Barbour Wax Dressing Alternatives!

You may not lay your hands on the Barbour Waxed jacket for one reason or another; You don’t have to worry.

Several jacket outfit ideas could replace the Barbour waxed jacket. In this article, I will outline some jacket outfit ideas that are alternatives to the Barbour wax jacket.

Some jackets can suit adequately as the Barbour wax jacket alternatives. These jackets are cheaper and fashionable as an alternative to the Barbour waxed jacket. You can consider alternatives, including Orvis Heritage Field Coat, Debenhams, Bell staff trail master, and Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket.

Is There an Alternative to Barbour Wax Dressing?

Barbour Wax Dressing Alternative

There are some alternatives to the Barbour waxed jacket. These alternatives provide flexibility and also helps you cut cost.

However, their alternatives do not reduce their fashion appeal because you can wear them on a wide range of occasions and still look good.

The Barbour waxed jacket is made from cotton. This cotton, after its treatment, is woven and then made into cloth.

The cotton is treated with paraffin or natural beeswax. The Barbour classic jacket is wax-treated cotton that is waterproof.

The waterproof jackets are also known as water resistant and non-breathable jackets. 

A Barbour jacket is heavy, weighing about 6oz, and is sometimes referred to as thornproof. The Barbour jacket is made for extremely cold temperatures.

They also come in handy in wet regions because they are waterproof jackets. The process used to make the Barbour jacket is an older method of waxing that does not apply shine to the jacket. 

Sometimes, whether it may not be very cold, you may not be heading out for a picnic in the woods.

You may need a simpler jacket that is light and falls best in line with your outdoor activity. Then, you should try other alternatives.

These alternatives are other jacket outfit ideas that match the Barbour jacket in quality and style.

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The alternative ideas must be cheaper and more flexible than the Barbour waxed cotton jacket.

The Barbour jacket is a non-breathable jacket made of a thickly layered wax. This jacket is well suited for the rain and the rough weather outside.

But you may just be wearing your jacket for a small dinner meeting with your friends, and if you need something lighter, then you can go for the alternative. 

The alternatives are cheaper than the Barbour jacket. They also come in handy when attempting to save costs.

List of Barbour Wax Dressing Alternative

Once you have decided to get the alternative, here are some alternative jacket outfit ideas that you should try; 

  • Bell staff trail master
  • Debenhams
  • Orvis Heritage Field Coat
  • Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket

#1. Debenhams

Debenhams is light and can fit snuggly into your wardrobe without taking up so much space.

This waxed and waterproof jacket provides all the features of a non-breathable jacket. A thin outer layer of a water repellant coating makes it ideal for rainy days. 

It is ideal as an alternative waxed cotton jacket with a Tran seasonal appeal.

This jacket is perfect for country walks and daily usage from place to place within your city center.

This jacket meets all the criteria of an alternative. Available in long sleeves, with a button-up neckline and a detailed pocket.

There is also a plain design variant if you want to appear simple yet gorgeous.

An interesting detail about the Debenhams jacket is that you are free to wash, unlike the Barbour waxed jacket. It will cost you only 123 dollars to purchase.

#2. Bell Staff Trail Master

The bell staff trail master waxed cotton jacket is another perfect alternative to a Barbour.

This jacket has all the attributes of a Barbour with a little extra advantage: the lower retail price.

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It costs only 300 dollars to pick up this jacket from your favorite retail store. This jacket possesses a corduroy lining at the collar, cuffs, and hem.

With 100 percent cotton wax, this jacket is a Barbour dressing alternative.

#3. Orvis Heritage Field Coat

The Orvis Heritage coat is another pick for an alternative to the Barbour Waxed Jacket.

A fully waxed cotton outer lining can stand firmly against the rigors of use and nature.

With lower bellows pockets on your right and left, these pockets serve as a safe space to carry little things without a bag. 

The jacket is cheap when compared as an alternative to the Barbour jacket. You will have to spend 260 dollars to purchase this outfit.

#4. Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket

This jacket is a perfect alternative yet possesses all the specifications of the waxed cotton jacket made by Barbour.

It is fashionable and light, suitable for any outdoor event, and fits into any wardrobe.

The Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket is thin, finely waxed, waterproof, and wind resistant. The jacket comes in handy as a super cheap alternative.

It does not require re-waxing and is available mostly in bright yellow and brown colors. It cost only about 250 dollars to purchase from a retail store.

#5. Todd Snyder Made In New York Field Jacket

The Todd Snyder is an alternative to the Barbour waxed cotton jacket with an edgy feel.

Though closely related in price to the Barbour jacket, the Todd Snyder remains a viable alternative.

The jacket boasts a blend of cotton, nylon, and polyester, guaranteeing maximum comfort and stretch.

A waxed exterior and a fluffy interior allow you to carry the jacket in comfort and style.

What Brands are Similar to Barbour?

Several jackets can comfortably pass as an alternative to the Barbour Jackets. The Barbour jacket is a waxed cotton jacket with a non-breathable make and is soft to touch.

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This jacket is perfect for cold and wet conditions because it is waterproof and wind resistant. 

The Parameters to consider before making a jacket an alternative to the Barbour waxed jacket would include its comfort, style, features, and price.

However, the specifications of this jacket make it quite expensive and heavy. Similar brands exist with nearly the same specifications and cheaper pricing as those of the Barbour Jackets.

Brands similar to the Barbour waxed jacket are mostly waxed cotton jackets, waterproof, and fashionable. 

Among brands that are similar to the Barbour jackets, the following top the list:

  • Belstaff Trail Master Jacket
  • Orvis Heritage field coat
  • Filson tin cloth Cruise Jacket
  • LL Bean Waxed Cotton Upland Coat
  • Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket
  • Carhartt Chore coat
  • Todd Snyder Made In New York Field Jacket

Affordable Barbour Wax Dressing Alternative

You can also compare waxed cotton jacket alternatives to the Barbour Jackets based on prices.

The alternatives are cheaper than the Barbour Jackets. The Barbour jackets cost about 500 dollars to purchase from a retail store. This price does not include the hood and the cost of re-waxing. 

The table below compares the prices of some Alternatives and how much they differ in price from the Barbour waxed cotton jacket:

Alternatives to the Barbour Waxed JacketsPricePrice Difference 
Belstaff Trail Master Jacket300 dollars200 dollars
Orvis Heritage field coat260 dollars240 dollars
Filson tin cloth Cruise Jacket350 dollars150 dollars
LL Bean Waxed Cotton Upland Coat250 dollars250 dollars
Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket250 dollars250 dollars
Carhartt Chore coat100 dollars400 dollars
Todd Snyder Made In New York Field Jacket430 dollars70 dollars
Debenhams123 dollars477 dollars


The Barbour Waxed cotton jacket is no doubt made with care and quality. There are alternatives to this jacket that you can buy and still have a maximum feel of fashion and comfort.

Amongst these alternatives are the Debenhams, the Belstaff Trail Master, and the Orvis Heritage jackets.

A very crucial parameter in the comparison of the alternatives is the price. This quality makes them both affordable and fashionable.

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