3 Things Not To Wear With Linen!

As fashion is part of life, dressing well has become an intriguing topic near the heart of many in our modern society. 

Today, the topic is all the more interesting, seeing the different clothing fabrics available in our society. 

Creating and recreating a nice outfit can be tricky, especially if you’re not a fashionista. With linen as an example, the contention of what to wear and what not to wear with it is a burden. 

To begin with, in every sense, avoid wearing linen fabrics with other loose and transparent fabrics. Linen is a lightweight, breathable material that goes with a more intricate texture fabric. Also, linen doesn’t go well with unstructured clothes and strict formal dresses.

In recreating a nice outfit, knowing what to wear and which combination blend is presentable and satisfactory is imperative. 

In this article are three things you should stay clear of when you wear linen. More intriguing are the strong points as to when you should not wear linen fabrics that you’ll find within this article.

3 Things Not To Wear With Linen

3 Things Not To Wear With Linen

It is true that knowing what to wear or which combination is the best fit is a matter of taste and keen interest. Fashion is a way of life that revolves around dress, activities, and interests.

As the saying goes, “The way you dress is how people will address you” Call fashion a case study on its own. Different clothes serve best in different seasons of the year. 

And as you’d agree, anything worth doing is worth doing well; dressing well likewise. Not all fabric mixes go well with linen. 

And with the many clothing fabrics, knowing which outfit to stay clear of when wearing linen becomes important.

Here are three things you should avoid wearing with linen fabrics.

#1. Fancy Colored Sneakers

Most linen fabrics don’t go well with sneakers, much less with colored ones. Usually, linen comes in beige, sand, and cream colors, which are often difficult to style. 

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Linen is a versatile clothing fabric that doesn’t fit best with several dressing styles. As you’d know, your shoes play a vital role in your dressing style; they can dress you up or down. 

And checking the nature, texture, and patterning of linen fabrics, only a few shoes are the best fit. Sneakers, to a great degree, aren’t part of a few, much less overly colored sneakers.

You can pair your nicely patterned linen dress with well-fitted gladiator sandals for a start. 

Pairing your linen with sandals is the most common and obvious dressing style with linen. Linen pants can go with literally any style and design of sandals. 

Also, espadrilles are your next best alternative for a regular casual outlook for an evening walk.

However, I recommend wearing neutral-colored loafers or oxfords for a more formal outlook. A nicely fitted Oxford with blazers will elevate your linen outfit to a different elegant level. 

#2. Wool Fabrics

It will do you much good to avoid wearing linen with wool fabrics. Linen apparels are naturally thin and light-weighted; they don’t fit with wool fabric. 

As such, you should not wear wool apparel in combination with linen fabrics. Generally, wool apparels only go best with silk majorly because silk holds color very well. 

However, linen’s nature, texture, and pattern do not fit wool fabric’s structured and warm quality.

Also, Linen apparel is loosely woven, just like wool fabrics; as such, wearing both fabrics together is a bad call. 

Loose apparel like wool and linen together will only dress down your outfit. In other words, you’d risk looking like you’re wearing a pajama set.

It would help to pair your linen pants with a t-shirt for a casual look or a shirt for a more formal look. 

Wear cardigans or oversized sweaters if you must wear something chunky for cool days.

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#3. White Or Black Colored Undergarment.

As you already know, linen is a light-weighted and very breathable material, and as such, it is a fine transparent apparel. 

Some dark and bold linen are okay to wear for your everyday engagement. However, most white and neutral fabrics are more see-through than you’d expect. 

Therefore, it is imperative to wear the right undergarment so as not to attract extravagant attention. Layering has been an age-long fashion trend for as long as fashion has existed.

Wearing a white or black colored undergarment with contrasting-colored linen doesn’t speak well of your dressing style. 

I recommend you pick a matching underwear that fits the color style of your linen apparel. For instance, neutral, nude, and white-colored undergarments go well with neutral-colored linen. 

Also, short or embellished pants with a neutral shade are a good alternative for an undergarment to wear with linen. 

With this, you’re sure that your undergarment isn’t showing through under any circumstances. 

When Should You Not Wear Linen?

Linen is a poor fabric choice for the winter season, so you should not wear linen during the cold winter months. 

Also, linen is a bad call for office outfits as they are rough and easily rumpled. Therefore, you should avoid wearing linen to a job interview or office board meeting presentation.  

One favorable property of linen in summer is its light feeling, making it a summer fabric. 

However, this particular feature is a setback during the cold winter months. As mentioned earlier, linen is a very light, breathable material that doesn’t offer any insulation. 

The cooling features of linen are a bad call during winter seasons.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, linen isn’t your call if you’re looking for a smooth and wrinkle-free fabric for a professional outlook. 

For starters, linen easily wrinkles, which isn’t presentable for an official appearance. Linen creases even if you get the highly unlikely ironing right.

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A slight squeeze on the surface, and you’ll get it wrinkled even after a fresh ironing. When riding in transport, your freshly ironed and stripped fabric becomes crumpled. 

The nature, texture, and properties of linen fabrics don’t go well with professional outfits except for a linen blend.

Knowing the pros and cons of linen fabrics would help to know when you should not wear them. 

The table below compares the pros and cons of linen fabric.

Pros Cons 
Linens are very aerated and do not retain sweat, odor, or stain.Linen fabrics are easily wrinkled.
Linen is a naturally strong and durable fabricLinen is a difficult material to work with and maintain.
Linen is stylish in design.Linen is expensive compared to other fabrics. 
Linen fabric is easy to clean.Linen doesn’t always go well as a blended mix with other fabrics.

Can You Wear Wrinkled Linen?

Yes, you can wear wrinkled linen fabrics, but it largely depends on the occasion of use. Nothing stops you from wearing wrinkled linen for a regular evening walk. 

However, wearing wrinkled linen is bad for a professional outfit. In totality, wearing linen for the office is a bad idea considering the nature and texture of the fabric. 

Although linen is an expensive fabric that can add a touch of luxury to your dressing, wrinkled linen is a turn-off. 

Generally, a wrinkled clothing material isn’t a presentable and satisfactory sight to behold. Even if the wrinkled shirt is stylish, it doesn’t appear presentable.

Also, linen fabric doesn’t always feel good to the touch because of its tough texture. Not to mention wrinkled linen to the skin, it is as scratchy and uncomfortable as it looks. 

Plus, wrinkled shirts depict clothes that are fresh from dirty laundry piles and are challenging to care for and handle.

Linen’s strong and durable nature makes it difficult to care for and maintain. Linen is a tough fabric to wear and care for because linen creases. 

It’ll begin to crumble at the slightest touch to its surface, distorting its appearance. It is best off avoiding it in every sense, even though some may still pull up the looks.

In conclusion, linen isn’t your best choice if you’re looking for a smooth and wrinkle-free material.

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