Barbour Jacket Over Suit (How Well It Goes)

You probably see people wearing Barbour jackets and pairing them with different outfits all around you. 

So naturally, that makes you also want to try it out, but the problem is you majorly wear suits due to your job. Plus, you also want something that will protect you from the cold.

You then wonder whether you can wear a Barbour jacket over your suit. Would it fit you, or would you look ridiculous in that outfit?

Yes, you can wear a Barbour jacket over a suit and look great. You can maintain your style while wearing a Barbour jacket; you can look casual or formal with a Barbour jacket over your suit. To get your style right with a Barbour jacket, keep it simple with your outfit, and don’t wear excess accessories to spoil your look.

In this article, I’ll explain whether or not you can wear a Barbour jacket over a suit and if they’re in vogue. I’ll then give you alternatives to jackets you can wear over a suit.

By the end, you’ll know whether you can pair your Barbour jacket with your suit. If yes, how to do it and look wow!

Can I Wear a Barbour Jacket Over My Suit? 

Barbour Jacket Over Suit

Yes, it is possible to wear a Barbour jacket over your suit. The cool thing about a Barbour jacket with a suit is that you can spice things up a bit while wearing your suit.

That way, you can wear the jacket to the office or tone down your look while wearing your suit and still look fabulous. Simply put, you can go for a casual or formal look. 

There are different ways you can wear your Barbour jacket over your suit and look stylish. Below are some ways you can do that.

  • Pair it with a non-formal outfit beneath the suit.
  • Pair it with a formal outfit beneath your suit.

#1. Pair It with a Non-formal Outfit Beneath the Suit

You can look stylish with a Barbour jacket while wearing a non-formal outfit with a suit. There are many options available for you to wear the jacket that way.

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If you go for the casual look with a Barbour jacket while wearing it over a suit, ensure you don’t tuck your jacket in.

While at it, pull up your jacket sleeves, and unbutton the collar to look sleek while wearing your outfit.

Another way to get a casual look while wearing a Barbour jacket over a suit is to pair it with sneakers. For example, wear black or white sneakers with a white-colored shirt.

However, if you want to avoid wearing a sneaker with your Barbour jacket, you can wear a boot with your suit.

#2. Pair It with a Formal Outfit Beneath Your Suit

You can achieve the professional or formal look while pairing your Barbour jacket over your suit and look formal and stylish.

The only thing you need to do is wear your jacket over your formal wear and tuck your jacket in. Tucking the jacket in gives you the formal look you require.

Refrain from spoiling this look with excess accessories that will remove the professional look from the cloth. Simple is elegant; you don’t need to overdo it.

However, you choose to wear your Barbour jacket over a suit is up to you and how you want to look. But never doubt you can wear this combination and rock your look.

Are Barbour Jackets Still in Vogue? 

Barbour jackets are still in vogue. They’re more popular than ever due to their team constantly rebranding and upgrading their jackets, so there’s a jacket to suit your need.

It has existed for over 100 years, and still, they make improvements to it, making it relevant worldwide. So, for example, they have different collections of jackets for different purposes.

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They are still in vogue because we see them all around. We see the jackets worn by celebrities who make the jacket look cool on them and even in the popular show known as “The Crown.”

Due to the use of Barbour jackets in this show, the jacket got more popular, and people took more interest in it.  

Apart from the show adding more popularity to the jacket’s relevance, its quality also speaks for itself. It is timeless and a high-quality jacket.

Overall, they are the kind of jacket you can wear on any occasion and look elegant, depending on how you pair them. So, all these factors make the jacket popular and relevant worldwide.

What Other Jackets Can I Wear over a Suit? 

There are multiple options when looking for a jacket you can wear over your suit, depending on what look you are aiming for.

Below are some classifications of jackets you can wear over your suit.

  • Topcoat.
  • Peacoat.
  • Trench coat
  • Overcoat

#1. Topcoat

Although the topcoat is a little longer than your jacket, it is more or less a jacket you can wear over your suit. You commonly wear this coat over your suit due to its length and uses.

They are of two variations, single and double-breasted. However, when wearing it over your suit, I recommend you go with the single-breasted one.

This coat over your suit gives you a look of elegance while looking sharp. In addition, it has no extra decorations, making you look formal when you wear it over your suit.

#2. Peacoat

You can also wear this coat over your suit, instead of a Barbour jacket. Unlike the topcoat, which comes in two variations, the peacoat only comes in a double-breasted form.

You can wear the peacoat over your suit for a casual look because it is shorter than the other coat types. 

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However, if your aim for wearing a coat over your suit is to keep you warm, then the peacoat is not the coat for you. The reason is its length because it won’t provide much protection for you.

#3. Trench Coat

The trench coat is a good option if you are looking for a jacket over your suit. 

It is also double-breasted like the peacoat and makes use of a belt.

Although you can wear this coat over your suit, it wouldn’t keep you warm if that is your reason for wearing it. It is better suited for the rainy season because of its design.

#4. Overcoat

This coat is longer than the other coat types, and wearing it over your suit makes you look formal. Now that you know what you can wear over your suit. 

The table below contains some popular brands you can wear and their classification.

Coat BrandClassification
Blue wool by Hockerty.Peacoat.
Kenneth Cole topcoat.Topcoat.

Is Barbour a Luxury Brand? 

Yes, Barbour is a luxury brand. They have high-quality products and remain relevant in the market due to their designs and the material used.

This Barbour brand has a history with this niche after years of being in the industry for a long time. So therefore, it is a big name in the industry.

Many prominent people and royals have worn their products, which attest to Barbour’s experience and superiority in this field. 

Although their jackets are expensive, they are worth every penny you spend on them because their products are timeless and last very long.


In summary, you can wear a Barbour jacket over your suit and not look odd. You can look stylish with this jacket and go for any look you want, i.e., formal or informal.

It only depends on how you wear this jacket with your suit. You can wear this jacket to look stylish or provide warmth from the weather.

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