Barbour Beaufort Vs. Classic Beaufort (In-Depth Comparison)

When winter returns, people turn to more technical pieces that allow them to protect themselves effectively from rain and other external aggressions.

Today many brands can do so. Undeniably, Barbour is one of those brands. 

A brand with a rich heritage and workwear origins owes much of its fame and success to its famous waxed jackets.

Barbour brand, however, has many jackets available, so you ask which one is better. Is it the Barbour Beaufort or the classic Beaufort? Continue reading to find out. 

Barbour Beaufort and Classic Beaufort are classic all-season jackets with a breathable membrane. These jackets have two upper hands warmer pockets and two bottom bellow pockets, providing ample storage for your essentials. For added versatility, Barbour Beaufort offers a detachable hood lining and boasts 100% lining cotton in their tartan patterns.

What is Classic Beaufort? 

The classic Beaufort is a men’s waxed jacket that is fashionable, practical, and comes with a Sylkoil exterior.

It is perfect for year-round use and has a 100% cotton lining on the tartan pattern.

The Classic Barbour jacket features a casual fit that is ideal for slipping over a suit while traveling to work and is durable enough to endure the outdoor chill. 

In addition, Classic Beaufort also has an interactive zip with an optional quilted liner for added insulation.

The Classic Beaufort jacket has an incredibly soft and corduroy collar, studded to accept an optional hood. 

It has two lower bellow pockets and the moleskin hand warmer pockets which provide ample room for storage and become a nice addition on chilly days.

A helpful rear gaming pocket remarkably line-up of functional features.

What is Barbour Beaufort? 

Barbour Beaufort Vs. Classic Beaufort

Barbour Beaufort is a waxed jacket produced since 1983. Dame Margaret Barbour originally produced it.

Since then, Barbour Beaufort has been one of the most popular waxed jackets from the Barbour brand; it has a convenient full-width, lined pocket on the back.

It also includes a fully functional detachable hood and liner. Barbour Beaufort jacket is unquestionably the ideal, timeless jacket for all seasons.

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The Barbour Beaufort waxed jacket offers decent protection in weather conditions because it comes with medium-weight 6oz Thornproof waxed cotton, Velcro wind cuffs, and the recognizable studded corduroy collar. 

The loose-fitting jacket has two large bellows pockets, two waist-height moleskin hand warmer pockets, a two-way Barbour ring-pull zip, and a studded “Stormfly” closure front for everyday functionality.

Pros and Cons of Barbour Beaufort Vs. Classic Beaufort

The Barbour Beaufort and Classic Beaufort are similar jackets, likewise their advantages and disadvantages.

So read below to find out the pros and cons of the Barbour Beaufort and Classic Beaufort jacket: 

  • Protection against rain and wind: Barbour Beaufort waxed jacket is practical and efficient. When faced with wind or rain, you need shelter. Therefore, Barbour Beaufort can cover you.
  • Elegant style: Barbour’s style gives you a lot of possibilities. When you want to cover yourself well, a Barbour jacket is easy to wear with a casual outfit over a sweater, chinos, or a pair of jeans and a scarf. 
  • Moreover, if you work in an office or wear a dressier outfit, the Barbour wax jackets give your outfit a less formal look. For example, the mix between a suit and an old, slightly weathered jacket is quite interesting.
  • Shiny surface: A new waxed cotton shines, adding charm to these jackets. 
  • Tartan pattern: The Barbour Beaufort jackets have a large part of the cotton interior that runs to the inside of the sleeves. The color assemblage between the olive green and the corduroy collar is the most palpable.
  • Equestrian nature: There’s an arrangement of two cents at the bottom of the jacket to gain ease, as well as a nylon band that can help avoid any humidity-related problem. The vents can also be a delight for motorcyclists.
  • Numerous pockets: The availability of two large bellow pockets on the front of the jacket allows you to put many items inside without having to bother getting a bag.
  • On the other hand, Barbour Beaufort also has a few disadvantages, which include: 
  • Velcro wind cuffs: You may either attach these to the sleeves or leave them unfastened for additional wind and rain protection. However, if it is not attached, which frequently happens for some reason, it tears off sweaters. Additionally, they are surprisingly difficult to put your hand inside if you are cautious to keep them fastened.
  • Despite having spacious pockets, the main pockets’ entrance is very tiny, making it difficult to insert your hands. That might also be a better option.
  • Weight and material composition, particularly when discussing winter. The jacket is rather hefty overall, but keep in mind that it is made of cotton so that it won’t be as warm in the cold as a down jacket or wool coat.
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Lastly, study the table below to summarize the pros and cons between Barbour Beaufort and Classic Beaufort.

