Can You Wear A Turtleneck To A Funeral? (Explained)

Fashion 101 would say that “there’s a fitting outfit for every event.” It’s not just about having an outfit but having the right one.

Such an unwritten rule keeps people from dressing like Eskimos on the beach during summer. Ahem! There’s no relation; thus, you should always be well-dressed.

There are formal/casual outfits and those for parties/funerals; they must never cross paths. Also, when it comes to funerals, there’s a short list of fitting outfits.

Yes. You can wear your turtleneck to a funeral. As for funeral attires, it’s best to avoid low-cut necklines. Outfits with high necklines are best suited to funerals. The turtleneck style falls in that category. So you can wear it to a funeral. Just be sure to avoid any color that looks flashy.

Can You Attend a Funeral In Your Turtleneck?

Can You Wear a Turtleneck To a Funeral

Yes, you can attend a funeral in your turtleneck outfit. It has a high neckline. Thus it fits for a funeral. The guide to funeral attires is outfits that convey a message of mourning.

But hold on, that doesn’t mean you should wear a sad outfit. It just means that people should be able to feel sympathy when they see your outfit at a funeral.

That’s why dark colors work best for funerals, and it’s best to avoid bright outfits. But bear in mind that we’re talking about traditional funerals here.

Families holding funerals can choose to specify other colors or outfit styles of choice for people attending. The focus of any funeral remains on the deceased person.

But that can quickly change if you wear a catchy outfit to a funeral. You become an instant head turner.

So, it would be best if you kept all outfit styles simple and subdued for funerals. That way, you don’t get to draw people’s attention away from the deceased.

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Otherwise, you defeat the purpose of the funeral, which is to celebrate the deceased’s life and mourn with the family. So, for simple and subdued wears, turtlenecks check both boxes.

You should also consider the color of your turtleneck. The norm for funerals is dark shades of colors for a solemn atmosphere.

But you can use discretion when picking bright colors. It also helps to ensure that your turtleneck outfit has no prints.

But it should be a plain design. That’s because even a turtleneck with prints will attract undue attention.

What Should I Wear With My Turtleneck To a Funeral?

You’re sure your turtleneck is fitting for a funeral, so all aspects of your outfit should be the same. Matching your turtlenecks with slacks would surely make a great outfit.

Do well to ensure that you go with plain slacks and choose an appropriate color. The color mustn’t be traditional black, but a dark color of your choice will also work well.

For shoes, you should go with a casual look. Aim for a neat, smart look. But that doesn’t mean formal, only if they are all you have.

Formal shoes don’t match turtlenecks with slacks. Besides slacks, you can choose to go with chinos, plain trousers or jeans.

They should all be dark colors as well. For your jeans, do well to avoid the ripped type. Avoid athletic shoes too.

Ripped jeans are all the rave at the moment, but funerals are an exception to the trend. But if you must, wear jeans with the slightest rip that only you would notice.

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Otherwise, catchy ripped jeans would defeat the essence of a funeral. Then you may pass off as someone insensitive to what’s happening there.

It may seem a bit cheesy. But you should pay your respects at a funeral with your outfit and general conduct. Sunglasses will also add a nice touch to your turtleneck outfit.

They can help you hide your tears if you can’t hold them back. But, of course, that’s not acting tough or anything. The best option will be to go for dark sunglasses with a simple design.

A fancy design would look great if it were just another day or event. But it may not be the same at a funeral.

You’d draw attention to yourself, and you don’t want that. Grey, dark green or blue, and brown shades are examples of dark colors fitting for a funeral.

Do You Have To Wear a Jacket To a Funeral?

It’s not mandatory to wear a jacket to a funeral. But it’s an accessory that can help you save the day with your outfit. That’s because a fitting jacket can help you pass off any outfit.

A jacket goes well with a turtleneck if you wear one. Matching the colors will also complete your look.

Wearing a jacket to a funeral gives a nice touch because of its formal look. Most funerals would need you to come up with a formal look.

So, the first thing that comes to mind is a suit. But you’d find yourself scrambling if you don’t have a suit.

That’s why jackets come in handy. You can match them with a wide range of accessories to get a look that fits a funeral. That offers you a variety of options to get you set.

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But as always, you should keep the jacket design simple. Also, go with subdued color. It mustn’t be a dark color, but one that’s not bright and flashy.

Another factor to consider with jackets is the weather. You can’t always pull off a look with a jacket during summer, but it’s a different story in winter.

Almost everyone would show up with an extra bit of clothing for cooling. So, besides completing your look, your jacket will keep you warm.

Wearing a jacket to a funeral during winter helps, especially outdoors. So, you can feel free to lose the jacket if the funeral is indoors.

Finally, you don’t have to wear a jacket to a funeral. But it gives the semblance of wearing a traditional suit. So you can wear a dark and simple jacket to complete your outfit for a funeral.

What Should You Not Wear To a Funeral?

The rule of thumb for funeral outfits is to keep attires simple and subdued. It’s not a fashion parade or party. So your outfit should be modest and appropriate for a funeral.

Of course, no fashion police would turn you away if you appear otherwise. But you won’t be standing out for the right reasons. You could also end up attracting glares and murmurs.

Below is a look at outfits you should not wear to a funeral.

Outfits Appearance
Outfits with bright colorsThey are catchy and will draw attention to yourself. It’s best to go for conservative colors.
Shirts with low-cut necklinesOutfits with high necklines are the norm for funerals. So, that means you have to ditch stuff like tank tops.
Shirts with logos and large printsPeople will do their best to read any text or prints you have on your outfit. 
Overly casual clothingFunerals are semi-formal events. Avoid wearing summer shirts or athletic outfits/shoes.
Heavy cologne or perfumeThis point may seem extreme. But you should avoid wearing strong scents to a funeral. 


A turtleneck is a fitting outfit you can wear to a funeral, especially if it’s not a bright color. You can match it up with a wide range of other fashion accessories to get a great look.

Slacks and casual shoes go well with a turtleneck. Adding a jacket to your outfit will also help you complete your look.

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