Braided Belt With Suit: All You Need To Know

Men have various attires, making them appear traditional, casual, and even formal. As a man, you would want your style to be unique.

Over 80 percent of the world’s population of men use belts. These belts help men to attach their pants to their waist firmly.

However, these belts contribute immensely to your style. Braided belts have come to stay, forming an integral part of a man’s dressing style. 

You cannot wear braided belts with a suit. That’s because the braided belts are casual and work best with casual wear. Thus, you can wear braided belts with your tightly fitted polos or even your sports jacket. Note that multi-colored braided belts cannot be worn with any formal attire.

In this article, I will enlighten you on reasons you cannot wear a braided belt with suits. I will also show you the kind of belts you can wear with suits.

Ultimately, you will know what sort of belt to wear with your suits and formal attire.

Can You Wear a Braided Belt With a Suit?

Braided Belt With Suit

You are not supposed to wear a braided belt with a suit. The reason is that the braided belts are casual and do not work with formal wear.

You should note a few things about the braided belt that makes it unconducive for suits. 

First, note that the braided belt is simply a special casual belt. The braided belt is special because it gives off a unique look.

Also, the braided belt is flexible and easy to work with. While other casual belts may seem rigid, the braided belt allows for bending and other light acrobatics.

You will need suits to go to work or to attend formal events, and these situations do not necessarily require the ‘light acrobatics’ the belt was designed for.

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Moreover, braided belts mostly work with light colors such as lavender, lilac, or salmon. However, many suits have bold colors, and the belt would only clash with the suit.

I advise that you wear your braided belts during sporting activity, as you can perform better with them.

Fishing and golfing are two sports that can easily accommodate the braided belt. You can also wear your braided belt with a sports jacket, as you can consider these jackets casual wear.

Can You Wear a Casual Belt With a Suit?

You do not need to wear a casual belt with a suit. The casual belt goes with casual clothing and may not necessarily go with formal attire.

Casual belts go best with khakis, shorts, jeans, or chinos. They can go with almost anything because they are not only made of leather.

You can find a casual belt made of braids, leather, canvas, polyester, and so much more. Your casual belt will not go with your suit for the following reasons:

  • Many casual belts have extravagant decorations, which don’t go with formal wear’s plain, simple nature. An example is the braided belts.
  • The casual belts do not have the shine a formal belt would have. This makes it very difficult to wear with a suit.

Note that the casual belt is the opposite of a formal(dress belt), which is the best to wear with a suit. Here are some differences between the dress belt and the casual belt.

Dress BeltCasual Belt
Leather is the only material used to make the dress belt.You can use leather, polyester, braids, and other materials to make casual belts. 
The belt mostly comes in plain colors, such as black or brown.Casual belts come in several colors, including black, brown, tan, and many more.
The straps are thin. The straps are a lot broader than the dress belts.
The buckle is simple, discreet, and seemingly flat.The buckle can come in several extravagant designs.

What Other Kind of Belt Do You Wear With a Suit?

Technically, the only kind of belts good with suits is dress belts. However, you can use other belts (casual belts) if they meet the following requirements:

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#1. Small, Simple Buckle

When the buckle of your belt is too big, it attracts unnecessary attraction and doesn’t match the simple nature of a suit. Also, the designs on the buckle should be minimal. 

#2. Simple Colors

The colors of your belt are very important when you want to wear a suit. The best colors for the belt are black and brown.

However, your belt must match the color of your shoes. This makes you look more fashionable and formal. 

#3. Leather Material

The best kind of material for a formal belt is leather material. If you choose to use any other kind of belt, I advise you to pick a belt made of leather.

The leather material will make you comfortable, and your belt will also last a long time. The material is also easy to repair in case of damage.

When Should You Not Wear a Belt With a Suit?

Traditionally, you should not wear a belt with a suit at all. However, you can choose to wear a belt with your suit and still look fashionable. 

But sometimes, you do not need to wear a belt with your suit. These instances are:

#1. If Your Pants Are Tight Enough 

Belts serve one practical purpose: to hold your pants to your waist firmly. You do not need a belt if your pants are firmly attached to your waist.

Having a belt, in this case, would only make you uncomfortable and limit your movements.

#2. If You Are Wearing a Tuxedo

A tuxedo and a suit may have some slight differences, but in the end, a tuxedo is a suit with a piece of satin fabric.

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Tuxedos are very polished. If you wear a belt with this suit, you will only diminish the classy vibe you originally wanted to give off.

Designers do not insert loops into tuxedo pants. This proves that you should not wear tuxedo suits with belts.

#3. If You Are Using Suspenders

Wearing a belt with suspenders is irrational and unacceptable in any fashion space. 

Suspenders are designed to hold up the pants, eliminating the need for belts. Even if your pants have belt loops, you must not use a belt when using suspenders.

Instead, remove the suspenders and use the belt. In the end, it all comes down to your choice of style.


#1. Must My Belt Always Match My Shoes?

Your belt must not always match your shoes. However, I would advise that they match to give you the best results. Nevertheless, if they don’t match, don’t fret.

All you need to do is ensure that your belt matches the color of the outfit you’re putting on, and you’re good to go.

#2. What If My Braided Belt Is Too Large For Me?

If your braided belt is too large for you, then you need to shorten the belt. You can cut off the excesses with scissors and bind the elastic of the belt using the Pandri tapes.

#3. What Can I Wear my Braided Belt With?

You can wear braided belts with your jeans, tightly fitted shirts, and even a nice jacket. These belts are casual and can be combined with almost any casual wear.


You cannot wear braided belts with a suit because;

  • Braided belts are casual, while suits are formal.
  • The braided belts are most effective during sporting activity. 
  • Most of the time, the braided belt’s color does not match the suit’s.

If you need to wear a suit, wear a leather dress belt to go with it. Moreover, you can do without your belt if your pants will not fall off your waist.

Wearing a suit without a belt is preferable to wearing a suit with a belt.

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