Armani Collezioni Vs. Emporio Armani (In-Depth Comparison)

The Armani fashion house is notable for creating classy, luxurious wear over the years. The brand consists of several sub-brands and diffusion lines to meet individual demands.

Two popular labels from the fashion brand include the Armani Collezioni and Emporio Armani. Both of them are superior and have a collection of high-quality products.

With both labels being from the same brand and having few similarities, it isn’t easy to choose the best. Which of these sub-brands can serve you best?

Armani Collezioni is an Armani lime that provides made-to-measure formal wear for older age groups. On the other hand, Emporio Armani is an Armani line that provides trendy and modern ready-to-wear products for younger age groups. Although both lines have few similar products and features, they have unique logos that make them identifiable.

This article outlines a detailed comparison of these brands to help you make the right decision. I will cover their differences and features and help you choose the best.

What is the Difference Between Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni?

Armani Collezioni Vs. Emporio Armani

The differences between Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni can be confusing to identify. Both brands are unique and offer exceptional collections of wear that are similar.

In addition, they are both sub-brands of the same fashion company. However, there are still some attributes that distinguish both brands.

That said, I’ll carefully analyze each of these fashion brands. This way, you can understand each of them and pick the best among the Armani sub-brands.

#1. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani’s creation was during the first Armani diffusion lines. In 1981, the brand created this brand to provide a particular category of wear.

The brand’s collection focuses on modern trends and features runway and ready-to-wear collections.

The sophistication of this diffusion line is due to unique designs created by Giorgio Armani himself. Emporio Armani is one of the two Armani brands he designs himself.

However, unlike other Giorgio Armani designs, the collection does not have the signature simplicity attributed to the designer.

Instead, the collection features a more distinct range of styles and colors. 

Emporio Armani featured a collection of denim clothing after its creation. The denim collection is top-quality, with professional construction and attention to detail.

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Over the years, the Emporio line stopped producing denim and gradually blended with other Armani lines to produce a similar array of clothing.

Although, the products are distinguishable by one or more details depending on their line.

Emporio Armani now features jeans, shirts, jackets, footwear, and accessories. But, the Armani jeans line still focuses on producing superior-quality denim products.

You can get the brand’s products in only freestanding Emporio Armani boutiques. They are also available on the brand’s official website.

Apart from the broad range of products under the Emporio Armani brand, it also features a sporty line called “EA7 Emporio Armani.”

The brand collaborated with Reebok in 2012 to create the sporty line. The EA7 products include a wide range of sportswear and sports equipment.

The collection features T-shirts, trainers, shorts, tracksuits, training bags, etc. The products all provide comfort and support for athletic activities.

In addition, the EA7 line features polo shirts and jackets that you can wear casually during leisure.

The Emporio Armani logo portrays horizontal stripes on a right-turned eagle, with “G” and “A” written on it. 

#2. Armani Collezioni

Armani Collezioni is an Armani diffusion line that produces superior-quality business wear. The collection focuses more on older age groups and formal wearers.

On its creation in 1979, the initial name was Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni. Over the years, it changed to Armani Collezioni.

The brand’s collection includes made-to-measure tailored suits and shirts to provide a professional appearance to customers.

The brand’s products have a distinct slim-fit style that gives the wearer a classy and intelligent look. 

One advantage of this brand is that the wearer can choose every element of the clothing. This advantage puts the brand in competition with other tailored suits and shirts.

Another advantage is that Armani Collezioni retails at a lower price than the leading Armani brand, which has similar designs.

The Collezioni line sells luxury products at lower prices to make them more accessible to consumers who can’t afford the leading Armani brand.

Over the years, Armani Collezioni included T-shirts, jeans, jumpers, and accessories in its range of products.

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Although it contains some similar products to the Emporio line, both lines are distinguishable by their logo.

The Collezioni logo is a large “Armani” written above a smaller “Collezioni.”

Armani Collezioni products are available in department stores and outlets. They are also exclusively available in two freestanding boutiques in Paris and Milan.

In addition, Armani Collezioni features a sporty line called “Armani Collezioni Active.” This line provides athletic wear for comfort and support.

However, the only attribute distinguishing it from Emporio’s EA7 line is its focus on providing athletic wear for slightly older men.

Is Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni the Same Brand?

Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni are sub-brands of the same fashion brand. They are both under the Armani fashion brand.

Each of these sub-brands has its individual products and target audience. However, some products are similar because of their design and quality.

It is normal to find it challenging to differentiate the Armani brands because they are both from the same fashion house.

But, you can identify their products by their unique logo. Their products are also superior to each other.

Which Should I Buy, Emporio Armani or Armani Collezioni

Regarding the two Armani brands, I would recommend Emporio Armani. This brand is more accessible and affordable.

Although you can only buy it in designated freestanding boutiques, it assures you of quality and class. 

However, you may buy the Armani Collezioni brand if it is more suitable for your style. The Emporio line doesn’t offer much to older customers.

But it would be best to reconsider your decision because Armani discontinued the Collezioni brand in 2018. The brand is now in a merger with the leading Giorgio Armani brand.

Some original Collezioni products are still on the market, but locating and purchasing them takes a lot of work.

You might eventually buy a fake if you can’t identify the products.

In addition, the absence of the Collezioni line boosts the brand’s effort to increase the quality of other available lines.

So, it is best to go for the more accessible option. Other factors make the Emporio Armani brand a better option.

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The table below contains a comparison of both Armani brands:

ParameterEmporio ArmaniArmani Collezioni
StyleTrendy and modernClassic and older
AppearanceYoung professional lookOlder professional look
Target audienceAge 20 to 40Age 35 to 50
DesignerDesigned by Giorgio ArmaniDesigned by other designers
PopularityYearly spotlight at Milan fashion weekOnly popular among few people

Which is Considered a Luxury Between Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni

Armani Collezioni is a more luxurious brand than Emporio Armani. The latter focuses on providing more affordable clothing and accessories for younger people.

On the other hand, the former focuses on providing for older men. The materials are top quality because of the level of people wearing them.

The target audience also influences the price of Collezioni’s products because of their caliber. The brand believes it should be able to afford it at that stage.

An older gentleman who wants to look professional and classy will need a luxurious product to complete the look.

Although Collezioni products are less expensive than the main Giorgio Armani products, they still cost a lot for someone just starting up.

Meanwhile, the materials used to construct Emporio’s products are of lesser quality because of the price and target audience.

This product caters to younger consumers who like to wear the Armani brand but can’t afford it. The brand makes it more accessible for such people.

The Emporio products entirely focus on bringing the brand to this audience without compromising the modern demands and designs.

In addition, Emporio Armani is at a lower level than Giorgio Armani, which has the same products as the Collezioni line.

The Giorgio Armani is the highest Armani brand, focusing on high-end products. It is the brand’s original fashion line before creating the Emporio line.

After discontinuing the Collezioni line, the brand had to integrate it with Giorgio Armani because they both have similar levels of sophisticated products.

Apart from Armani Collezioni, no other Armani brand comes to being in the same category as the superior Giorgio Armani brand.

Even so, Emporio Armani is also a good brand. The materials are only of lesser quality, but the durability and style of the design are perfect.

The brand is one of the independently existing classy labels from Armani. So, it is still superior and outstanding.

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