Brooks Brothers Makers And Merchants! (Read This First)

Brooks Brothers has been an iconic brand for over two centuries. Established in 1818 in New York City, United States, it is the oldest men’s clothing store. 

Brooks Brothers has pioneered the fashion industry, creating the iconic Brooks Brothers suit and pioneering the ready-to-wear clothing trend. 

They are one of the classic American style’s leading makers and merchants renowned for their craftsmanship. 

However, you may have seen the phrase makers and merchants on their clothes and wondered what it means.

Brooks Brothers have created timeless looks through their makers and merchants that generations have loved. They make bespoke quality men’s clothing made to their specific measurements. This clothing line lets you get quality shirts, trousers, suits, and accessories that speak of their heritage while delivering high-quality products. So whatever look you’re going for, you can get something with Brooks Brothers.

In this article, I’ll explain when Brooks Brothers started using Makers and Merchants on their shirts and whether they still do. I’ll further explain if you can classify them as a luxury brand.

By the end, you’ll know more about Brooks Brothers, where they make them, if their clothes are luxury, and their unique contributions to the fashion world.

Do Brooks Brothers Still Use ‘Makers and Merchants’ on Their Shirts?

Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchants

Yes, Brooks Brothers still use the phrase “Makers and Merchants” on their shirts. They prominently feature this phrase on their men’s dress shirt tags. 

The company had used this phrase since 1818 when it first opened. The phrase ‘makers and merchants’ communicated the brand’s values and commitment to quality craftsmanship. 

Brooks Brothers dedicate their time to providing customers with garments made to last and embody timeless style. 

The use of “Makers and Merchants” emphasizes their commitment to creating high-quality, long-lasting apparel.

Not only does it speak to the heritage of the brand, but it also speaks to what sets them apart from other brands. 

Brooks Brothers was one of the earliest companies to specialize in ready-made menswear. That allowed them to focus solely on producing well-crafted clothing when mass production began. 

To this day, their apparel is constructed from carefully sourced materials and expertly tailored for an exceptional fit and feel. Their attention to detail extends beyond fabrics and designs. 

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Each shirt includes unique details, such as collars reinforced with a second layer of fabric and cross-stitched buttons for added durability. 

In addition to their exceptional quality standards, Brooks Brothers’ customer service goes above and beyond industry expectations. 

They offer free alterations and monogramming services and have both physical and online stores available 24/7, so you can shop whenever it’s most convenient. 

This level of customer service ensures you’ll receive the highest quality product, no matter where you purchase your Brooks Brothers shirt. 

With over 200 years in business, Brooks Brothers remain committed to crafting clothes with integrity and style that will stand the test of time.

When Did Brooks Brothers Start Using ‘Makers and Merchants’ on Their Shirts?

They began using the phrase ‘Makers and Merchants’ on their shirts as early as 1845, but we can’t be sure when exactly. 

The phrase ‘Makers and Merchants’ has been a part of Brooks Brothers’ heritage since their earliest days. 

Founded in 1818, the company was among the first to recognize the importance of quality tailoring in men’s clothing. 

The phrase is an homage to the company’s commitment to making high-quality garments with exceptional craftsmanship and has become an integral part of its brand identity. 

Today, the phrase ‘Makers and Merchants’ still appears prominently on Brooks Brothers shirts, ties, and other items. 

That symbolizes the same dedication to quality since their founding over two centuries ago. In addition, Brooks Brothers also regularly use this phrase in their advertising campaigns.

They do that to emphasize their values and commitment to providing customers with excellent products.

Why Does Brooks Brothers Use ‘Makers and Mechants’ on Their Shirts?

The term ‘makers and merchants’ on Brooks Brothers shirts dates back to the company’s earliest days. 

It is a symbolic way to pay tribute to the history and craftsmanship of the Brooks Brothers brand. 

The phrase honors the company founders, who believed in quality and integrity while celebrating the knowledge and skills of their artisans and suppliers.

