Allen Edmonds Numbers Inside Shoe! (Read This First)

Many classic and quality shoe brands are available in the fashion market, ranging from Alden, Crockett & Jones, Mezlan, and Magnanni down to Allen Edmonds. 

Several such shoe brands come in diverse designs and prices and invariably offer different levels of comfort and performance. 

However, one thing remains common amongst every shoe brand you’ll come across. They all have numbers inside or outside the shoe; Allen Edmonds Brands isn’t an exception.

For the Allen Edmonds shoe brand, two series print numbers are often printed inside the shoe by the right side. There is the 5-digits series and a 4-digits series number print, respectively. Majorly the 5-digit serial number inside Allen Edmonds shoes is a date code, while the 4-digit code number is for model marking. 

While many shoe users rarely consider numbers inside shoes, their importance is of great use. Yeah, there is a lot to print numbers inside the shoe.

This article contains information about numbers inside shoes, specifically in Allen Edmonds brands. Sit back and enjoy the stock of knowledge.

What Do the Numbers Inside Allen Edmonds Shoes Mean?

Allen Edmonds Numbers Inside Shoe

The 4-digit serial number inside Allen Edmonds shoes are date codes that indicate the date markings of the shoe brands. 

However, there is often another 5-digit serial number inside Allen Edmonds shoes that indicates the manufacturer model of the shoe. 

Although the 4-digit serial number is a date code, the numbers are crucial for users and manufacturers. 

For instance, it becomes possible to date back the manufacturing period of a particular Allen Edmonds shoe owing to the date code.

The 4-digit model serial number reads. Thus, the first two digits are the weeks in a year. Therefore, the first 2-digits will always be between 1 and 52.

The next digit stands for active working days from 1 through 5 (Mondays to Fridays). And the last digit is for the last digit of the year of manufacture. 

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With the 4-digit serial code, any user or manufacturer can date any Allen Edmonds shoe. 

Yes, Allen Edmonds’s numbers inside the shoe offer much more information concerning the shoe brand than you know.

Also, as mentioned earlier, there is usually a 5-digit number on all Allen Edmonds shoes, which serves as the shoe model number. 

However, five digits for the model number are for hand-sewn Allen Edmonds brands

The machine-manufactured pairs have four digits as the shoe model number with the “COMB” attached.

The first two digits represent the welted model for the Allen Edmonds model number. The next digit is for the material and color of the shoe, while the last digit indicates the shoe’s last.

The table below shows a few digit combinations representing Allen Edmonds’s machine-made/welted model shoes.

Digit RepresentationWelted Models

How Exactly Do I Identify Allen Edmonds?

Allen Edmonds badge logo is the principal means of identifying an Allen Edmonds. Therefore, the first and easiest way to identify Allen Edmonds shoe brands is to look for their badge logo. 

Like every other shoe brand, Allen Edmonds has a scripted badge logo on the outsole and also on the insole of the shoe. 

A 1922 badge with the inline of Allen Edmonds is the representative logo of Allen Edmonds shoes. For every Allen Edmonds product, you’ll find their logo badge.

It is worth noting that this badge logo both appears on the insole and outsole of every Allen Edmond shoe. And in every case, the first letter of the shoe brand is always in capital letters.

In addition, you’ll generally see “handcrafted in the USA, fine imported leather” underneath the Allen Edmonds badge logo. 

The description as such appears in all recent Allen Edmonds shoes starting from the year 2015/2016 till date. 

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Therefore, their badge logo and additional prints are the first pointers to identify Allen Edmonds precisely.

Secondly, Allen Edmonds shoe brand typically has two serial numbers inside their shoes; a 5-digit serial number and a 4-digit serial number, respectively.

The positioning of the serial numbers for Allen Edmonds is often on the shoe’s right-side insole. 

You can equally identify an Allen Edmonds pair with the serial number prints.

Another pointer to identifying Allen Edmonds shoes is their consistent use of combination last during manufacture. 

Remember that in identifying the numbers inside Allen Edmonds shoes, the model serial number comes with “COMB.” 

The words indicate that Allen Edmonds shoes always come with a combination last. Click here to see the different last combination of Allen Edmonds shoes.

Do the Numbers Inside Allen Edmonds Help Spot Fakes?

Indeed, the serial number inside Allen Edmonds is one surest way to tell a fake AE brand. It is possible because Allen Edmonds can tell their product from another using their serial codes

As mentioned earlier, the principal use of the numbers inside Allen Edmonds shoes is to indicate the date of manufacture and shoe model. 

So, if you have access to any Allen Edmonds shoe, you can tell precisely the date of manufacture and the shoe model. 

In other words, it invariably means you can use the inside serial number of Allen Edmonds to spot fake brands and copycats.

However, you’ll have to memorize Allen Edmonds’s representative serial codes to spot a fake using the inside number.

Nevertheless, several other means exist to spot a fake AE shoe at first sight. The make-up materials of Allen Edmonds are unique, and you can quickly tell they are fake. 

The type of leather AE uses, the texture of the materials, and the shoe’s smell is all unique to Allen Edmonds. 

The most helpful piece of evidence to tell a fake AE from the original is the feel of the leather. Allen Edmonds’s leather material feels like vinyl.

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Also, from clear observations, the skill set and technique of production of Allen Edmonds shoes are unique to Allen Edmonds. 

The perforations, threading pattern, and AE label are unique to AE shoes. It will interest you to know that AE makes use of only black thread for all their shoes.

The threading pattern of Allen Edmonds shoes is fascinating compared to other shoe brands. 

It will amaze you that AE shoes and threading are handcrafted and not welted with a machine. 

With the above pointers, you can quickly and effortlessly tell a fake Allen Edmonds from the original.

Is Allen Edmonds a Luxury Brand?

Every shoe pair by Allen Edmonds is luxury, even in the physical look and feel. Although compared to other luxury shoe brands, Allen Edmonds is more like an entry-level luxury. 

However, in every respect, Allen Edmonds is the best choice for your buck in the list of premium shoes.

The cost price of Allen Edmonds pairs is hundreds of dollars, say $200-$500, depending on the style, materials, and sole

Allen Edmonds is well-known for using high-quality upper leather materials for their shoes. Even with their blobby traditional appearance, their sales make them premium luxury.

The upper leather material of Allen Edmonds pairs is good and, with little care, will last for a very long time. You can be well-assured of quality, performance, as well as comfort.

Quality in the shoe market equals luxury to some degree. As a well-respected shoe company in the United States, it is only normal that they fall under the luxury brand.

Among the good reasons Allen Edmonds is a luxury brand is that most AE pairs are hand-made.

Many Allen Edmonds shoe pairs are handcrafted, hence the high-cost price. Overall, Allen Edmonds is a good shoe brand worth the price regardless of it.

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