Brown Briefcase With Black Shoes!

A leather briefcase is an essential piece of a business outfit for men. It makes you look professional while staying graceful and on the go. 

But sometimes, choosing the right color of a briefcase to match your shoe can be very confusing, which is why many people go with black. So you might wonder whether a brown briefcase goes with black shoes.

Matching a brown briefcase with black shoes gives you an elegant and simple look. But, of course, your shoe color must not always match your bag but ensure the colors do not clash.

Can You Wear Black Shoes With a Brown Briefcase?

Brown Briefcase With Black Shoes

You can wear black shoes with a brown briefcase. It will add a classy look to your outfit. Cordovan or espresso brown looks lovely with black shoes in most situations. 

While wearing black shoes with a brown leather briefcase, wear a neutral color outfit so that it will match them. 

Does Your Briefcase Need to Match Your Shoe?

Your briefcase and your shoe do not necessarily need to match. However, in your outfits, your shoes and belts must match.

When you don’t match your shoe with your belt, your dressing will look disjointed and improper. 

But other leathers like briefcases, watches, and gloves do not need to be the same color, or your outfit will look too serious and uptight.

However, a few things to consider when matching your shoes and briefcase.

Dos Don’t 
When you match your accessories with your shoes, match primary colors together. You can also match these colors for patterns, but ensure you match the base color.Do not use two samples of the same pattern style.
Ensure you match your materials properly. Do not wear leather bags and shoes with the same materials as your outfit; it will not add texture to your style.
Ensure your shoe color and bag colors don’t clash. You will look sloppy and inelegant when you make too many statements in your style.Do not wear summer bags and shoes during winter and winter bags and shoes during summer.
Wear one color palette for your overall style. If you want to use different shades of the same color, wear a lighter shade of shoes and accessories that will go with your chosen color.Please do not use the exact shade of color throughout so that your dress, bags, and shoes will not look like they are from the same fabrics.

Is a Brown Briefcase With Black Shoe a Good Idea?

A brown briefcase with black shoes is a perfect combination. It gives you a different look depending on the kind of dress you wear. But it also depends on your choice. 

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Some like to go matchy with their outfit, and some like to add spice to their look by wearing a different color of briefcase and shoes.

Do it appropriately, whether you want to go all matchy or wear different shoes and briefcase colors.

What Color Should My Briefcase Be?

Men’s leather briefcases’ three primary colors are; brown, tan, and black. When looking professional, use a black and dark brown leather briefcase.

It gives you a sense of authority. You use tan and lighter colors when going for a casual outing.

Please do not use a stereotypical briefcase unless your job permits it.

  • Use lighter tan briefcases like rich chestnut tan and camel tan. It makes you look smart.
  • Match darker tan briefcase (chocolate) with suits, navy suits, and corporate colors. If you are not sure of the materials of the briefcase to use, go for dark brown leather.
  • A black leather briefcase goes with suits. They make you look more strict.

There are some factors to consider for you to choose the right briefcase you need;

#1. Bag size 

Before buying a briefcase, consider what you need. For example, if you want to use your briefcase for your laptop and papers, you can go for a smaller briefcase like a Jackson Wayne Nashville briefcase

If you want to carry more than your laptop or paper, consider buying a Postmaster Messenger bag. If you find yourself carrying more, buy an Esq briefcase.

#2. Body size

Whether you have a small or big body size go with a briefcase that suits your body. If you are petite, buy a portable briefcase, but if you are big, go with a big briefcase.

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There are three tips to consider when matching your briefcase with your attire.

#3. Know the Rules 

You must know how to dress correctly. The shoes dictate the tone and the direction of your outfit.

So, your brown leather briefcase must match your accessory’s color, belt, iPad cases, and eyewear frame.

#4. Break the Rules 

There are other ways to spice up your look if you don’t want to wear your leather briefcase with formal wear.

Before you create your style, know what works for others. With that, you can choose your type of style.

#5. Set Your Boundaries

Try out rings and other accessories that make the shine of leather pop from your complete look.

Don’t be too afraid to try various combinations to match your leather briefcase.

Only when you go to an official meeting with a strict dress code can you be strict with your dressing. If not, give yourself the freedom to choose your preferences.

Brown Briefcase With Black Shoe Ideas:

You can combine a brown briefcase with black shoes to your outfit differently.

  • Wear a three-piece grey wool suit with a dark brown leather briefcase. Match your dress with black shoes. This outfit will give you an official look.
  • You can go for a herringbone overcoat, a dark brown briefcase, and a black dressing shoe to complete and spice up your look.
  • Match a portable puffer jacket with a leather briefcase and black dress shoes. It will surprise you how effortless it is to look good.
  • Combine a corduroy shirt jacket in a natural tone like tobacco, a shady brown leather briefcase, with a black shoe. This dressing provides you with a calm and fancy look.
  • Wear a navy suit and a brown briefcase if you want a confident and classy look. Complete your outfit with black shoes to complement your dress.
  • Rocking a grey suit with a brown briefcase and black shoes will make you feel brave. This outfit is the kind of everyday staple you can wear.
  • A navy tuxedo and a soft brown leather briefcase are must-have wear for men that will incorporate wonderfully into your casual rotation. Combine this look with black shoes to give you a sense of elegance.
  • You can rock a grey wool bumper jacket with a brown briefcase. This outfit is a must-have for a modern guy in his casual collection. Bump up your style with black shoes to balance your clothing.
  • Wear a brown houndstooth overcoat with a brown briefcase if you want a modern look. Don’t forget to match your dress with black shoes to add classiness.
  • Combine a green varsity jacket and a dark brown briefcase to give you a charming and modern casual look. Put on black shoes to fit your costume.
  • A blend of a Purple print high neck T-shirt with a brown leather briefcase will make you look casual. Wear black leather derby shoes to spice up your casual look.
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Matching a brown briefcase with black shoes is a classic style that oozes class. But if you match it with the wrong dress, it will make you look disorganized. 

Read this article to know how and what styles to match a brown briefcase and a black shoe. Then go for that outing looking gorgeous.

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