Protection against rain and wind Velcro wind cuffs
Elegant styleTiny pocket entrance
Shiny surfaceWeight and material composition
Tartan pattern
Equestrian nature
Numerous pocket

Quality Comparison Between Barbour Beaufort and Classic Beaufort

Note that there are only two differences between the Barbour Beaufort and the classic Beaufort.

The first is that Barbour Beaufort comes in several colors while the classic Beaufort is only available in olive color. The second is the design of the tartan lining available only in the Barbour Beaufort.

Besides, the quality of these products remains the same, and it includes:

  • The top-notch raglan shoulder design allows it to slip easily over the shoulders of a structured jacket while adding a hint of slouchy casual attitude to an ensemble.
  • The collar’s size is perfectly proportioned, and the wide-wale dark brown corduroy shows that it can be both cozy when worn with the collar up and stylish when worn with different colors.
  • The availability of multiple pockets and substantial brass zips demonstrate the designs’ quality. 
  • The dual-blade zippers on the longer jackets allow you to adjust the zip while seated from the bottom.
  • This model contains various subtle elements that are enjoyable to see without becoming overly complex.
  • The presence of a stitched armhole inside the sleeves prevents airflow.
  • Another significant benefit is that, regardless of the size or fit of the chosen model, the jacket’s sleeves stay sufficiently wide, making it both functional and practical.
  • On each side of the jacket are “hand warmer”pockets lined with moleskin to provide true warmth when the weather demands it.
  • Two snap-fastened bellow pockets with moleskin lining halfway down the front of the jacket, a zip-closure wallet pocket concealed behind the flap covering the front main zip, a full back game pocket with openings on either side and two moleskin-lined hand warmers.
  • Except for the little hidden wallet pocket, all the zips are the same massive brass and are seen on the main front zip.
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Barbour Beaufort Vs. Classic Beaufort Price

The Barbour Beaufort, which takes its design cues from French shooting jackets and tends to be shorter in length than standard coats, costs about $375 to $425. 

On the other hand, the classic Beaufort has an incredibly soft and corduroy collar that costs about $310 to $350. 

Which is Waterproof, Barbour Beaufort Vs. Classic Beaufort?

Barbour Beaufort is made from waxed cotton, making the jacket waterproof. With this gorgeous jacket, you can survive a variety of weather situations.

It’s also ideal for riding a bike to work daily and taking a long nature walk.

Furthermore, the Barbour Beaufort is a fine and essential jacket for everyone who enjoys being outside.

The double-closure Barbour wax jacket contains buttons and a zipper. It has a cropped cut that generally hits at the waist.

Not only but also, the Barbour jacket has three more inside pockets in addition to two flap pockets with press studs.

Therefore, there is more than enough room for items like keys and phones.


Indeed, a Barbour waxed jacket is a more functional piece of clothing than you may imagine.

Therefore, you can pair it with various outfits and occasionally wear it over a more professional jacket or tailored clothing.

You’ll discover that it’s more pleasant and useful than you thought. Moreover, since the wax jacket will shield you from rain or dirt, you can wear it even in unfavorable weather conditions.

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