Brown Gloves Black Coat (How Well They Go?)

Gloves are a fashionable accessory to any man’s dress when it is competently chosen and of good materials. You can style it with an overcoat, hat, or scarf.

While some men like their coats and gloves all black, others like to spice up their outfits by choosing different colors. But is a brown glove with a black coat a good option to wear?

Wearing brown gloves with a black coat gives you a unique style but be careful not to pair them incorrectly. When combining a black coat with brown gloves, your accessories must complement the gloves and coat so you will not look too colorful.

Can You Wear Brown Gloves With a Black Coat?

Brown Gloves Black Coat

Yes, you can wear brown gloves with a black coat, but other accessories must not contradict your dress.

Choose a glove that is best for your hands. Before buying a glove, check these three factors:

#1. Material of the gloves

The material used for the glove will tell you the degree of warmth you should expect from it. It will also tell you how best to use the gloves. 

Leather gloves are windproof, but not all can absorb moisture. Gloves made with polyester are not windproof.

#2. Thickness

If you will work a lot with your hand while on gloves and need to retain agility, you must buy thin gloves that fit your hand tightly; Polartec gloves are a good example.

Wear thick gloves if you want to keep your hands warm during winter. 

If you want to feel warm and skillful, gloves with a moderate thickness that makes you feel the warmth but frees your fingers are the best choice. Leather and fleece gloves are good examples of medium gloves. 

#3. Prices

There are different prices for gloves ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive.

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Any price of gloves you buy ensures it is from good materials suitable for your hands. 

To wear your gloves and bring out the elegant style, put in mind these three tips:

  • When matching outfits for formal occasions, men’s gloves must be minimal.
  • Perfect gloves should be of good quality and from natural materials.
  • Leather gloves don’t go out of trend, and you can rock them in many styles.

Can You Wear Brown Leather Gloves With a Black Coat?

Combining brown leather gloves with a black coat adds classiness to your outfit.

Gloves must perform their role in protecting the hand from cold, but also improve your smart dressing.

Not all men like to wear gloves because some appear beautiful but are uncomfortable to wear.

And one of the reasons is the low-quality material used to make the gloves which makes them useless.

So choose a glove from natural leather that is not only durable but also soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. 

The table below shows the types of leather gloves and their benefits.

Types of leather glovesBenefits of leather gloves
Lambskin leather glovesGloves from lambskin are soft and gentle on the skin. It is the perfect type of leather glove to use and makes you look classy.
Deer leather  glovesIt makes your hand warm during winters.
Goatskin glovesGoatskin gloves are warm to the touch. They are relevant and durable but compared to lambskin, their durability and cozy feeling are limited.
Pig leather gloves Pig leather has better breathability than other leathers, making you feel great when using it. It is also durable and flexible.
Reindeer glovesThe reindeer’s silky texture makes it light and soft on the skin. It has increased strength and durability. But it is uncommon and expensive.

What Color Gloves Should I Get to Wear With the Black Coat?

Black leather gloves are a good option to match with a black coat because they make you look fashionable.

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Also, gloves with bright colors such as yellow,  red, and neutral colors like grey and dusty colors can match your black coat. But keep in mind that the neutral colors get dirty easily.

When pairing a black coat with different colors of gloves;

  • Consider wearing a black fur coat and black gloves with deep brown leather derby shoes. The shoes add a bit of refinement to your style.
  • On dress-down days, wear a black fur coat with black gloves. These outfits look complete by wearing black athletic shoes. 
  • Wear a black leather shirt jacket and red gloves, and black leather boots. This style option makes you look great, stylish, and unique.
  • If you are going for a casual outing, why not try black leather jackets with yellow gloves? The black leather work boots will bring your outfit together.
  • Men’s black leather jackets and yellow gloves are on point and good for cool and relaxed gatherings. Now wear tobacco derby shoes to compliment the dress.

There are different gloves to pair with your black coats, so try out various colors with a black coat and rock your style.

Brown Gloves With a Black Coat Outfit for Men

A black coat and brown leather gloves are fashionable to wear for men and always complete your casual closet.

  • You can’t go wrong with pairing black coats with brown leather gloves. You can decide to style it with a brown skin Chelsea boot. You will love how you look casual with a touch of city style.
  • You can be more creative with the styles. Rocking men’s black coats with brown leather gloves is not hard at all. Pair this outfit with black suit pants and a scarf wrapped around your neck with brown leather oxford footwear. These extra clothes are going to boost your attire and elegance.
  • Black coats and brown skin gloves will make you look laid back and sharp. Put on tobacco dress boots to skillfully emphasize the ante of your clothes.
  • To look sharp for a casual outing, wear a black leather coat with brown gloves from leather material and a pair of brown derby dress shoes.
  • Wearing black brogues on a black coat and dark brown skin glove adds a little flair to your stylishness while maintaining your functional appearance.
  • If you want to go out in a relaxed street fashion look, put on a black coat with brown leather gloves and a scarf around your neck.
  • If you appreciate a simple outfit without looking like a panhandler, rock a men’s black coat with brown gloves—team with black oxford shoes to add a sleeker touch.
  • Incorporate a black coat, a black plaid waistcoat, and brown gloves with deep brown leather Chelsea boots to give you a bright and refined outline. 
  • Black men’s leather jacket with deep brown leather gloves is a good option for a non-boring off-duty style. Pair brown leather casual boots to add to your modern look.
  • This outfit gives you that straightforward and stylish look you want. You can never regret wearing a black leather coat and deep brown skin gloves. Now breathe elegance into your costume with a pair of Burgundy leather relaxed boots.
  • Wear a black bomber jacket with brown leather gloves for a functional yet trendy style. Finish your look with casual leather high boots to elevate the wow factors of your dressing.
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Are Gloves Supposed to Match the Overcoat?

You can match the color of your gloves with your overcoat or might decide to select gloves that have a bit different shade from your overcoat. 

You can opt for black gloves and a grey or tan overcoat. You can also choose a dark orange glove with a chevron overcoat. 

If you combine your gloves with the overcoat, ensure it matches the other accessories.


Brown gloves with a black coat are a good combination. But ensure you pair them in the right way and with the right accessories to complement your overall look.

Also, choosing the right material for your glove is very important. Just know you can never regret combining a black coat and brown gloves with your other accessories.

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