4 Things To Do With Old Letter Jackets!

Old Letter Jackets or Letterman jackets are top-quality wears that hold many memories for various owners. 

But after graduation, these jackets have no further use and thus end up in the memory box. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be that way. 

There are still lots of use for your letterman jackets. What are they?

We gathered information from old users who continued to use their jackets long after graduation. Surveying through the answers, we were able to pick out the best four options. You can choose your favorite of the four options or explore other ideas. 

This article lists the four things to do with your old letter jackets. It also explains the idea behind each option.

Here are the options below: 

Costume Wear

4 Things To Do With Old Letter Jackets

Special celebrations and occasions allow you to be flexible with your dressing and grooming choices. Throughout the year, you have several opportunities to choose costumes. 

The occasion can be an individual or group theme. With your old letterman jackets, you can dress in style and select a retro costume fitting for various celebrations. 

The old Letter Jackets allow you to roll back the years and enjoy association with friends.

Here is a list of specific occasions:

  • Halloween and other national holidays
  • Date with a college crush
  • Dinner with old schoolmates 

Removing the Letter

For some people, the sentimental attachment is to the letter on the jacket and not the entire jacket. 

If that is the case for you, there is a way to preserve this treasure even when the jacket is old. You can cut out the letter on the jacket and use it separately. 

Some letterman jackets have several letters of different sizes. The various sizes make it possible to use letters for different things. 

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Removing the letter allows you to keep the memory or sentiment in new ways. You can sew the letters into clothing types that suit your taste or clothes that fit today’s trends.

The best part is that you don’t have to sew the letters into clothes. There are several options for you. Some include: 

  • Sewing the letters into small throw pillows.
  • Sewing the letters into custom school bags, caps, and other clothes. 
  • Displaying the letter separately along with old medals won in school. 

School Athletic Departments

If you have a very old or rare letterman jacket from your old school, you can make everyone happy by returning it to school. 

You can call your school if there is a plan to showcase old trophies and school jackets. Or if there is space in the trophy glass for an old letterman jacket. 

You never know; the school might have room for one more letterman jacket. The joyful part is seeing the jacket on display every time you visit your old school. 

New students also get to enjoy old-school heritage. 


Another option is to display the jacket beautifully and simply. This option does not require frequent use of the jacket and helps with longevity. 

Displaying for admirers helps to keep the memory related to the jacket. You can display the jacket in an area visible to all or for your eyes only. 

A hallway is a typical example of the former, while a bedroom is an excellent example of the second. 

Things to Do With the Letter JackSpecific Options
CostumeAlum events, Dates, Dinners, and Holidays. 
Remove the LetterSew into another fabric or display. 
School ReturnTrophy Showcase, Archives.
DisplayA shadowbox, Mannequin, and Wall.

How Do You Display Old Letter Jackets?

One of the options available before you is displaying your old letter jackets. These jackets are far more precious than their market worth. 

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That is thanks to the sentimental attachment and memories related to it. Hence, the display process is more than just hanging in a corner with no care or class. 

The aim is to proudly showcase the jacket to all those who care to admire it. There are several methods before you when planning to display.

But we give you the top three methods. 

They are as follows: 

#1. Shadow Box

A shadow box is an excellent piece to display your letterman jacket in open spaces. The best part is the dual service that this box provides. 

It is a protector and display tool for your favorite letter jacket. The box comes in different sizes, giving you multiple display ideas. 

You can get a box just big enough to display the jacket only. Alternatively, you can get a box that can display the jacket, awards, trophies, or medals won during the school year. 

The shadow box is mainly of glass and has wood framing of different designs. The box keeps dust particles away from the jackets. It keeps it fresh and clean. 

To display the jacket, it is best to use pins to hold the spread and the fabric down from different sides. With pins, you have a clear display. 

You should do more than hang it in the box. Spreading it out and making the letters show adds class to your display. 

#2. The 3D Display

Another way to display the jacket is by using a mannequin. The standing object gives you a total view of the jacket. Mannequins are in different sizes and designs. 

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If you get the full-body mannequin, you can style it by adding pants or jeans to the lower part. 

The letter jacket stays at the top. If the mannequin is just a torso, you can hang the jacket. 

It is better to get one with arms so you can show off the jacket in full. If your mannequin is without arms, stuff the arm of the jacket with paper to make it stick out. 

One good thing about this method is its three dimension display. However, it would be best to dust off the jacket at intervals. The jacket is open to dust, accidents, and other errors. 

This method is only appropriate for short-term display. 

#3. Directly on the Wall

A quicker method to display your favorite letter jacket is on the wall. There are several methods available when using this method. 

However, the best method is to hang two hooks at the two shoulders of the jacket. These hooks help to spread out the jacket and give room for maximum display

They spread out different parts to the jacket; you can pin it at the interior into the wall. This method is also suitable only for a brief period of display. 

Can You Wear Letter Jackets After Graduation?

You can wear your letterman jackets after graduation. It is yours to style and wears. The good thing is that you can be flexible with how often you wear the letterman jacket. 

You can decide to wear it on any occasion if the weather permits. You can also decide only to wear it during school alum events or homecoming games. 

The exciting part is that your jackets fit perfectly with several designs and styles. Since it’s a jacket, it can serve as the signature piece of your designs. 

So the glory days of a letterman jacket do not end with graduation. As long as the fabric remains colorful and bold, you have a letter jacket for various occasions. 

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