Is BPAL A Waste Of Money ? (Must Know Things!)

If you look at the price tag attached to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) products, you might find it very easy to accept the sentiment expressed in the above topic.

But why not take pause and examine thoroughly all the facts associated with the products of BPAL.

During this article, we will lay out the fact as to whether or not BPAL is a waste of money.

And not just that, I will outline honest opinions of BPAL, recommend some must-try scents from BPAL, why people think it’s a waste of money, and finally, we will consider BPAL’s customer reviews.

You can’t say that purchasing this online perfume retailer’s products (BPAL) is a waste of money. And this is not just because the products are hand-blended with sustainably sourced essential oils and absolutes or because it’s vegan-friendly. No, but it’s also because it is inspired and influenced by all aspects of humanity.

Is BPAL a Waste of Money?

Is BPAL a Waste of Money

Yes, it can be a waste of money, especially for those people who do not know its value.

But, nonetheless, those who have come to see its true value treasures it dearly and never consider it a waste of money.

Well, as for me, I do not consider purchasing BPAL’s products a waste of money. 

The first reason lies in the production since their perfume oil is hand blended with a sustainable source of essential oil and absolutes.

And also, where there are civets and ambergris, BPAL replace with synthetics except for CO2 Butter Extract, beeswax, and honey-containing blend.

Not to mention that the oils are vegan friendly, and no tests are ever performed on animals.

The second reason why I reject the idea is that it is a waste of money is that BPAL’s perfume oil carries a romantic, dark, and gothic tone.

In addition, these products carry scents that are magickal, medieval, pagan, renaissance, mythological, horror, and victorian formulas.

My third reason has its basis on how they use different knowledge. BPAL uses herbal knowledge, aromatherapy, hermetic alchemy’s conceptual theories, and perfumery’s aesthetic artistry.

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BPAL’s more than 15 years of practical experience in the field and their creativeness are truly rare and unique.

What is Your Honest Opinion of BPAL?

Here is where we will lay out all the facts regarding BPAL’s products, and at the end, you will be able to decide.

But, of course, the decision will be whether or not PBAL is worth spending your money on and other alternatives you can purchase for purchasing.

The very fact that BPAL’s gothic blend (Lupercalia scents) has the ability of homeopathy and aromatherapy allows it to reach out to the soul in search of love.

It can be challenging to capture love as an emotion or feeling. That is why BPAL’s Lupercalia scents come from different love poems since poets try to help us feel this emotion.

BPAL’s Lupercalia scents are dark, unusual, wicked, sensual, and promising.

And I can proudly tell you that this is what all those who are looking for a soul mate honesty need to begin a conversation with another person.

Yet, this is what modern perfumes these days fail to achieve as they focus on exoticness.

There is another called the RPG series that is a part of BPAL’s products.

The scents are dark mosses, ancient trees, Nootka, hazelnut, rivulets of amber, oak bark, pine needle, and blackcurrant bud.

It also smells like a vast shadowed canyon, with rocky snow-tipped peaks, rushing rivers, and stream-polished stones.

Still, I would like to acknowledge that there may be blends that you would not like.

For instance, some fragrances will carry pungent scents, tobacco scents, scents of incense, or even at times, scents that may be harsh to asthmatic people around you.

Nevertheless, if you are a rookie, you can start by visiting BPAL’s search page. You can look for the oil’s name or the fragrance you would prefer to wear there.

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For example, you can type in orange, and you would see more than ten different perfumes with an orange fragrance.

Note also that there are other products you can go for should you become unsatisfied with BPAL.

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Below are some of the alternatives you can go for;

  • Burberry Group PLC
  • Chanel SA
  • PVH Corp.
  • Dolce and Gabbana Luxembourg SARL

What are the Must-Try Scents of BPAL?

Believing that you are new to or probably have been using a limited number of BPAL’s perfume oils, below are the must-try scents of BPAL:

#1. Dorian

This blend is elegant, lovely, and refined, giving an air of nobility to the one who puts it on his body.

This blend displays a good deception on outward appearances to a corrupted or rotten core.

#2. Jack Perfume Oil

It has a warm scent and gives a sense of actual Halloween pumpkin and then spiced up with nutmeg, murky clove, and a glowing peach.

#3. Lust Perfume Oil

The perfume brings out uncontrollable passion and sexual desire. It is a product of myrrh, red musk, patchouli, and ylang-ylang.

#4. Miskatonic University Perfume Oil

A reputable New England University inspires it regarding its library’s diabolical and obscure arcane works.

Not to mention that it is also the breeding ground of so many esoteric and occult scholars like the well-known Doctor Herbert West.

It has the scents of polished oakwood halls, dusty tomes, and Irish coffee.

#5. Morocco

It gives a sense of an intoxicating perfume of heady incense wafting on desert breezes.

The scents are cassia, carnation, red sandalwood, and warm musk, typical of Arabia. 

#6. O Perfume Oil

There is a sense of obsession with sex, complete control of sensual pleasure, and innocence wholly defiled. It is of amber and honey and a little presence of vanilla.

#7. Snake Oil

It remains the most popular of all the blends and is referred to by BPAL as its signature scent.

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And it comprises dark spices, vegetal musks, a sugared vanilla bean, and deep, rich, earthy notes.

Why do Some People think that BPAL is a Waste of Money?

There are several categories of people who would say that, and some of them may be right from their standpoint.

And yes, even though they may seem right from their viewpoint, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not wrong. So, what may cause them to think it’s a waste of money?

One reason relates to a matter of choice and taste. Some people have not come in contact with a PBAL fragrance they like.

For such ones, I will suggest they use the search page of BPAL for the fragrance of their choice and taste.

The second reason has to do with those with ideas and focus on the latest trends.

These are only concerned with the latest products released and with products that have already made a name for themselves. As I would say, they refused to ‘let the product speak to them.’

BPAL Customer Reviews

After going through the BPAL Forum, I have learned a lot from the customers of BPAL.

Below are some of the reviews I was able to bring back with me;

  • The products are very light, making them easy to carry along
  • The majority of them are entirely natural, and just a few carries a little synthetic
  • Products like Good are pretty one-dimensional in scent
  • RPGs have a layered distribution of scents
  • Evil gives a very sharp, strong green tea scent smell


It is now clear that purchasing BPAL is not a waste of money. And this is because BPAL touches all aspects of human life, from arts to our emotions and feelings.

And yes, it may be a waste, but only those who focus on choice, taste, and the latest trends prevent them from seeing the absolute truth.

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