40R Vs. 40S : What are the Differences?

Suits and sports coats are popular men’s clothing. Every man owns at least one suit.

It doesn’t matter the brand or the fabric, but when you go shopping for a suit, you must pay attention to the size.

You don’t want a suit that will be too small or sleeves that are longer than your arms.

And that is where the suit measurements come in. Unfortunately, some men find the suit sizing system complicated and annoying, so they don’t pay attention.

As a result, they end up with suits that don’t give the perfect fit. Let’s fix that, starting with 40r vs the 40s.

The difference between the two is that the sleeves of the 40r suit are longer than those of the 40s suit. Also, the 40r suit itself will be longer than the 40s suit. The 40r is for a slightly taller size 40.

What is 40R?

40R Vs. 40S

When it comes to suits, the fit matters the most. You can choose to rock any brand in any color you want, but you need to make sure the fit is excellent and comfortable.

You don’t want the sleeves of your suit to be too big, and you don’t want it to be too loose or too tight across the chest. You need it to fit just right.

The first thing about getting the perfect fit is making sure that you know your suit size.

Suit measurements are a little tricky, and mixing up Small and Regular sizes is easy if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Unfortunately, that often happens because the differences between the two are pretty minor.

But, those minor differences can make your suit fit perfectly or ruin the fit. If you’re not careful, you could buy a suit that will reach down to your fingers.

And find that you need to keep making adjustments.

So, this is an excellent place to start if you’re unsure about your suit size. 40r stands for size 40 regular.

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Measurements for suits and coats usually have one number and one letter after the number.

The number represents the chest measurement, and the measurement is usually in inches. The latter, however, represents the length of the coat or suit. 

The length is usually short, regular, or large. So, a 40r means that the chest measurement is 40 inches, and the length is regular.

Regular length is usually for someone who is between 5’7.5 to 5’11. So, 40r is a medium fit.

What is the 40S?

A 40s jacket is a slightly smaller fit than a 40r. It also has 40 inches of room in the chest, but it is better suited for a smaller, shorter person.

So, the 40s chest measurement is still 40 inches, and the waist is still 30-34 inches, just like size 40r.

But, unlike size 40r, the height for the 40s is 5’7, and the sleeves are 33 inches instead of 34.

So, the size 40s means 40 small, and it’s for a person who wears size 40 suits but is shorter.

Usually, this fit is perfect for persons who are 5 ‘7 and below. It can also work for men who are about 5’6 or even 5’7. 

However, you should remember that the size measurements vary from one store, brand, or designer to another.

In addition, each suitmaker has a slightly different style of measurement. 

What is the Difference Between 40R and 40S?

Suit measurements vary widely, from XXL to S suits. However, in some cases, the differences in body size are minor.

So, the chest measurement could be the same at 40inches, and the waist measurements would also be the same at 34inches, meaning a size 40 suit.

But, someone who wears size 40 would be taller than another person with the exact measurements.

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That’s where size 40r and 40s cater to the difference. The significant difference between the two is that the sleeves and the entire length of the jacket will be longer on a 40r.

A 40s suit will have shorter sleeves, and the jacket itself will be shorter than a 40r suit.

So, if you wear a size 40 but are between 5’8 and 5’11, you should order the 40r. If you wear the 40s, the jacket sleeves will be too short for you and will not completely cover you.

Remember that a properly fitted jacket needs to cover your rear end. The 40s is better suited for less tall people with the exact suit measurement; 40s.

If you usually wear size 40, but you’re 5’7 or more petite, it’s best you go for the 40s. You don’t want a suit that hangs past your thighs or sleeves that swallow up your fingers.

Thus, the table below will better explain the variations between the two sizes.

Chest38 – 40 inches38 – 40 inches
Height5’8 – 5’11 5’7 and less
Sleeve Length34 inches33 inches
Waist30 – 34 inches30 – 34 inches

40R Vs. 40S Suit

Buying a good suit is not always about which one is better. It’s often about the one that suits you best.

And this fit usually has more to do with your height and size. Also, you can be a little unconventional if you prefer extra long or short suits.

It would help if you also kept in mind that the fits differ depending on your shopping brand.

So, if you try on a 40r in a regular store and it fits perfectly, you may think of ordering the same from a store online. Well, that fit may be a little different, and not in a good way.

However, most men who wear size 40 prefer the 40s for various reasons. Often although 40r is the recommended fit, the 40e suit sleeves are long and can make you look shorter.

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Also, if you are on the shorter side, you should know that the 40s are more likely to enhance your height.

Since the sleeves are shorter, they won’t cover your palms. Also, remember that shorter jackets are a handy trick for enhancing the height of shorter men.

So, if you’re unsure which to choose between 40r and the 40s, I’d say go with 40s. Usually, the fit is a lot better, and the sleeves are less likely to cover your way and make you feel shorter.

The 40S or 40R Slim Suit?

A slim suit in 40r will be almost the same as a 40s suit. That’s because a slim-fit jacket sits very close to the body with very little leg room or chest room.

But more than that, the armholes on a slim-fit suit jacket are cut much higher than a regular jacket.

So, the sleeves on a slim-fit seat will not be as long as they would be on a regular 40r jacket.

That difference in the sleeve length is the significant variation between 40r and 40s. But, that does not mean that a 40r slim fit jacket will still not be a little longer than a 40s jacket. 

But, since it holds on to the body, the difference will not be so much. However, a slim-fit jacket will look much better on a slim person and give off that defined look.

So, if that’s what you’re going for, a 40r slim fit suit will suit you better. But, a 40r slim suit will still be longer than the 40s.  


Size 40 suits are of three kinds: small, regular, and large. Designers indicate all three size variations with the letter after the size.

So, the 40s and 40r are both size 40 suits, except that 40s is small and 40r is a regular. Both have the exact fit, but 40r is a little longer in the sleeves, and the 40r jacket is longer.

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