Can You Soften Dried Shoe Polish? (Read This First)

According to Christian Louboutin, shoes transform your body language and attitude and lift you physically and emotionally.

 A well-sparked shoe can help you establish a great first impression and give you the sensation that you look perfect. 

But dressing up for an event and realizing your shoe polish has dried up can be heartbreaking. Thanks to this article, you will know how to maneuver your way around this situation.

Can you soften a dry shoe polish? Yes, you can soften dry shoe polish. And the good news is it will take you less time to carry out the softening process. So even if you discover your shoe polish is dried at the eleventh hour, you still have some time to soften the polish and get your desired look.

How Can I Soften My Shoe Polish?

Can You Soften Dried Shoe Polish

You don’t need to buy a brand new polish if the old one becomes dry because there are plenty of methods to soften a dry or cakey shoe polish. 

All methods need a heat medium and the addition of oil. You can use mediums like a gas stove, oven,  the sun, or even hot water. 

Don’t use a direct flame on shoe polish because shoe polish is flammable. Below are a few steps to follow.

#1. Melting Hot Water

  • Get water, a baking tray, and a gas cooker.
  • Put water in a baking tray, lit the stove, and put the tray of water on the stove. Position the tin of shoe polish directly on the heat source. 
  • Ensure the water is not above the can so it does not get mixed up. Allow water to heat up to 80°C or 175°F. Do not allow the water to boil. 
  • Leave the can in hot water for some time, then check to ensure it has not turned into liquid.
  • Once it becomes jelly-like, please remove it from the hot water and allow it to cool.
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#2. Use an oven

  • Open the container of dry shoe polish, add oil, and allow it for some time. Put the Polish in the oven and set it to about 250°F. 
  • It shouldn’t be above 300°F. If you want to get the best results, leave it for one to five minutes, depending on the amount of temperature of the oven. 
  • Put off the oven when you notice the Polish have turned into a thick gel.
  • Remove the shoe polish from the oven using a stove glove or any other intensity resistance glove, and allow it cool for some time.

If you have enough time, I suggest you use the sun as the heat source. Put the shoe polish in the sun and allow it for some time. You’ll find it slowly and evenly melting.

How Do You Prevent Your Polish From Drying Out?

Most shoe polishes do not have expiry dates on their containers. Some routines you carry out will keep the shoe polish in its best quality for years, no matter the texture. 

Whether wax, liquid, or cream emulsion. You can prevent your shoe polish from frying if you are and head to storage instructions on the Polish company.

Shoe polish is made up of wax and solvent. The solvent is used to dissolve the wax making the solution soft. 

The absence of this solvent will make the wax hard. Use airtight containers to prevent exposing the mixture to avoid evaporation of the solvent.

Reasons Solutions 
Carefulness Close the lid of the can while using it and after every use. 
AgePurchase a new one after it has expired.
Proper storageStore the polish in a cool, dry place. 

Can Wax Polish Expire?

There is no actual time for a wax polish to be used before it gets past its quality after production, which means there is no expiry date for a wax polish. 

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But its properties can be changed due to not following certain dos and don’ts. If the wax polish is not stored correctly, it will become brittle, break, and suddenly become hard and dry.

Since there is no expected expiry date for these products, you might ask yourself how to detect when the product is going bad. 

When there is a change in the Wax’s texture, fragrance, or color, it starts to go bad. Or when the Wax becomes more liquid than gelly, it is time to consider getting a new one.

A product’s shelf life is sometimes included in the product by some shoe polish manufacturers. This data is represented as a number on the instruction sticker. 

Nonetheless, the expiry date does not mean the product is no longer useful, especially products known not to have these dates on them. 

If products are kept in good condition and properly packaged, they can retain their quality even after it expires. 

Proper storage techniques will help retain the quality of a polish years after production. 

Wax polish is made from a water-based product that will escape when opened. These solvents can evaporate when exposed to direct sunlight or any heat source. 

Try your best to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the polish of its best quality for a long time. 

If the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed, and there is no actual expiring date on these shoe polishes, the quality might be lost without you noticing.

Does Kiwi Polish Dry Out?

Kiwi Polish, like all other Polish dry out. Kiwi Polish is made with a combination of different materials like waxes, solvents, and other materials

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Although these materials play a vital role in making Polish an effective one, if exposed to sunlight or heat, the solvent will evaporate and eventually lead to a dry Polish.

Wax is used in shoe polish because it helps increase the shoe’s life. The application of the Wax Is made easy by the solvent as it helps it to glide smoothly on the shoe. 

When kiwi Polish is exposed, the solvent evaporates, and an absence of solvent will result in dry shoe polish, making it hard to use.

To avoid your kiwi polish from drying, always store it properly by keeping the polish in an airtight container and out of sunlight.

Direct sunlight can heat the Polish and make it lose its moisture content. Cover the container when or after every use. 

And transferring the Polish to an airtight container if it has spoiled will keep the kiwi polish intact.


It is normal for shoe polish to dry, but following the manufacturer’s instructions can prevent this. Various methods to soften dry Polish, but each process will reduce the quality. 

Putting the shoe polish in the best possible conditions and airtight containers will keep the Polish in good shape. So it’s better to place in and keep punishing the top quality.

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