Are Linen Shirts in Style For Men? (All You Need To Know)

Linen shirts are one of the oldest shirt fabrics for men. However, they are less popular for occasions than other materials.

Some linen shirts are only suitable for retro styles. It makes you wonder if they are still suitable for modern-day fits or indoors only.

If you are planning to add linen shirts to your collection, you might also ask if they can serve multiple purposes. 

So, are linen shirts still in style for men?

Yes, linen shirts are still in style for men. In fact, it is the first pick for some men of luxury. Linen has a way of adding class and style to the wearer’s personality. The fitting of linen shirts makes men stand out in any setting. Additionally, there are different styles to help you wear linen shirts for various occasions. 

In this article, I will explain if linen shirts are still relevant and the possibility of wearing them in public and on formal occasions.  

Ultimately, you will learn various modern combinations for styling linen shirts.

Are Linen Shirts Outdated?

Are Linen Shirts in Style For Men

Linen shirts are still relevant today. Linen shirts give you an advantage that comes with timeless fabrics. The material is always in trend. 

Linen has existed for a long time, surviving different cultures and civilizations. Even after all those decades, it is still a worthy addition to your wardrobe. 

It comes in different colors that serve you on various occasions. Linen shirts don’t seem to be leaving the fashion world soon.

Can Men Wear Linen Shirts in Public?

Men can wear linen shirts in public and maintain high class and maintenance. It is a shirt for many public occasions. It is more than just a shirt for hot conditions at home. 

You can style this shirt with other fabrics, especially in summer when you need light materials. If you plan to visit the beach during summer, a linen shirt can be in your plans. 

You will undoubtedly find others at the beach rocking this shirt with shorts. Be bold in picking a shirt for your public occasions. 

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Can You Wear Linen Shirts to Formal Events?

You can wear linen shirts to formal events. You can achieve that formal look perfectly with the right style, color combination, and pick. A wedding, for example, is as formal as it gets. 

You can stand out at a friend’s wedding with a slim-fit shirt and the proper suit. Linen shirts are also suitable for workplace and business deals. 

The soft wrinkles do not diminish your class a bit. If anything, it makes you stand out from the typical formal look around you. 

Six Modern Ways to Style Linen Shirts for Men

Linen shirts give you fashion freedom on various occasions. All you need is to take note of the different rules and combinations that help you in various fits and styles. 

Here are styling options when picking a linen shirt: 

#1. Styling With a Jacket

Styling your linen shirt with a jacket is a distinct way to flow with a casual look. There are various types of jackets, but that is fine when styling with linen shirts. 

This wide range of compatibility is another to love linen shirts. You can leave the shirt free and untucked for a casual look. It is essential to consider the length of the linen shirt. 

You should pick a linen shirt that is short enough. So it doesn’t seem off compared to the jacket. You can pick a short-sleeved shirt or a long-sleeved one depending on the jacket type. 

The linen shirt does not necessarily have to be trim fit. But trim fits are more suitable for a neat look. 

Note that linen shirts might blend poorly with tuxedo jackets, but you have all you need for every other type of jacket. 

#2. Styling With a Suit

Linen shirts are not famous for formal occasions. And it takes a level of uniqueness to pull off a formal look perfectly. 

However, with the right fit, you can go from “smart casual” to “smart formal.” You need to find the right type of linen shirt to pair with the suit. 

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It is often wise to wear a linen shirt with a natural color or tone depending on the color. White or gray linen shirts are usually suitable for this look. 

The linen shirt should have a cutaway collar and a proper shoulder structure. Wear trim-fit shirts that remain free under the suit to avoid wrinkles and rough looks. 

The linen shirt should also be long-sleeved. The best part is that you don’t need a tie for this look. Just add your suit, and you are good. Remember to tuck in your shirt too. 

When you pick a linen shirt close in color to the trouser, you can choose a different color for your suit. 

You remain on the positive end of the men’s fashion spectrum with the proper look and class linen shirts. 

#3. Styling With Trousers

Combining linen shirts and trousers is a way to express class with a casual tone while at your workplace. 

The styling is simple and can be effortless if you remember the dos and don’ts of this styling. Remember that linen shirts mix best with trousers when they are contrasting colors. 

Hence, a white linen shirt should pick a pair of black trousers. A navy blue linen shirt and white trousers look like another perfect combo. 

And when you have a sky blue linen shirt, consider combining it with grey trousers. Those three examples show the general idea of contrasting your trouser with the linen shirt color. 

Also, remember to always keep the shirt tucked in. The shirt might be rough, but it is still a good look. Another good thing is that you don’t need a trim-fit shirt to pull off this look. 

To keep things formal, wearing long-sleeved shirts with trousers is best. Add a shoe of contrasting color to the mix, and it’s perfect. 

#4. Styling With Chinos

A light-colored linen shirt and khaki or cream chinos are a trendy summer look. It is a perfect description of “smart casual.” For this style, a trim-fit shirt is better. 

However, you want to maintain that clear color contrast, just like with trousers. 

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The exciting part of the linen-chinos style is the bridge between the formal style of combining trousers and the ultimate casual style of combining with Jeans. What does this mean?

You can style your linen shirts and chinos to lean more on the formal look or go for a completely casual feel. 

A more formal style is to tuck your shirt in your chinos and combine it with loafers or espadrilles. You can also opt for summer boots. 

It doesn’t matter if you roll up your sleeves; either is fine. This styling gives you a formal feel with a relaxed tone. 

A casual chinos combination is when you leave your linen shirts untucked. Keep the sleeves down and buttoned for this one. 

Want to add more style? Wear a white tee underneath and leave the shirt unbuttoned. A white pair of sneakers completes this casual, expressive look. You appear free of any life worries. 

#5. Styling With Jeans

A slim linen shirt and slim-fitted jeans are the apexes of smart casual looks. Jeans allow you to try different types of shirts, and linen is no exception. 

Remember to follow the color contrast rule in this style. That would be the colors of shirts you can wear with Jeans. But the goal here is not numbers but aesthetics. 

You can roll up the shirt just below your elbow. Casual footwear is perfect for this outfit. 

#6. Styling With Shorts

Aiming for that simple yet stylish beach look? Why not go with a linen shirt and shorts? The best part of this style is that you need more rules or combinations to pull off something good. 

All you need are shorts that are just above your knee. They should be excellent fits and not baggy. You can wear similar colors of shorts and shirts. 

You can mix the color up. Loafers and sneakers are an excellent addition to this style. 

Here is a tabular summary of the different styles and combination rules

Styling TypeLinen SleeveColor RuleTuck Style
JacketsLong or short sleevesNo color rule for jacketsUntucked and short lenght
SuitsLong sleeveContrasting colorsTucked in
TrouserLong sleeveContrasting colorsTucked In
ChinosLong or short sleeveContrasting colorsTucked In
JeansLong or short sleeveLenient color freedomUntucked or tucked
ShortsLong or short sleeveLenient color freedomuntucked

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