Bow Tie With Pinstripe Suit? (Does It Make Sense)

Do you need clarification about pairing that bow tie with a pinstripe suit? Do you wonder if it’s fashionably correct to pair a bow tie with a pinstripe suit? 

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place for answers. If you must pair bow ties with pinstripe suits, there are a few fashion tips you should be aware of and follow to make it work. 

So let’s delve in to find out. 

You can wear a bow tie with a pinstripe suit. However, the color of the suit and the shirt should complement each other well enough, so the bow tie doesn’t look out of place or off-putting. Also, the color of the pinstripes should be subtle and preferably dim. Black, Navy blue, and Grey pinstripe suits pair well with bow ties. 

In this article, I will answer whether wearing a pinstripe suit with a bow tie is okay. I will also make detailed comparisons between Bow ties vs. Neckties. 

By the end of this article, you will find out if you can wear a striped tie on a pinstripe suit. 

Is It Okay to Wear a Bow Tie on a Pinstripe Suit?

Bow Tie With Pinstripe Suit

Yes, a bow tie on a pinstripe suit can work. However, there are specific hints you should follow and take note of to make the pairing a successful one. 

Below are some hints:

#1. Pair With Dark Toned Pinstripe Suits

Very bold or colorful pinstripe suits often look comical. Except the occasion demands it, or it will look good in the setting you choose to wear it in. 

Avoid pairing garishly colored pinstripe suits with bow ties. Doing so could make you look even more comical, regardless of the color or style of the bow tie.

Dark-toned Pinstripe Suits also exude a much more sophisticated and elegant appeal that is neutral yet bold. 

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When worn with a bow tie, regardless of the color of the bow tie, it heightens the suit’s look and appeal. 

For example, you can pair a midnight blue pinstripe suit with a red polka-dot bow tie, and you’d still look chic. 

In the same way, you can get away with a burgundy pinstripe suit and a black bow tie. 

However, it is essential to note that plain-colored bow ties are preferable when pairing pinstripe suits with bow ties. 

#2. Choose a Complementing Shirt 

Choosing the fitting shirt to pair with your bow tie and pinstripe suit is very important. Wearing a pinstripe suit on a striped shirt and a striped bow tie is not a great pairing. 

However, it depends on your tastes and how you feel about the pairing. Also, if the occasion demands it, you can experiment more. 

But, a plain-colored shirt usually works well on a pinstripe suit alongside a bow tie. Colors like white and blue blend well with whatever designs you pair them with. 

They create a neutral base palette for the bolder pinstriped suit and bow tie to stand out.

#3. Avoid Garish Bow Ties

Avoid pairing overly colorful bow ties with pinstripe suits. The result of this pairing might look off-putting. 

The trick to pairing bow ties with pinstripe suits is to make the designs blend as subtly as possible. 

For example, you might pair a neutral or dark-toned Pinstripe Suit with a bold bow tie and vice versa, but the color of either pairing should at least complement or neutralize the other. 

The design of the bow tie has nothing to do with the colors. If the colors are subtle and dim, you could pair bow ties of different designs and patterns with a pinstripe suit. 

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Bow Tie Vs. Necktie: Which Is Better for a Pinstripe Suit?

Both ties pair well with a pinstripe suit as long as they are correctly styled. Neckties are the most conventional and generally popular option between the two ties. 

Regardless, the use of either tie majorly depends on the occasion you wish to wear them. It is best to stick the Necktie on the pinstripe suit for business meetings or formal events. 

But a bow tie is your surest bet for evening banquets and galas. Also, if perhaps you are attending a “tuxedo event,” it is only customary for you to wear a bow tie. 

The most critical factor when pairing ties with a pinstriped suit is ensuring the suit’s color and design, the tie, and the shirt all complement each other appropriately. 

It won’t matter if you wear a bow tie or a necktie on a pinstripe suit if the color and designs don’t compliment the dress style or the occasion. 

The table below briefly compares neckties and bow ties.

Neckties are for more formal events like business meetings and conferences.Bow ties blend well in less formal events such as galas, banquets, and weddings. 
Neckties are worn more often than bow ties.Bow ties are suited for particular events; hence they are worn less often.
Neckties blend well with suits and formal dresses. Bow ties blend well with both formal and informal dressings.

Can You Wear a Striped Tie on a Pinstripe Suit?

It is not advisable to wear a striped tie on a pinstripe suit. However, you may choose it if you believe it suits your style. 

The problem with wearing a striped tie on a pinstripe is that the result is usually off-putting. 

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A striped tie, such as a striped bow tie with a pinstripe suit, might be worn to make a fashion statement or for informal events where your choice of clothing is not up for judging. 

But, with pinstripe suits, you want to pair them with ties that have a solid color that matches the overall color of the suit without drawing too much attention

Hence, it is usually best to avoid stripe ties, both bow ties, and neckties, on a Pinstripe Suit. It doesn’t matter if the stripes are vertical or horizontal. 

A solid color and a subtly patterned tie are much more befitting for a pinstripe suit. 

Should You Wear a Bow Tie on a Suit?

Yes, you can wear a bow tie with a suit. However, bow ties are best on specific kinds of suits and occasions. 

That said, there is no strict rule on what suits you should wear a bow tie with. It mostly depends on your style; what you like that you believe suits you and makes you feel good. 

Most people wear bow ties to business meetings and don’t look out of place. The key is utilizing colors and patterns representative of the function for which you plan on wearing the suit. 

There are still occasions where a bow tie is customary and fits the bill. An example is galas and banquets. 

The bow tie is traditional apparel on these sorts of occasions and always strikes an appeal. Here is a link to an exquisite array of bow ties you could add to your wardrobe.


Is it Unprofessional to Wear a Bow Tie?

It depends on the occasion. Bow ties are usually best for formal events such as weddings, galas, and banquets. But they don’t fit in business meeting settings.

Can I Wear a Pinstripe Suit to a Black Tie Event?

No, pinstripe suits can look out of place in black-tie events. They are much more suited for formal settings, hence might not be your best choice. 

Are Pinstripes Still in Style in 2022?

Yes, they very much are. Numerous fashion designers still dish out stunning design collections and different ways pinstripe suits can make an asset to your wardrobe.

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