Alden Vs. Carmina (In-Depth Comparison)

A good shoe completes a great outfit. In the shoe industry, it is common to see brands that share some form of similarity.

In this post, I will compare all that there is about the Alden and Carmina shoes. Are you in a fix on which shoe to pick?

Alden shoes and Carmine shoes are great options to look good. However, there are slight differences in the style, size, and prices of both of them.

What is Alden? 

Alden vs. Carmina

The Alden Shoe Company makes Alden shoes. The company is famous for making shoes and boots that remain widely sought after.

Although this company is founded in the U.S, it can trace its roots to England. Describing the shoes made by Alden is usually incomplete without describing the last it makes. 

Alden’s lasts form a foundational structure of the shoes produced. Four lasts correspond to the basic fit of the Aden shoe brand.

These four last fits include the Aberdeen Last, Leydons last, piazza last, and the Barrie last. 

Alden makes all types of shoes; the varieties cut across several shoe types. Alden shoes include boots, loafers, chukka boots, chamois, a handsewn leisure shoe, and a monk’s strap.

These varieties exist in the body of the shoe, the sole of the shoe, and the material from which the shoe is made. In all these varieties, Alden maintains perfection. 

The Alden shell cordovan is a very popular material used to make most of Alden’s shoes. Another popular material used is suede.

You can use these materials to make any shoe depending on the fashion trend and customers’ choice.

The soul of a typical Alden’s make is made of leather. Sometimes you can also find plastics on the soul of some Alden’s make.

What is Carmina?

Carmina is a shoe brand produced by the Carmina company. This company is based in Mallorca, Spain. Most known for its loafers and Goodyear welted shoes.

It has become a very popular shoe brand in the U.S.  with about 27 different lasts for a wide range of sizes, and the Carmina shoe boasts great variety. No matter your shoe fit, there is a Carmina for you. 

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Carmina makes both men’s and women’s shoes with the same variety and precision, and there is always a Carmina for everyone.

The Carmina shoe brand comprises loafers, chukka, boots, derby shoes, full strap, and Rain. The Rain is the signature shoe of Carmina.

Carmina also produced brands from materials like leather, suede, and skin. The cordovan blucher is a perfect example of its leather shoes.

The Carmina brand is a well-known high-quality shoe popularized for its quality and style.

For every shoe made by Carmina, you have the elegance of a Spanish touch on it. One feature that stands the Carmina out is the uniqueness and the variety of its last.

Carmina also makes shoes in various colors; you can have them in brown, black, deep shades of burgundy, and some other colors.

 These ensure that a wide range of shoe sizes is covered without repeating patterns.

The Rain and Simpson last of the Carmine brand have appeared in every shoe type made from Carmine’s stables.

These last runs are true to size and fit based on the American standard. The American standard for measuring lasts is based on the Brannock device, which assumes a foot length of two barleycorns less than the last. 

In the case of Rain’s last, the last length is true to the Brannocks device.

The parameters measured in the Brannocks system include the length of the last, the length of the Arch, and the distance between the heel and the ball of the feet.

Pros and Cons of Alden and Carmina

#1. Alden Pros

Without a doubt, the quality and class of the Alden shoe are not questioned. Alden shoes are known to be trendy and in rave over the years.

Made with very appealing designs, the shoe is sold worldwide. Alden’s shoes have a variety of designs that have gone into the market. 

For any shoe style you want, there is an Alden for it. Alden shoes are very comfortable, easy to clean and maintain, and durable.

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One advantage that Alden’s Barrie has over many shoes is the superior tractions the sole provides

#2. Alden’s Cons

Alden shoes have come under attack by its replica. Many types of shoes that look like Alden are now being sold.

Be sure that what you have is the original version. The cost of maintenance in the Alden shoe is high. 

This cost is attributed to the type of materials used. These materials require polishing and spraying to maintain their original look.

Alden’s shoes are usually unathletic, strictly business outlook. There is usually no room for a casual appearance.

#3. Carmina Pros

The Carmina shoes possess great craftsmanship, one that is described as world-class. Any of the Carmina shoes you pick resonate a great work done. 

The Carmina shoes also present a decent value for money: their great craftsmanship is worth any penny you pay.

In a carmine shoe, you see a vibrant, gorgeous, and supple make that is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing. 

#4. Carmina Cons

Most users have complained that the Carmina shoes are slim and narrow. Even for a fit, they are not suitable for large feet.

Most lasts of the Carmina shoe are small even though they are true to size. The sole of the Carmina is not grippy because it is made of leather, allowing your feet to slide in it.

The Carmina shoe may be worth every penny, but it still costs a lot. Carmina’s shoes are considered highly formal. You cannot wear them on informal clothing.

This is prohibited because the make and design of the Carmina shoe accommodate a fully dressed outfit. These shoes are expensive and will cost you a fortune to purchase.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Alden and Carmina shoes:

FeatureAlden Carmina
DesignGood designGood design
DurabilitySlightly durableVery durable
Last sizeAbout 5About 27
Fit of lastMostly true to sizeMostly larger than a size
ComfortSlightly comfortableVery comfortable
Maintenance costHighLow

Alden vs. Carmina Shoes Price Range

The Alden shoe is expensive. The lowest price that can purchase an Alden shoe is 500 Dollars.

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This is the retail price for the Alden Indy boot, while Some Alden shoes cost as much as 900 dollars.

This price means a wide range of 400 dollars exists within the cheapest and the most expensive shoe made by Alden.

In-between these figures, there are other shoes with different cost prices. The Carmina shoe has a similar price range.

The lowest price of the Carmina shoe is about 400 dollars, while the highest price goes for more than 900 dollars.

When comparing the price range, the price difference in the Carmina seems wider than the Alden. So also is the variety to choose from: there are more Carmina shoes.

Alden vs. Carmina Quality, Rating, and Popularity Comparisons

From customer reviews worldwide, different ratings have been allotted to the Alden and the Carmina shoe brands.

These customer ratings mostly depend on the price matched with the quality of the shoe. Sometimes, the Alden has been described as a shoe worth the price. 

In some other reviews, the  Carmina shoes were described as a more quality brand when compared to Alden.

The Alden shoe is a more popular brand as it is widely accepted because of its less formal appeal.

They can be worn when dressed or underdressed. In the case of Carmina shoes, they have a formal appeal and are not suitable for all conditions.

Which is better; Alden or Carmina?

Depending on what you want, there could be a clear-cut distinction between both shoes.

The Carmina is more durable and comfortable and has a wider range of shoes. The highly formal appeal makes them perfect dress shoes.

These qualities put it ahead of Alden regarding consumer choice and preference. 

Despite being an athletic shoe, the Alden still requires maintenance to keep it shiny and luster.

This cost of maintenance adds to the drawback of the Alden as a customer’s choice shoe.


The Alden and the Carmina shoe brand are comparable in many qualities. They are both quality shoes and are also fashionable.

Slight differences in durability, size, variety, and maintenance cost make the Carmina a better choice than the Alden.

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