Brooks Brothers have long been known for its commitment to creating high-quality clothing, and using ‘makers and merchants’ on its shirts pays homage to that legacy. 

The phrase signifies that each piece was made with care and dedication by a team of skilled artisans who take pride in their craft. 

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This attention to detail helps create timeless and superior-quality clothing, allowing customers to invest in pieces that will last for years.

Not only does the phrase evoke the brand’s history, but it also speaks to the philosophy of the Brooks Brothers. 

The phrase reflects the company’s commitment to creating beautiful, enduring clothing through its partnerships with leading textile producers, garment makers, and retailers.

In addition, Brooks Brothers is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring each customer has a positive experience when purchasing a product.

Therefore, using ‘makers and merchants’ on its shirts is a tribute to the company’s history and an affirmation of its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

The company also uses it as part of its corporate culture by showcasing employees who display pride and excellence when creating these products. 

They do this through public events such as store openings where employees come together to showcase their craft and celebrate the entire team’s accomplishments. 

This type of recognition further reinforces the idea that everyone at Brooks Brothers contributes towards the company’s success through hard work and dedication.

Where Are Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchants Made?

One of Brooks Brothers’ Makers and Merchants factories is in Garland, North Carolina, so they make their products there. 

They craft their shirts from the finest fabrics and materials from the best fabric mills worldwide.

For example, their line of dress shirts is made with a blend of cotton, silk, and cashmere to give them a luxurious feel and long-lasting wear.

Depending on the product, the location where they make their product may vary. 

They would rather say they are made in Brooks Brothers because the location is uncertain, but it depends on the product.

For instance, they make suit jackets in the U.S., some in Italy, and their neckwear in New York.

The Brooks Brothers team of master tailors, craftsmen, and designers take great pride in producing each piece of clothing. 

Creating a shirt occurs within their manufacturing facilities in the USA, where they have complete control over all aspects of the production process. 

From cutting and stitching to inspecting and finishing, they inspect each shirt multiple times before it leaves the factory.

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By manufacturing their clothes, Brooks Brothers can maintain their commitment to quality while still keeping prices competitive. 

They craft every garment carefully to meet their high standards for fit and comfort. 

Therefore, customers can trust the name ‘Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchants’ when buying their apparel.

The table below shows some of Brooks Brothers’ Makers and Merchants’ products and where they make them.

SuitsUnited States, Italy.
NecktieEngland, Italy
TrousersItaly, the U.S., and China.
ShirtsU.S., China, Malaysia.

Are Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchants Luxury Clothes?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Brooks Brothers has been making luxury clothing for over 200 years and has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest quality garments.

Their heritage, standing in society, and reputation have made them household name that people trust with the quality they deliver. 

So even with their high prices making them a luxury product, people buy them.

Their Makers and Merchants collections are no exception, offering some of the highest quality fabrics, construction, and styling that you can find. 

Big names like presidents have worn their clothing over the centuries, boosting their reputation and standing as a luxury brand. 

These garments feature high-end details like hand-sewn buttonholes, embroidered pocket flaps, and even pocket squares. 

The attention to detail and luxurious touches make these garments stand out from the crowd and genuinely embody the luxury label that is Brooks Brothers. 

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, you’ll find something to suit your style in the Makers and Merchants collection.

They have a range of blazers, trousers, sportcoats, shirts, and ties, all made with top-notch craftsmanship. 

They also carry an impressive selection of shoes, bags, and accessories to complete any outfit. 

From time-honored staples like pinstripe suits to trendy cuts with updated colors, there’s something for everyone in the Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchants collection. 

If you’re looking for an item with timeless appeal, check out their eveningwear pieces made with luxurious velvet or cashmere materials. 

Try one of their signature Polo or Oxford shirts for a look that will take you through any season. 

With Brooks Brothers Makers and Merchant’s clothing, you’ll look good whatever occasion comes your way!

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