Black Converse With Khakis: How Well They Go?

Looking good never goes out of style. And regardless of wanting a formal or casual look, you should still appear stylish. 

But if you love khakis, that shouldn’t bother you. Their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion. 

However, some color combinations look good in your head. But something looks off when you wear them and look in the mirror. 

And this applies to the prominent Khaki color & black Converses, making you wonder how well they go in reality. 

Some argue that khakis and black Converses make for an unflattering look, while others believe they can pull it off. But in reality, it all depends on an individual body type, dressing sense, and how well their skin tone looks in such colors generally. However, it’s best to choose darker Khakis with black Converses.

Styling outfits go beyond wearing your favorite colors. And although Wearing Khakis with black converses might sound foreign, proper styling makes a huge impact. 

If you need more information on this outfit inspiration, you’ll learn more about this color combination or any other color pairs you should choose.

How Well Does a Black Converse Go With Khakis?

Black Converse with Khakis

Black Converses and khakis go well together because they’re all neutral colors that complement one another without looking out of place. 

Moreover, the Converses feature black and white, which aren’t too bright, pairing well with the light brown tone of khakis. 

However, looking good in this combination also depends on some factors we’ll explain below.

#1. Season

Although this may sound unnecessary, it’s crucial. Every season has a perfect color that goes with it hence the term, season-appropriate color. 

Although only some follow this, it’s good to remember it. For example, white khakis look good in winter as it gives that icy color, while soft, paler khakis look better in spring and summer. 

Then pairing these khaki colors with black converses look beautiful, especially for beige khakis, as they contrast nicely.

#2. Occasion 

Wearing khakis with black Converses already means dressing down, which could be for a casual event. To look better in this outfit, style it accordingly. 

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It’s best to keep it simple with a hoodie, T-shirt, sweatshirt, or blouse/camisole for the ladies.

The color of the top you wear paired with the khakis and Converses makes your look even more stylish, so don’t neglect that. Depending on what the occasion is, khakis can go.

And below, we’ve mentioned how to style khakis depending on the event’s formality.

Khakis with a blazer and leather bootsT-shirt tucked in over a coat & khakis with boat shoesA hoodie with a sneaker and black Converses
Tucked in a button-down shirt with a tie, khakis & loafersA Sleeveless jacket over a crew neck t-shirt with oxfordsSweatshirt/T-shirt with a jean jacket and sneakers

#3. Color Tone

Some color tones work best with khakis, although they look good on all. But it’s vital to know your skin tone to choose clothing colors that complement you. 

For example, some fashion experts advise darker skin tones to wear traditional khakis with a light brown color. Regardless, pair the khaki color that suits your tone with a nice accent color.

#4. Fashion Sense

Some fashion enthusiasts can dress casually in khakis, making it look exquisite. It all depends on your creativity and how versatile you can be. 

Some accessorize it to improve the look and, in turn, highlight the beauty of the black Converses worn. They go further to find an accent color that adds a bolder complement to the entire outfit.

What Color of Converse Fits WIth Khakis?

Converses come in different colors aside from black, just like khakis. Variety makes such outfits look even better, so switching it from black and light brown to bold and different is always good. 

Additionally, since these khakis come in different brown shades, you should accessorize your clothing such that the Converse worn complement them. 

Below are different types of brown shades for khaki pants.

  • Cafe Noir brown 
  • Dark brown 
  • Taupe brown
  • Drab dark brown
  • Chocolate brown
  • Chestnut brown
  • Tan brown
  • Mahogany brown
  • Camel brown
  • Original khaki brown
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These colors are appropriate color temperatures of khakis in different brown shades suitable for different occasions. 

Some are fitting for professional events or bright causal outfits, while others are just plain casual.

And just as we’ve listed these brown shades examples, there’re also different Converse colors you can wear with each of them to look good. 

Here are some of the best Converse colors that go well with different shades of brown. 

  • Black Converses 
  • Brown Converses
  • Burgundy Converses 
  • Grey Converses 
  • Tan Converses 
  • Navy Converses 

In conclusion, a small rule to note when styling different brown shades of khaki pants is to pair darker pants with light colors and vice versa. 

That is to say that wearing a dark burgundy Converse with light khakis like the tan will appear lovely, while wearing grey ones may look unflattering.

But this rule doesn’t apply to black shoes as they’re universal. 

Following the exact color combination pattern for khakis and Converses, you’ll turn a simple outfit into something exquisite and unique. 

What Pants Does Black Converse Look Good With?

Converse shoes are usually the go-to wear for casual outfit inspirations. And this is because they look good on all types of pants. 

And as such, fashion experts recommend styling black Converses with any comfortable outfit because they even out the look. 

For example, pairing slim-fitted black Converses with baggy pants and shirts is always a classic. The shoes aren’t chunky, so it layers nicely. 

Also, wearing these Converses with straight or tapered pants gives a modern look. Different pant types look good with black Converses; below are a few ways to style them.

#1. With Jeans, Shorts, Khakis, and Plain Trousers.

Jeans are versatile pant types with different designs, each with suitable styling. 

Although there are no rules for pairing particular pants with black Converses, some tips help you make the intended look amazing.

Some of these are:

  • Black Converses with skinny jeans for a contemporary and stylish appearance.
  • Black Converses with bootcut jeans for a less bold look, so the entire Converse still shows.
  • Black Converses with flare jeans for a free spirit look.
  • Black Converses with shorts wearing white socks to match the Converses.
  • Black Converses with short Jean shorts. Ensure they’re short and not too long so it doesn’t look off.
  • Black Converses with light-colored Khakis and t-shirts/sweatshirts or hoodies.
  • Black Converses with plain trousers and short-sleeved shirts or crew-neck t-shirts.
  • How do you match khaki pants with shoes?
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If you’re invested in looking lovely, pairing khakis and shoes is something to consider. And if you’re tired of always wearing khaki pants and black shoes, it’s time to be different. 

Besides, various shoe colors will look amazing on your khaki shade. 

We mentioned above the different types of shoe colors that’ll look good with khakis, and now we’ll go into detail on matching them.

#2. Beige

Beige and khakis give a relaxed look making the pair an excellent choice for casual appearances. You can wear beige suede boots/loafers or sneakers for this one.

#3. Burgundy

Burgundy is a dark-red purplish shade and an excellent choice for dressing up khakis. The tan color in khakis contrasts with the burgundy making it look good even with a brighter color.

#4. Light/Dark Brown

Light or dark brown shoes are safe for khakis, regardless of the occasion. This color choice in dress shoes or sneakers/Converses is a go-to choice for formal and social events.

#5. Green

Khakis look tan and have a subtle brown shade, making green colors unique. 

It could be light green or dark green according to the season, as they fit for all seasons.

#6. Navy

Tan khakis are exquisite for navy shoes. Depending on the occasion’s formality, you can go for corporate/casual shoes but rest assured that navy blue will make you stand out. 

#7. Purple

Purple shoes are an excellent match for khakis as they make a statement in any room. 

You can choose to wear purple as an accent color or make it dominant by choosing purple accessories and a shirt.

#8. Red

Red and tan already sound like a good combination and look even better. It gives a unique look, like something relating to New England. 

It exudes an exquisite vibe, especially in suede.

#9. White

You can’t go wrong with white and tan, as they highlight the classic American style. It looks better in white sneakers or Converses.

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