Brooksease Quality (Things You Must Know)

A suit is a must-have for men and an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe.

When you think of suits, Brooks Brothers come to mind; the brand is one of the world’s most popular men’s clothing brands. Brooksease is a line from the Brooks Brothers brand.

In terms of price and quality, Brooksease suits are the least among the other Brooks Brothers lines. Although the suits are easier to maintain because they don’t need ironing, the quality of the material used is noticeably lower, and the suit is also cheaper.

What Is Brooksease?     

Brooksease Quality

Brooks Brothers started Brooksease as a polyester and wool suit line that is cheaper and easier to maintain.

I guess that puts the ease in Brooksease. However, most Brooksease suits are 100% wool, lined, and with two buttons.

Since the suits are wool, they do not need to be ironed as they’re wrinkle-resistant.

The line is the cheapest suit in the Brooks Brothers brand; Their suits are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and made for travel.

According to Brooks Brothers, the suits are good to go in any season, and “they’re now available in 100% pure stretch wool, masterfully tailored and wrinkle-resistant”.

For Brooksease, you must purchase the pants and the suit separately, unlike other Brooks sub-brands where the suit is made up of the jacket and the trousers in the same package.

In addition, with Brooksease, you must select trousers separately from the jacket according to size for a perfect fit.

To their credit, the suits are made in the USA, can be dry-cleaned, and since they are supposed to be wrinkle-free, Brooksease suits are very well suited for travel and even warm seasons like summers.

However, you must be mindful of the size as you purchase the jacket separately from the pants.

Brooksease is more of an entry-level line, Brooks Brothers produced the suits in one of their factories, but now the company contracts the manufacture of the suits, which is perhaps why the quality of the suits has also reduced.

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Quality Of Brooksease        

Brooksease is sort of like the entry-level suit for younger men, and it’s what Brooksgate was back in the 1970s.

A go-to suit for first-time shoppers or loyal Brooks Brothers customers who couldn’t afford the expensive suits on a particular occasion.

So, Brooksease suits are not on the same quality spectrum as the rest of the suits in the other Brooks Brothers lines like 1818, White Fleece, and Red Fleece.

Therefore, the quality of Brooksease is not as high as the other suits.

Unlike the high-end BB suits like 1818 and White Fleece, Brooksease suits are not fully canvassed; also, the suits are fused.

This is not surprising, especially at that price; fully canvassed suits are usually pretty expensive, so for Brooksease suits that go for $600 or even less on sale, getting even a half-canvased suit for that price would be a hell of a deal.

Among Brooks Brothers suits, Brooksease is the cheapest and the least quality suit you can get from Brooks Brothers.

The fact that the suits are not canvassed further reduces their quality and durability.

 Fully canvassed suits last longer than fused suits, and they take more time to make, which means they’re more expensive.

The quality of the suits is not high-end and is lesser than the other Brooks suits like 1818, which are fully canvassed and cost upward of a thousand dollars.

However, Brooksease suits are also fully lined, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and reasonably durable.

They usually cost $600, and you can buy them even less when they’re on sale. So for such a suit, the price isn’t such a bad deal.

But, of course, you can also get other suits that cost less during sales.

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Brooksease Fabric Quality

Brooks Brothers is a high-end, over two-centuries-old luxury brand; everything about the brand’s suits, from the construction, to the fabric used, is of excellent quality, especially their more expensive lines like 1818 and White Fleece.

For Brooksease suits, the men’s wear giant uses wrinkle-resistant 100% pure stretch wool, 100% cotton for some suits, and a blend of polyester and cotton at other times.

Unfortunately, the fabric used to make these suits is inferior to the quality used to make the others.

That notwithstanding, wool, cotton, and polyester use polyester lining for the suits, which is cheaper and not the best quality.

In addition, polyester fabric is synthetic, which means that it does not breathe as well as natural materials like wool and cotton. 

Brooksease also uses a blend of cotton and polyester. This blend is better than pure polyester and does not wrinkle like cotton.

This blend is an effort to reduce wrinkling and make the clean and care process less difficult for the suit’s owner.

Thus in a practical sense, the Brooksease suits with lesser quality fabrics and blend materials are less likely to get wrinkled, while in terms of quality, the quality is lower, and they tend to wear out faster. 

After a few dry cleanings, the suits may begin to show thread and are not wholly preventable, especially if the suits aren’t fully canvassed.

Brooksease Quality Customer Reviews       

Brooks Brothers is a trendy brand in the men’s wear industry; many men have owned or currently own a Brooks Brothers suit.

The brand has had and still has a few suit lines that offer different qualities of suits. Brooksease is only one of them.

The customers who have bought Brooksease suits have different opinions on the suits ranging from quality, fabric, stitching, durability, and so on.

Some customers leave excellent enough reviews about the quality of the suits, while others believe the suits are below par.

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That is quite understandable, especially if the unsatisfied customers usually shop for other higher lines of Brooks Brothers suits which are undeniably better in terms of fabric, make, and durability.

Usually, many customers that buy Brooksease suits complain that after only about a year and a half or two years and only half a dozen dry-cleaning sessions, the suits become worn out, and the fusing begins to show through.

The lapels also get very warped and bubbly, which means they’re worn out, and the jacket looks unpleasant.

Expectedly, the customers who feel the suits do not age well also think that $600 is too much for a suit of such low quality.

Additionally, some customers have said that they have reason to believe that some of the suits made outside the USA and labeled 100% cotton are not 100% cotton.

The customer acknowledged that it was synthetic fabric being passed off. But generally, there are very few positive customer reviews about the Brooksease suits.

However, a few customers probably picked up vintage suits and thought they were great, especially at that price.

And others who had just bought the suits and hadn’t used them yet. They thought the look and feel of the suits, the tailoring, and the lining didn’t look bad, especially for such a cheap suit. 

Most reviews suggested that you could get better suits at the same prices or even less.


Brooksease suits are not the best quality suits among the several brands of Brooks Brothers suits in the market.

Although the quality of the suits isn’t too shabby, the fabric used and the tailoring is not top of the line either.

But one can say that is to be expected at the prices they’re sold for.

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