing Your Tweed Suit

Always store your tweed suit in a closet where the humidity will remain within the 40-50% range. 

f there is higher humidity than recommended, moisture saturation can cause damage to the jacket. 

The extra moisture in the air will saturate the jacket and damage its structural integrity, so the location of your tweed jacket is essential, don’t keep it in a very dry or highly humid area. 

Additionally, always keep your tweed suit in a box or a bag you can seal before storing it; always clean your wardrobe and keep out moths with a few drops of cedar and lavender. 

#3. Removing Stains

Usually, you can remove a light stain on your tweed jacket by cleaning it with a washcloth and some laundry detergent. Wet the washcloth, put some laundry detergent on it, and blot out the stain.

In addition, always clean out any stains immediately so that it does not penetrate the fibers. Otherwise, the stain will become permanent.

Always dab at the stain with the washcloth instead of rubbing on it; rubbing will push it, causing it to get deeper into the fabric, and spread it onto the suit. 

Furthermore, if there is a very heavy stain on your suit, especially if it isn’t from a light liquid, don’t clean it immediately; let it dry, and then blot it out with a soft brush. 

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Finally, before attempting to remove any stains from your tweed suit, check the label to see the method the designers have recommended for removing stains.

#4. Detergents For Your Tweed Suit

When washing your tweed suits, a mild detergent is the best option. Don’t fret; mild detergents can remove most stains from your tweed suit. 

Remember that mild detergents are effective on water and oil-based stains, so you don’t have to use harsh detergents on your suits before they get clean.

If you dry clean your suit because of stains, the solvent used in the stains can worsen the stains; even worse, the dry cleaning may destroy your suit.

#5. Ironing

You don’t have to iron your tweed jacket every day, as the material is naturally resistant to wrinkles. The suit can easily retain its texture and structure without much effort.

Although you can iron tweed without fear of causing damage, if you decide to iron the suit, always check the care label to ensure that ironing will not cause any damage. 

#6. Maintain the Quality of Your Jacket 

There are products that you can keep on hand which you can use to make sure that your tweed jacket is always in perfect shape and looks good on you.

Using wool and cashmere spray will protect your suit and maintain its appearance. The spray is non-toxic, contains no allergens, and repels bugs and moths. 

In addition, the spray does not contain any noxious odors, and unlike cedar blocks and chips, it does not leave oil stains on your clothes. 

In addition, there are some basic tweed suit dos and don’ts that you should know. 

The table below contains the dos and don’ts for your tweed jacket. 

Dos of Tweed Suits Don’ts of Tweed Suits 
Wash with mild detergentsDon’t iron with a dirty iron
Use wool and cashmere sprayDo not rub with a washcloth to remove stains
Steam to remove wrinkles Do not use harsh detergent to wash. 

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