Can Pallbearers Wear Grey? (Read This First)

Pallbearers are responsible for carrying the deceased’s casket during a funeral service. And because funerals are sad events, your attire must reflect the situation.

Although black is the common attire pallbearers wear, is it the only acceptable color to wear as a pallbearer? 

Can pallbearers also wear grey and still reflect the somberness of the event? Get an answer to these questions in this article.

Pallbearers can wear grey suits or dress during a funeral event. Light or dark grey suit with a black color necktie is a suitable outfit for pallbearing because the color reflects the somberness and dignity of the occasion. However, the choice of color is not yours to decide but that of the family.

What Color Is Acceptable For Pallbearers?

Can Pallbearers Wear Grey

The rule of thumb for pallbearing is a dark color jacket- black, navy blue, charcoal grey, dark green, or white. And any complementary color shirt, a dark tie, and a matching shoe.

Pallbearers must be in dark colors and be modestly dressed to represent the situation of the event.

Although black is the most traditional color, most pallbearers wear it. However, you must not always wear black.

Other muted colors are acceptable to wear as a pallbearer. Bright and flashy clothing and accessories are unacceptable.

Bright colors like yellow, red, orange, and other shouty colors can be distracting and unreasonable.

A funeral is a somber occasion, not a place for a fashion showoff. For this reason, pallbearers must dress in conservative colors that don’t attract undue attention.

Muted smart and dark colors like dark navy blue, charcoal grey, brown, burgundy, and even dark green are other colors you can wear as the pallbearer of a funeral event.

The reason for these colors is that these colors reflect the situation of the event-Somberness. Also, neutral colors blend well with your inner shirt, ties, and shoes.

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This table will show how you can combine your clothing colors as a pallbearer.

Colors of SuitCombinations 
Light grey suitA White shirt, navy blue pants, navy blue tie, and brown shoes.
Black JacketWhite shirt, navy trousers, black bow, and brown shoes.
Charcoal grey suitSky blue or white shirt, black tie and a black pair of shoes.
Navy blue suitWhite or sky blue shirt, a deep blue/ black tie, and black shoes.

These are elegant ways of combining the different color options you can dress on as a pallbearer for any funeral function.

Can Pallbearers Wear Navy Blue?

So, you’re wondering if you can wear navy blue as a pallbearer; the answer is a straight yes. Pallbearers can wear a navy blue suit or dress during a funeral event.

The reason is that the color is muted and reflects the event’s situation. However, if you’re a close friend or an immediate deceased family member, you should wear a black suit or dress.

Although most people at funerals often wear black, pallbearers can wear navy blue to stand out from the crowd.

Should Pallbearers Wear Matching Attires?

All pallbearers must wear matching attires. The purpose of the matching attire is to distinguish them from the crowd as pallbearers and not just funeral attendees.

During funeral events, people usually appear in somber attires. And the only way to stand out as pallbearers is by being uniformly dressed.

And apart from it being a distinguishing factor, it is also a show of respect and honor to the deceased.

Although the pallbearers may not be in the same attire, their clothing, such as color and style, must blend well and complement each other.

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For instance, the pallbearers may all be in the same suit, with different colors of shirts, ties, and shoes. The major point is there should be a similarity in their appearance.

Which will make the pallbearers look responsible and organized. Proper attire for funerals is memory. 

So, as a pallbearer, your attire must bring dignity, respect, and pleasant memories of the deceased.

Can a Pallbearer Wear a Shirt Without a Jacket?

Of course, a pallbearer can wear a shirt without a jacket, especially if the funeral is during summer. But, your attire must be conservative and formal.

However, if you’re an immediate member or a close friend of the deceased, it is only proper you wear a suit.

A suit is the most appropriate attire to wear to a funeral, especially as a pallbearer, except the family decides otherwise.

You must dress formally as a pallbearer because being a pallbearer comes with responsibilities and is of great honor.

The role is usually for those the bereaved family value and trusts. Therefore, you must treat the honor with dignity and respect, even with your attire.

Another reason a suit or at least a jacket is necessary as a pallbearer is for easy placement of the boutonniere in your lapel.

However, if you don’t have a suit or a jacket, you have to ensure that your attire is formal and allows for easy placement of the boutonniere.

Who Decides the Attire For Pallbearers?

The deceased’s family decides on the color and attire the pallbearers should wear. The reason is that the family may decide to have a ” celebration of life” funeral.

And not that of a painful exit, and so may not want any somber attire for the event. If the family doesn’t have the time to do all that, they can seek the service of a funeral organizer. 

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To help with the event’s planning. And if the funeral organizer is in charge of the event, they will decide on the attire for the pallbearers.

An attire is essential because the role of pallbearing reflects dignity, respect, and honor for the deceased; therefore, these should reflect in the pallbearers’ attire.

Although, sometimes, the family can allow the pallbearers to wear whatever they decide. In this case, you must ensure your attire is such that it reflects the situation.

As a pallbearer, these are some key things you should also take note of;

  • Your accessories- wristwatches and sunglasses must be as simple as possible.
  • Keep your hair neat and good-looking.
  • Avoid ties with bold patterns.
  • Do not use perfume or body lotion with a strong scent that can cause an allergic reaction to people around.
  • Wear flat and sturdy shoes for comfort and stability.
  • Be at the funeral service at most 30 minutes before the event’s commencement in other to feel relaxed and ready for your role.
  • Ensure to pay attention to the funeral director to know your duties. And ask questions when confused.
  • Switch off your phone and keep it out of check.
  • Don’t rush out after the event; stay back and hang around the family just in case they need you to do something.


Pallbearers can wear grey and any dark color reflecting the somberness of funeral events. Colors like black, brown, and navy blue are also suitable colors you can wear. 

Avoid bright colors and accessories as much as possible. These are not needed for such an event. Also, check with the deceased family to know their choice of attire for the pallbearers.

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